Top Contemporary Kitchen Designs 2017

Along with the development of technology where everything could be settled in effective way, it would affect all the things in people’s life including the choosing of home interior design or other things. Actually, all the rooms decoration in your home is very important, including the kitchen design, especially for woman since it is their base camp. This kitchen design also develop fast since the development of technology arises.¬† in this modern kitchen design, it become multifunctional kitchen design. In the kitchen, you do not only do some cooking, but also watching television, chatting with your family, spending much time there. Also you could make it to welcome your guests. Modern or contemporary kitchen design would represent the beautiful, functional, space saving, also comfortable. So, let’s see the top contemporary kitchen design 2017¬†below!

White Minimalist kitchen designWhite Minimalist kitchen design

There are many kinds of contemporary kitchen’s materials, such as wood, plastic , ceramics, stone and metal. Of course from those materials, there would be nice combination between the materials, such traditional kitchen design made from wooden material combined with metal kitchen from modern kitchen design so that the classical sense combined with modern technology of the kitchen.

There are some features of modern kitchen design. the first thing is about the light and kitchen shelves. Traditional kitchen design tends to have big and unmoved kitchen design. Then, modern kitchen design make it more simple by having shelves and freestanding furniture items. By having this kind of design, it would help you in maintaining the space in the kitchen design.

Blue small kitchenBlue small kitchen

Then, the combination between metal, wood and glass would make you have eco friendly shelves. Beside having natural furniture, it is combined very well with the modern look of metal and glass furniture. Then, in the modern kitchen design ideas, lighting is very important since it would create the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Another feature of contemporary kitchen design is that it would be open space kitchen. what does it mean? this kind of modern kitchen would combine two or more important rooms in one multifunctional room. For example, you combine kitchen and dining room to be one room, or combining kitchen and family room. It would give great advantage for saving the space and it would make you have a lot of chance to have a chat with your family.

Then, Contemporary kitchen design tend to have neutral and little bright color of the kitchen design. So, what do you think of those features? these features are the top contemporary kitchen design in 2017 that would be great reference for you.

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76 thoughts on “Top Contemporary Kitchen Designs 2017

  1. Franco

    This looks but… I wonder about the practical application. I am in a loft and the only two doors are those to the bathroom. Doors are to isolate noise and lines in to provide privacy.I these can be to in commercial environments.

  2. Ayleen.Frankie

    Changing a gas line is rather expensive, and your landlord may not want to achieve that. All the suggestions about enclosing the water heater sound be pleased beneficial ones, I my waterheater surrounded by three louvered doors hinged together, which allow free air but it less “*”.One possibility would be to the fridge so it was blocking the cabinet to the of it, depending on how distinguished you stored in that cabinet, and how area you can free up by things around, it would a bit odd, but allow a bit of breathing room between the appliances.My only other is if it is possible to the fridge out of the kitchen into an adjacent room…I know that sounds odd, but if there is a really nearby it is not as inconvenient as it sounds. We once lived in a where the fridge was in the utility room next to the kitchen, and it worked really well.

  3. Adriana-88

    awesome post!!…love the apartment/houses in the movies mentioned above….I also loved the Malibu mansion in the movie Flashbacks of a Fool….chk it out in my post

  4. VincentRhys

    So are the interior livingroom and kitchen wall panels plywood? They remind me of the ecoclad panels. We a MCM house with wood panel walls and this treatment would be extremely easy to install over the top for a cleaner look. Can you confirm these panels are birch plywood?

  5. James Colby Chad S.

    PAS— The shelving unit is the “Rolly” from the Terrence Conran Shop. Since I purchased it, both IKEA and Bo out with extremely similar units. West Elm has a smaller unit but the same concept.JR Rice— Most of “the plants” (you are kind!) are dried “snake grass” (horsetail?) from Pier One. About $12 a bunch. Vases are from the Bosphorus line from Pottery Barn. The other grassy stuff is actually faux (horrors!) papyrus, some from Bloomingdale’s (on sale!) some from Pottery Barn (on sale!).Marisa— In addition to the brown Pratt & Lambert “Loam”, the kitchen wall is painted in Benjamin Moore’s “Night Horizon” (2134-10). It is a REALLY crazy green gray that doesn’t photograph so well.Chucky— Some of that “before” mess ended up in the front closet, but only after a MAJOR sort/recycle/shred and re-box-fest (many, MANY weekends!). I’m gearing up to turn that closet into a built-in office. Mail is a always, so if I am not ready to deal with it, I simply don’t bring it in to the apartment. I created a system for dealing with various types of mail that seems to be working, but “paper clutter” is my biggest challenge. As far as other “life clutter”, a extremely wise man once sold me on the virtues of a “landing *”… the console in the entry is actually a desk with a drawer where I stow keys, Metro card, etc. Beneath it is a Mitchell Gold storage ottoman that holds out-of-season clothes and bedding. As another example of the hidden storage I rely heavily upon, the plastic table-thing in the bathroom is actually where I stash cleaning products.Maria— The bedside curtains are stationary, but they give a sense of enclosure when I’m in bed. It is actually the bedside table that works hardest to visually separate bed from entry.Thanks again all for the interest and questions and such astonishing response.

  6. Brooklynn Rory W.

    I some concerns about the privatization of potable water. When Coke and Pepsi (desani and aquafina) behold that people will pay more for their water than for gasoline, the $ potential makes a lot of companies and governments greedy. Desani and Aquafina, while in plastic bottles, are NOT spring water. They employ water from muicipal water sources (read: your tap water, but in a plastic bottle). This is aslo a in Lagos and El Salvador where the governments want to privatize drinking water to generate revenue.

  7. Amelie_Paloma

    @jennd0718 that was my when I saw the picture, too. I fair assumed there had to be more gear. That is desirable elegant and not an all an in my opinion. So yeah, a warning to aged to it and possibly a gear explosion is probably a idea.And yes, as others mentioned we devour things out in the open. Who wants to up and break down every time they practice? Ugh! My gear from my last gig is in the trunk of my car. Haha.

  8. Heather

    Here are some ideas:1. If it can the load, achieve Shelves on it with different colored brackets/shelves. You could home books or mementos or what not on replied shelves2. Pictures, portraits, photos, art gallery, etc.3. If you are a girl, or just admire dresses, in a hook, a coat hanger and hang a vintage dress or cute dress on it. You could also paint the advantage an intense burst of color4. Hang a mirror. The mirror should be enough so it fills up most of the space.5. Hang one of those wallpaper photos of a forest or bamboo forest or whatever

  9. Kayla1985

    I to participate in a thing called showplace properties. Basically the multimillion dollar homes that had been on the market for extraordinarily long period of time they would rent for a drastically reduced price. It was not current for me to be living in a 3million dollar and paying 1200 a month for it.While I was doing this I got to experience all sorts of luxuries I normally would not. The things I loved the most are these in this order.2 factual washers and 2 dryers (this was so nice! All of my laundry done in an hour)Incredible kitchens.mountain top views of the whole cityfloor to ceiling windowsjacuzzioutdoor kitchens

  10. Elliot Tegan Z.

    My current accepted paint colour is Misty Air by Benjamin Moore. I don’t know how to it without underselling (don’t even bother trying to assume it by the Benjamin Moore website – it is too subtle). It is a light “off white” but has clear undertone of green. It is one of those colours that while painting, it looks almost beige. Once the room is finished however, it is outstanding… in the daytime but fuller and darker at night. I suggest this colour because it will well those sofas but it will also allow to to an entirely different colour of upholstery when you can.

  11. Griffin

    @JynxnJezThe cat litter box is custom made. I bought a cat litter machine that cleans itself. My handyman made a box (MDF material) for it so you cannot examine the actual machine. The box is located in the bathroom between the sink and toilet. (The photo where it says bath reading materials is the lid hiding the box:) Hope this helps! DYI projects are fun! Thank you!

  12. Ella_Allison

    This is the most house tour I seen yet. I am an avid book reader and collector and was hoping to a well stored collection, but instead there are a few ikea book shelves and a series of ups. I agree that the photo quality is a bit lacking. It is always to a of how other people live especially when it is a or varies from my own, this however was a dull.

  13. Paola

    @Strawberria – I bear to agree, if we that the homes can be moved as well you can probably bring that encroachment into a of harmony with the environs. I live on the shores of lake Ontario and while I realize that there are wintering issues living on the lake – it has a appeal.

  14. Taylor Toby G.

    We updated our kitchen and added a white subway tile backsplash. Our was built in 1914, so we wanted something classic. It made a huge, and we it!Before & After:

  15. Taylor Lylah Carolyn

    I affection the buddy doll, bathroom replica and in-law suite ideas! Or you can a shrine there, dedicated to the Flying Spaghetti Monster or something, complete with sacrificial offerings, incense, fairy lights, candles and stuff.Of course, a laundy hamper, a plant and shelves would more sense, but I guess you already a answer for that — so I would to one of the funnier suggestions. Please the final result!

  16. Cynthia.33

    Costco has a ton of stuff it takes some searching on the website to it….it also comes and goes and what you eye today might not be available tomorrow in the less than average tastes.

  17. Jaliyah Antonia H.

    My parents came into town last weekend. So on Thursday I found “Top Secret” on Starz, and cleaned my 808 sq ft condo in under 2 hours. I cleaned every of this place. Now if I could only attain that every couple of weeks…

  18. Elliot C.

    Even with an IKEA only 40 minutes away, my husband and I would always at least one blowout while there until recently. I try extremely hard now to build I a specfic list (which I on their before I go) and stick to it. With 2 littles ones in tow, it helps to eat first (fully tummies happier, semi-sleepy children/husband) then collect what we need and out.Now if I can alone or with friend (or even better my mom), I to my time, eye around and the store. I to at all of the room setups. Plus I delight in to figure out what I can hack at home.

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