Installing Linoleum Floor in Kitchen and Bathroom

Linoleum flooring has been around for well over one hundred years.Linoleum, also termed as lino, is a flooring of a linseed oil, pine rosin, cork dust, wood flour, color pigments and mineral fillers composition. It was first used in 1860s as an excellent alternative to other hard flooring. It was discovered by Frederick Walton as he was observing the skin of linoxyn formed on a can of oil-based paint. He then thought that it could be an alternative for an Indian rubber. Linoleum flooring has been the choice for kitchen and bathroom for its durability, ease to maintain, and cost effectiveness. Installing linoleum floor in kitchen and bathroom is cost-effective options for new floors and sophistication and high-end looks. So, if you want to remodeling your kitchen and bathroom floors then installing linoleum floor can be your best choice.

  installing linoleum for the homeInstalling Linoleum For The Home

Installing Linoleum Flooring For Kitchen and Bathroom

For the kitchen, installing linoleum floor has been a favourite choice in the kitchen floors. It has established its reputation of providing warmth to bare feet and easier to legs and backs of those who spend most of their time in the kitchen. Furthermore, it serves to be a safety net for accidental droppings of cups or plates. Hypoallergenic, antistatic, durable and biodegradable products are now being released in the stores these days. This hypoallergenic property is important for those with sensitive medical conditions. The antistatic feature is important since it prevents dirt and dust that usually stains linoleum found in the kitchen. Without this, discoloration usually results. Some critique says that maintenance of linoleums is hard especially in the kitchen where a lot of spillage may occur. This is not true since you can clean the linoleum with a damp mop or vacuum. Some use vinegar water for hard-to-clean stains. The traditional kitchen linoleum flooring is viewed as something lifeless, boring and rigid to maintain. Nowadays, it is replaced with polyvinyl chloride. It has the same flexible properties with the traditional linoleum, only brighter, more translucent and less flammable. Numerous color, patterns and designs are now being released in stores as an option to the traditional black, white and gray colors being sold in the past. Some even offer a customized design if you have the talent to create your own theme.

installing linoleum for kitchenInstalling Linoleum For Kitchen

The colors in the market today are not just plain colors but a mixture of color schemes that gives a dynamic visual appeal. Using such would surely enhance the interior of your kitchen. A must-be for kitchen fanatics out there. It is important to note the use of less flammable linoleum in the kitchen to avoid possible fire. Durability as well as resiliency is important as moving around the kitchen is common. You wouldn’t want to trip up while walking around your kitchen juts because of broken linoleum flooring. From simple linoleum kitchen flooring used by our grandmother’s house way back, we still prefer it to be used in our kitchens at present because of the developments in this product in response to changing times. It is only a matter of finding the one that suits your taste and budget. That is why, the next time you are being offered of linoleums for your kitchen, don’t hesitate to say yes.

For the bathrooms, installing linoleum floor is a good idea. If you are considering a flooring surface for the bathroom then linoleum flooring will be a great choice since it can endure water and not harm it. You will want to make sure that the edges around your bathroom flooring is well sealed, but once you have taken that precaution you are good to go. This can be one of the easiest upgrades for your bathroom. Linoleum for bathroom is made of natural materials with the color saturated through all of the layers. The material will hold up well for decades with the proper maintenance and care. If you want to installing linoleum flooring in your an existing home’s bathroom, then here are some proper steps for you to installing linoleum floors. Firstly, shave any debris off the bathroom subfloor with a floor scraper. Use care to avoid striking the toilet’s base with the floor scraper’s blade. Clean the dust and debris from the bathroom floor with a broom and dustpan. Cover the bathroom floor with felt paper and cut the paper to size with scissors, creating a template of the bathroom floor. If the bathroom floor’s template requires more than one piece of felt paper, lock the additional pieces of paper together with masking tape. Unroll the linoleum flooring sheet on a clean, smooth and flat surface. Keep the linoleum flooring’s finished surface facing up. Set the bathroom floor’s template on the unrolled sheet of linoleum. Adjust the template to fit the linoleum and secure the template to the linoleum with masking tape.

installing linoleum for bathroomInstalling Linoleum For Bathroom

Cut the linoleum flooring sheet to size with a utility knife, using the template as a cutting guide. Slice the linoleum between the toilet base’s cutout and the wall behind the toilet. Lay the linoleum flooring on the bathroom floor. Adjust the linoleum’s position on the bathroom floor until the cut edges match the bathroom’s walls and the linoleum’s toilet cutout wraps around the toilet’s base. Roll up the half of the bathroom’s linoleum flooring opposite of the toilet, exposing half of the bathroom’s subfloor. Spread linoleum adhesive across the exposed portion of the bathroom’s subfloor, using a 1/8-inch V-notch glue trowel to apply the adhesive. Unroll the linoleum flooring onto the adhesive. Adjust the edge of the linoleum to match the bathroom’s wall. Roll the second half of the linoleum flooring onto the first half. Spread the linoleum adhesive on the second half of the bathroom’s subfloor with the glue trowel, working from behind the toilet toward the rolled edge of the linoleum. Unroll the linoleum flooring’s second half onto the adhesive. Press the linoleum flooring into the adhesive with a 100-lbs. floor roller, working from the center of the floor toward each wall and around the toilet. Cover the seam between the linoleum flooring and each baseboard with bathroom caulking. Run a bead of the bathroom caulk around the toilet’s base. Done.

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