Advantageously DVD Storage Solution

A DVD collection can quickly get out of hand. If you have a lot of DVDs, you have no doubt spent a lot of time and money building your collection. Then, you will need an effective DVD storage solution that can really protect and organize your investment. When it comes to DVD storage solution, there are several options that you choose. You may want to display your collection or to hide it away, the options are endless. Whichever option you chose, implement a DVD storage solution will organized and protected in a cost effective manner yet work for your lifestyle and home.

clever dvd storage solutionClever DVD Storage Solution

Great DVD Storage Solution

The first DVD storage solution is to install shelving. There are many ways to do this, and it can be a fun home-improvement project if you like to work with your hands. You will need plywood, an electric screw driver, joints to support the shelves and screws. Since plywood is not available in a variety of colors, buy paint for more attractive shelving. Decide on a color based on the colors in the space where you are building the shelf. The beauty of built-in shelving is that you can personalize and tailor your shelves to your specific spacial needs.  Then, if you don’t have time to build your own shelves in your room, buy some pre-made ones. While this might be more expensive, it requires significantly less time and labor. There are many types of shelving units available on the market. Ikea, for example, sells shelves that vary in style and price. In most cases, Ikea shelves require assembly, but all of the parts are included in the package, along with instructions. If you just want something that requires no assembly or additional work, retailers such as Ethan Allen have a wide variety of shelves available.

shelves dvd storage solutionShelves DVD Storage Solution

If you are not particularly attached to the cases that your DVDs came in, binders can help you save a lot of space. They have many pages that each contain several compartments for DVDs. In some cases, there is space to put the booklet that might have come with the DVD package. You can often store around 100 DVDs in one binder. They are also portable if you want to take your DVD collection with you on vacation. Another DVD storage solution is to go digital. This means converting your movies to a digital format, storing them on a hard drive and throwing out all of the DVDs and packaging. Although this might seem extreme, it can save a lot of space. Start by downloading DVD ripping software such as Magic DVD Ripper. This type of software allows you to convert directly to multiple formats such as Mpeg-4, WMV and Xvid. Converting to a digital format allows you to watch movies on a device like an iPod or iPad. If you rip a movie that you bought on DVD, it is illegal to distribute the file, so keep it within your household. You can also purchase movies in a digital format from sellers such as Apple.

cool dvd storage solutionCool DVD Storage Solution

cabinet dvd storage solutionCabinet DVD Storage Solution

The other DVD storage solution is DVD storage cabinet. DVD storage cabinets come with multiple features that match customer storage requirements and enhance the utility value of the cabinets. Most of the models have easily adjustable and detachable shelves, which guarantee maximum storage capacity. Some come with roll-out drawers that provide easy accessibility. Some have single or double doors while others have Plexiglas doors that are resistant to weather changes. Further, a push button facility is added in some more expensive models, which controls automatic sliding drawers. DVD storage cabinets come in many sizes, colors, and finishes. Based on the size, DVD storage cabinets are classified as portable, medium, and large. Foldable and movable type DVD storage cabinets, and floor and wall-mounted type cabinets are the common types seen on the market. Beautifully handcrafted and hand painted DVD storage cabinets are also available, which add style and charm to the room.

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