Floor Ideas for Galley Kitchen Floor Plans

Probably the most important aspect of a kitchen remodel is choosing the design for the floor plan. If you have a galley kitchen, then you will need some good floor designs ideas for galley kitchen floor plans. There are many variation designs for galley kitchen floor plans. However, when deciding on how to remodel your galley kitchen, especially for the floor, you should really take the time to think and pick a plan that will be most functional for you.

    wood design galley kitchen floor plansWood Design Galley Kitchen Floor Plans

Different Designs for Galley Kitchen Floor Plans

Here are some design ideas that good for galley kitchen floor plans. Firstly, showcase the galley design by laying the flooring lengthwise. For example, rather than put smaller boards of hardwood vertically up to the cabinets, lay it horizontally so it runs the length of them. Another option is to create a focal point by laying a ceramic tile strip down the center of the floor, surrounded by a tile of a different color on the edges. For a cheaper alternative, look for a similar stripe design in linoleum. Then, using a solid color in the space is another option. For example, if the adjoining room’s floor is a hardwood, lay a solid blue tile down just the length of the kitchen to separate the two areas. Another option for a contemporary feel is to use small glass tiles that fit with the scale of the space. For a modern natural feel, use reclaimed wood flooring if you want an eco-friendly design or stone for an earthy style.

rustic design galley kitchen floor plansRustic Design Galley Kitchen Floor Plans

For smaller spaces, continuous matching flooring is an option to make sure that all the spaces connect with one another design-wise. For example, white tiles throughout your home offer a palette for other colors and design elements to pop off of. To get a small touch of difference in each room, add one small special element. For example, inlay a medallion into the hardwood floor right in front of the door to the kitchen or inlay a tiled “carpet” right in front of the sink.

tile floor galley kitchen floor plansTile Floor Galley Kitchen Floor Plans

great design galley kitchen floor plansGreat Design Galley Kitchen Floor Plans

Then another design for galley kitchen floor plans, creating a monochromatic design opens up a small space visually, as it keeps the eye moving around the room and not stopping on one pop of color or decor element. This type of design does not have to be plain and boring however. For example, bring in light stone tiles for the flooring to match a set of cabinets painted in the same hue. Add details such as trim to the front door of the cupboards and texture to the walls for architectural interest. Well, these were some informarion about design ideas for galley kitchen floor plans. After all, with the right designs though, galley kitchen floor plans can actually be maximized.

great design galley kitchen floor plans , Floor Ideas for Galley Kitchen Floor Plans In  Category
rustic design galley kitchen floor plans , Floor Ideas for Galley Kitchen Floor Plans In  Category
tile floor galley kitchen floor plans , Floor Ideas for Galley Kitchen Floor Plans In  Category
wood design galley kitchen floor plans , Floor Ideas for Galley Kitchen Floor Plans In  Category

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