Adorable Bay Window Dressing Ideas

Adding window treatments or a window dressing to your home gives the space an instant update. Especially for the bay windows, the right bay window dressing will instantly gives your bay windows a homey feeling. Bay windows are so intriguing they are often the focal point of the room. With a unique design of a flat middle window flanked by two angled windows, often above a large sill or window seat, a bay window provides an expansive vista and fills the room with natural light. Many homeowners showcase bay windows by leaving them bare, but you can also spruce them up with various bay window dressing. The important thing to remember when dressing your bay window is to enhance its beauty, not overwhelm it. In today’s market, bay window dressing materials and ideas are practically endless. They are manufactured with the purpose of providing privacy, light control and aesthetic appeal for the bay windows.

curtains bay window dressingCurtains Bay Window Dressing

Eye-pleasing  Bay Window Dressing

So the first decision for bay window dressing is will it be curtains or drapes. Your options for curtains and drapes in a bay window are numerous. Cafe-style and sheer curtains are terrific choices; they provide privacy while allowing your window’s natural light to stream through. Long panel drapes are elegant accents and can be installed neatly to fit, using bowed rods cut to size. To extend the appearance of width, install your curtains to cover the walls on each side, framing the area and elongating the width of the bay. This technique also allows you to utilize the charm and color of curtains, without losing any natural light.

Shades Bay Window DressingShades Bay Window Dressing

Some bay windows, especially those in older homes, are accented by classically designed or hand-carved molding. Since conventional curtains or draperies would hide these artistic finishes, install window shades instead to cover the windows but not the trim. Ribbon shades are old-fashioned styles that are manually rolled up from the bottom of the windows and tied to keep them in place. Roller shades are easier to manipulate and secure, with panels that move from top to bottom. Roman shades consist of rows of pleated fabric slats operated by a handle, pull string or combination of the two. Horizontal blinds tend to make the bay window look busy and detract from its overall beauty. On the other hand, window shutters can be used both internally and externally and provide protection, shade and privacy. They consist of a frame around the window which contains a series of horizontal louvers which can be closed in order to block out light and provide privacy.

To soften the edges of very large bay windows and add a romantic touch to the room, use a valance. Start with a very long swathe of sheer, soft material, and drape it over the curtain rod; leave one loop for each pane of the bay window. Adjust the loops to suit the design of a room: in a formal room, you might use a tiered look with the largest loop in the middle. In a contemporary room, you might use very shallow loops that are designed to recede into the design rather than stand out. Valances can be paired with simple blinds to provide privacy.

Shutters Bay Window DressingShutters Bay Window Dressing

Elegant Bay Window DressingElegant Bay Window Dressing

For one last touch of bright color in your bay, add potted plants and flowers that thrive in sunlight. Flowers will enhance a garden view and bring some nature into the room if your bay frames a city view. Finally, just for consideration; if your bay window has a sill or window seat beneath it, choose shorter window dressing designs to leave the area open and accessible. During the window-dressing process, occasionally step back and view the room to maintain perspective. Avoid overwhelming the window and its surroundings with too many decorative items. Yep, these were some ideas yet a few tips for you about bay window dressing. Hope it useful for you. Ciao!

curtains bay window dressing , Adorable Bay Window Dressing Ideas In  Category
Elegant Bay Window Dressing , Adorable Bay Window Dressing Ideas In  Category
Shades Bay Window Dressing , Adorable Bay Window Dressing Ideas In  Category
Shutters Bay Window Dressing , Adorable Bay Window Dressing Ideas In  Category

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