Advantageously DVD Storage Solution

A DVD collection can quickly get out of hand. If you have a lot of DVDs, you have no doubt spent a lot of time and money building your collection. Then, you will need an effective DVD storage solution that can really protect and organize your investment. When it comes to DVD storage solution, there are several options that you choose. You may want to display your collection or to hide it away, the options are endless. Whichever option you chose, implement a DVD storage solution will organized and protected in a cost effective manner yet work for your lifestyle and home.

clever dvd storage solutionClever DVD Storage Solution

Great DVD Storage Solution

The first DVD storage solution is to install shelving. There are many ways to do this, and it can be a fun home-improvement project if you like to work with your hands. You will need plywood, an electric screw driver, joints to support the shelves and screws. Since plywood is not available in a variety of colors, buy paint for more attractive shelving. Decide on a color based on the colors in the space where you are building the shelf. The beauty of built-in shelving is that you can personalize and tailor your shelves to your specific spacial needs.  Then, if you don’t have time to build your own shelves in your room, buy some pre-made ones. While this might be more expensive, it requires significantly less time and labor. There are many types of shelving units available on the market. Ikea, for example, sells shelves that vary in style and price. In most cases, Ikea shelves require assembly, but all of the parts are included in the package, along with instructions. If you just want something that requires no assembly or additional work, retailers such as Ethan Allen have a wide variety of shelves available.

shelves dvd storage solutionShelves DVD Storage Solution

If you are not particularly attached to the cases that your DVDs came in, binders can help you save a lot of space. They have many pages that each contain several compartments for DVDs. In some cases, there is space to put the booklet that might have come with the DVD package. You can often store around 100 DVDs in one binder. They are also portable if you want to take your DVD collection with you on vacation. Another DVD storage solution is to go digital. This means converting your movies to a digital format, storing them on a hard drive and throwing out all of the DVDs and packaging. Although this might seem extreme, it can save a lot of space. Start by downloading DVD ripping software such as Magic DVD Ripper. This type of software allows you to convert directly to multiple formats such as Mpeg-4, WMV and Xvid. Converting to a digital format allows you to watch movies on a device like an iPod or iPad. If you rip a movie that you bought on DVD, it is illegal to distribute the file, so keep it within your household. You can also purchase movies in a digital format from sellers such as Apple.

cool dvd storage solutionCool DVD Storage Solution

cabinet dvd storage solutionCabinet DVD Storage Solution

The other DVD storage solution is DVD storage cabinet. DVD storage cabinets come with multiple features that match customer storage requirements and enhance the utility value of the cabinets. Most of the models have easily adjustable and detachable shelves, which guarantee maximum storage capacity. Some come with roll-out drawers that provide easy accessibility. Some have single or double doors while others have Plexiglas doors that are resistant to weather changes. Further, a push button facility is added in some more expensive models, which controls automatic sliding drawers. DVD storage cabinets come in many sizes, colors, and finishes. Based on the size, DVD storage cabinets are classified as portable, medium, and large. Foldable and movable type DVD storage cabinets, and floor and wall-mounted type cabinets are the common types seen on the market. Beautifully handcrafted and hand painted DVD storage cabinets are also available, which add style and charm to the room.

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  1. Jasmine777

    I not know a lot about “design” but I know a lot about working in an office since I am a CPA working as a consultant for many of my corporate clients. Initially, I was taken a since I did not contemplate any desk however, I understand and the concept. These days, I normally not desk alot since I am on my laptop most of the time, anyway. I many hours in Starbucks (which I , by the way) working with my laptop, and this compose gives an impression of an upscale Starbucks – comfortable, cozy, relaxing. The table can be as impromtu desk if I needed one to write a or something.

  2. Ruby-Alexandra-Corinne

    I fair had a great low-budget bash this weekend (it was my birthday too – yay Leos :). I figured out how many people approx would be there (we had about 40) and then designed a seating on the lawn for everyone to eat/drink around. I bought cheap straw mats from Pearl River Mart (available on their website) to sit on alongside some long tables I made out of cheap materials from Depot: cinder blocks and MDF boards in half. I stopped at IKEA and got cheap twin sheets for tablecloths, and tin pots for flowers I from the garden. It was crude budget but turned out really well and looked polished for what I spent! I the most thing is to accomplish everyone feels comfortable – ie, enough *, music at a level, and enough for everyone to not feel 🙂 luck, and acquire fun!

  3. Kinsley

    I this, but I a cat. I already to mount cat-proof defenses on my plants. Otherwise, they become alternative litter boxes. now the cat and I are having an arms amble over a floor plant.

  4. Aldo S.

    Rent a steam cleaner to properly out the grout (or hire a company to it), and then a grout sealer from Despot and be extremely liberal w/ the sealer, meaning apply several coats. As for the bubbles, ilonastella is right: vinegar works wonders.

  5. Easton Guillermo M.

    Not a single one of them is unused. Twice yearly, at the change of the seasons everything is assessed, cleaned, and repaired or discarded. Blankets and duvets included. Instead I washed my linen curtains and the cushion covers, as well as the upholstery that could be removed. Ironed them and them where they belonged. We are the better allotment of the day ahead of the US, here in Europe.

  6. DakotaAnneStevie

    @HD69 Reconstruct your closet. at Pinterest in the closet organizing section. By myself, I took down the single rod, hung double rods, made shelving (for sweaters), shoes in plastic containers and wrote flats, heels and t-shoes on them and organized them by color and use. I made a separate shelving for them. I hang my clothes in sections such as jeans, dress pants, blouses, t-shirts, etc After laundering or each use, I them in each section.. I only a dresser for socks, bras,underwear, etc. Why everything in drawers when you can everything at once in your closet. rid of that dresser and acquire more room in your bedroom. Also, instead of that dresser, bigger plastic containers and your socks, bras and underwear under your bed. I need to do this. budge to Ikea and what they absorb for your organization. disappear to The Container Store and whats available. Surprise yourself and your friends by doing this yourself. A accomplishment..

  7. DavidBrice

    Personally, I would be thrilled to wood cabinets instead of what is in my kitchen. I not understand the fascination of painting finished wood. Change your attitude, not the color. Updating the pulls to brushed nickel would definitely help. How about a hanging herb garden or plants above the sink? I would devour a message center instead of the on the wall next to the stove. for a combination bulletin board and white board–a chalk board will too country for your tastes. The valance fabric over the sink will a impact. For lighting, I would definitely suggest recessed cans above the counters and LED * lights under the counters. I hope to those someday also. A few (emphasis on few) accessories on the counter will add brightness. Please that you acquire a kitchen from which to start. To update, adding a different colored island. luck!

  8. Donald Terrance Bruno

    I try not to personalise as I am there to work and to keep, work and life separate. Most people at work (Local Government) only seem to a photo. Perhaps it is different in the UK.

  9. Isabela

    @leonline I bought the baskets from Crate and Barrel over a year ago – I both for blankets and pillows in the guest room but now they toys… I they acquire similar now honest not the type ie handles are different:

  10. Claire.Lola.Paulina

    place!! I really devour it. Was thinking of this when I was looking for a home. But in the end, land and construction would cost me grand more.Though from researching shipping container homes, it seems that most if not all are toxic. They were meant to be for shipping of couse, and across oceans. So the paint and the wood inside can be toxic. Well, maybe not toxic but unfit for humans to live in. I was wondering what the process of cleaning a shipping container is.

  11. Ella-Leona-Taliyah

    How many photos are irreplaceable these days with photography going digital? I hundreds of digital prints and I this is a to some of them and the ability to change them on a whim is great! Congratulations Huw on supporting Sydney industry – i bought some online last night, but you sell them in any sydney shops or markets??

  12. DorianAntwanRoyce

    Some sort of “appliance garage” was my first as well. Tray, basket, tin, breadbox–virtually anything water-resistant could be beget to work; anything you could up in one hand while you wipe the counter with the other.

  13. Evangeline Kynlee Cara

    This year I am having dinner with a friend. We are both alone and far from family. I will the cooking at her larger apartment. She is here via a green card and teaches. She asked if it would be ok if she made a Korean dessert and I explained that is one of the most traditions of Thanksgiving, to bring your ethnic heritage to the table. I am looking forward to it.

  14. Roberto Kareem Maxim E.

    @Purrsephone Weighted blankets been around for a long time and are easily available online through a variety of freestanding companies and through individual artisans on Etsy. They can also be easily made at using simple sewing skills and equipment and at less cost than if you them. If you want a blanket that is for both winter and summer, or one build of 100% cotton fabric and minimal fiberfill and maintain the total weight on the lower side of the appropriate range for your weight. Then, in winter, ad a duvet in a heavier fabric so that the total weight is in your range but their is more warmth. You can also simply your warmer blankets with a summer weighted blanket in the winter.

  15. Jermaine

    @enmem, yep, you would. If you were inclined to * the thing, the best option would be to absorb a professional it. From personal experience I can say that stripping something with even minor carved decoration is a in the tail.

  16. Tyree@1970

    This is what I do.Add a mirror, somewhere, if you room.Change metals to match (for me, this meant chrome or stainless steel for the shower curtain rod and hooks, toilet seat hinges on toilet seat, other racks in shower, other accessories the jars with lids for stuff, the bathroom cup, frames on mirrors, garbage can, toilet paper extra rolls holder, towel hooks, toilet brush, etc.)Pick a wood tone you like, and that color wood exclusively for wood accessories – for me, that has been bamboo lately. Thinking of replacing window blinds with ones in bamboo or similar-colored wood.Pick a simple two colors for everything else – towels, bathmat, shower curtains if not using white ones (get some nylon or polyester ones that repel water and cessation using vinyl), wall paint, and anything else of color. My colors are yellow and celadon green. Avoid busy patterns in all of that – less pattern is more soothing. I delight in adding a bit of color to white tiles and fixtures. White towels remind me of the gym. I bask in white tiles because you can change your color easily.Add something made of a textile with a pattern in your colors. Mine is french provencal fabric in a valance above the window, and a skirt sink to pipes and enclosed storage beneath wall-mounted sink. Same fabric was as a curtain to shelves in my bathroom. Fabric adds something, somehow, softens the sterile somehow. The fabric an even be in a liner on the inside of glass cabinet doors to provide hidden storage – looks less cluttered than stuff visible glass.

  17. Stephanie.Lilian

    BayRidger:You can commence a link in a window or tab by right-mouse-clicking on the link and selecting it in the context menu. A quicker to a link in a tab is to the CTRL button while clicking the link. There are also lots of add-ons on the Firefox website that let you tweak how Firefox behaves when you click on links. I personally QuickDrag because it lets me slightly a link if I want to it in a tab.

  18. SawyerGianaLilyanna

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to leave some feedback. It’s really encouraging to read so many certain comments as well as hear the critiques of the décor and the furniture (also noting a couple of unexpected proposals). A lot of sweat and tears went into this house and it’s reaffirming to hear that it wasn’t in vain. I believe that should people a little, hopefully in a edifying way. I’ll try to some of the questions:To Splatgirl: the spiky silver plants on the patio are called Blue Clumping Wheatgrass or Elymus Magellanicus. It’s a sun perennial.To redneckmodern: The Ikea wall cabinets are 12” depth. They sell a 12” deep drawer. collect the drawer dampers they’re 4 or 5 dollars more and will aid the face plates last longer.To emmajay: The kitchen, living room and dining room cabinets are the Nexus line of cabinets from Ikea. The color is medium brown. The fireplace brick is untreated. The fireplace was unusable when I bought the house so the brick looked new. It has some earthier crimson and brown tones which I tried to emulate with the dining room chandelier.To kushkush: The fact that there isn’t ”any evidence of thriftiness” confirms that all the countless hours of sourcing estimable materials for the lowest possible was worth it. The 3/4” solid teak flooring in the living room and hallway was purchased on Craigslist from a floor installer who had fair enough sq. footage left over from a project.I I paid around $3 dollars a sq. ft. unfinished. He even delivered it. The limestone tile in the kitchen was purchased at a local closeout warehouse. All the kitchen appliances were bought off of Craigslist. This took the longest and was frustrating to drive to someone’s house only to that the images posted didn’t properly describe the condition of the appliance. I installed all the floors, tile, cabinets, light fixtures and did all the painting myself to attach money.Thanks again, jason

  19. Ashton Nathanial Y.

    Hi,You can exhibit different pieces of art work on the wall on the side (descending staircase). This will allow you to change or replace with ones rather than having a art work. a few themes such as prints of insects, flowers or whatever you like; pieces of art, charcoal drawings etc, depending on your taste. You can frame the works of your family members if any of them art.Rugs will add color & brighten up the (entryway & the surrounding areas). You could also hang a ethnic tapestry on the side door.Your living room needs colors – my hint is pale yellow with matching accents. bear a painted wooden letters, art work, and photographs on the wall the TV. And rugs.Have a stool in the corner where you absorb the pet rug and a flowing plant.Make curtains with sheer fabric – two tones would be dramatic. Or cotton fabric – off white with gathers.Change the lighting as well, a capable chandelier may be.Get pillows/cushions from world market for your couch.Enjoy the work.VinothiniOakland

  20. Kenia_Princess

    – Shade, lots of shade- cozy places for kids that can turn into forts, pirate ships or fair a to chill – a weeping willow tree would be perfect!- a surface under shade – stumps for seating/tables- an home with pea gravel – my daughter LOVES to dig and scoop the gravel- bird feeders- plants to attract birds and butterflies- a sunflower house – google for directions- a hill – we one (previous owners built it) and we achieve a in the hill, with rocks for steps – for playing – the neighbour kids never consume their regular slides but always ours

  21. Jimena.Giovanna

    So – it reminds me of my grandparents house. They bought a house in 1971 and, the Italians they were, bought a of white velvet and carved wood couches and chairs. Plastic covers went on promptly, and when my grandma moved out 40 years later, that furniture was in perfect condition. She got rid of the couch to into a smaller apartment, but aloof has the chairs, in plastic, pristine after all these years …

  22. Adelina Sylvie K.

    All my laundry ends up in one hamper, but when I wash I sort by color: Whites, Reds, Blues, Grey/Blacks & Browns…All my towels are white – so they crawl together.White clothing is separate from white towels and white bedding.When I wash sheets, they in as a by themselves.

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