Ideas of Marble Tiles Designs

Upgrading the value of your interior home is easy when using luxurious marble tiles. Marble tiles are instantly recognisable and are striking in their appearance; this opulent tile is used in both domestic and commercial premises and offer sophistication and elegance. Marble tiles are popular choice for many homeowners, because these tiles are good for many area in the home, such entryways, bathroom, and kitchen. If you decide to choosing marble tiles designs for your home, then you should remember that marble has many possibilities when it comes to style and appearance. For a few suggestions, here are some ideas of marble tiles designs for you. Take a look!

    lovely marble tiles designs

Lovely Marble Tiles Designs

Marble Tiles Designs Ideas

Marble, as a natural stone, has one notable problem: it looks and feels cold. Visitors, especially guests with bare feet, tend to notice this. To combat this perception, homeowners should choose warm marble colors, including golden and cream hues that detract from the cold feeling of the stone. This works very well in bathrooms. Then another ideas of marble tiles designs are go for mosaic design. Marble tiles are excellent materials for making striking mosaics. Homeowners interested in mosaics should focus on one particular image or centerpiece. In the entryway, a marble mosaic can be used to form the initials or crest of the family. In a bathroom, a mosaic mural or rendition of a popular image may work better.

awesome marble tiles designs

Awesome Marble Tiles Designs

When looking for a way to upgrade a small space such as a hall, foyer or floor of a powder room, consider marble tiles. You can use these tiles to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece by selecting various sizes and colors of marble tiles that you lay in a pattern. Create the look of a beautiful rug with a solid marble center and a beautiful basket weave or Greek key styled border. If these ideas of marble tiles designs seem to lavish for your needs, the classic checkerboard pattern of black and white marble tiles will always be popular. This makes the floor itself a useful centerpiece to base other pieces of home decor on.

Marble tiles can be lightly tumbled. This ages the tile, giving it a worn and partially chipped look that can be striking in a home that embraces this elegant, older style. Contemporary homeowners should stay away from this process, but aged marble can be the perfect choice for those looking for an authentic Tuscan addition to their homes. Then, the next ideas of marble tiles designs is adding a border or highlight to their marble floors.

black and white marble tiles designsBlack And White Marble Tiles Designs

herringbone marble tiles designsHerringbone Marble Tiles Designs

kitchen marble tiles designs

Kitchen Marble Tiles Designs

There is no reason that the floors need to stay the same color throughout. A dark border of other stone or a different style of marble can accent a room, adding beauty and blending the floor in with other decor colors. Finally, these were just a few design ideas for you. Marble tiles are easy to install hence you will find no difficulty in laying these slabs even when you are trying it on your own. Once they are fixed on the floor they will last longer than any other flooring material. Marble tiles are a great asset to any home or business; their combination of beauty and durability provide a superior finish. Regular cleaning with the help of a professional will allow an appreciation of marbles luxurious qualities and stylish appearance.

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