Design ideas of Kitchen Cabinet Islands

Kitchen cabinet islands enhance a kitchen. Kitchen cabinet islands will give you more usable counter and storage space, but you also can include a sink, a cooktop and a bar with seating in your island to maximize your kitchen’s potential. If you are interested to have kitchen cabinet island in your home, then we will give you some different design ideas of kitchen cabinet islands that you can opt for your kitchen, and also a few tips. Furthermore, find it in the following paragraphs!

awesome kitchen cabinet islandsAwesome Kitchen Cabinet Islands

Different Design ideas of Kitchen Cabinet Islands

Here are some design ideas of kitchen cabinet islands for you. First idea is cooktop island. Design your kitchen island shaped like a rectangle with a cooktop in the center and both drawer and cabinet storage underneath. Select a cooktop with a downdraft exhaust or a retractable downdraft exhaust that you can raise and lower by pushing a button. If you have the room, build the island with a row of drawers on each end and a two-door cabinet in between. You could have four deep drawers and excellent cabinet space for storing your cookware. Give yourself as much counter space as possible on either side of the cooktop for easier cooking and serving.

Lovely Kitchen Cabinet IslandsLovely Kitchen Cabinet Islands

Then,  another design ideas of kitchen cabinet islands; sink and bar island. Build a kitchen island with a sink and a raised bar running along the backside. You can design a straight bar that’s as deep on one side as your wall cabinet countertops and 18- to 24-inches deep on the bar side. This island design lends itself well to curves and angles, and makes an attractive separation between the kitchen and a family room. The height of the bar area is typically 41-43 inches, 6 to 8vinches higher than the sink part of the island. You’ll need room for a dishwasher next to the sink if it’s the only one in the kitchen; dishwashers vary in size, but you’ll likely need at least 24 inches.The raised bar on your island doesn’t have to run the entire length. You can section it to fit your family’s needs.

Cool Kitchen Cabinet IslandsCool Kitchen Cabinet Islands

Great Kitchen Cabinet IslandsGreat Kitchen Cabinet Islands

The other design ideas of kitchen cabinet islands that you can choose is counter island. You can never have too much counter space in a kitchen. Extra counter space also allows room for more than one cook in the kitchen at a time, so your family can work together to prepare a meal. Your counter island can be as wide as your base cabinets with doors and drawers for storage, or you could extend the countertop away from the kitchen to create a bar and seating area. If you’re tight on space, bar stools can fit underneath the counter. These were several kitchen cabinet island design ideas for you. For a few tips, although organization is the main purpose of building a kitchen cabinet island, you should really think about how specifically you wish to accomplish this. Do you want a kitchen cabinet island to serve as extra workspace or do you just want additional storage areas? This will ultimately help in deciding the design of the kitchen cabinet islands. Also, you need to make sure that you prepare the kitchen cabinet island area properly. This means you need to install plumbing and gas lines where necessary. In doing so, you will be making sure that the kitchen cabinet island will function as intended.

awesome kitchen cabinet islands , Design ideas of Kitchen Cabinet Islands In  Category
Cool Kitchen Cabinet Islands , Design ideas of Kitchen Cabinet Islands In  Category
Great Kitchen Cabinet Islands , Design ideas of Kitchen Cabinet Islands In  Category
Lovely Kitchen Cabinet Islands , Design ideas of Kitchen Cabinet Islands In  Category

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