How to Installing Kitchen Faucets

For many people, installing kitchen faucets just like a piece of cake. However, the kitchen faucet can make a big difference to the kitchen’s look and function. So make sure that you spend enough time in the selection process and installation. With a little initiative, you can install your faucet at no extra cost. It is important to remember though that installing kitchen faucets does involve basic knowledge or skill in understanding instructions. For a help, here are the steps in installing kitchen faucets yourself.

diy installing kitchen faucetsDIY Installing Kitchen Faucets

Guide to Installing Kitchen Faucets

Installing kitchen faucets depends on whether it is being replaced or installed for the first time. It being installed for the first time is much easier than when it is being replaced. This is because you can install the faucet first then fix the sink over it. It is much more challenging to replace a faucet as you have to work your way under the sink and around the supply lines and get to the mounting nuts that will hold the faucet in place. In this article we will give you the instructions installing kitchen a new kitchen faucet. First of all, do prepare some things like; Plumber’s putty, Slip-lock pliers, Basin wrench, Screwdriver, and Plumber’s tape.

instruction installing kitchen faucetsInstruction Installing Kitchen Faucets

Then for the first step, unpack the kitchen faucet and make sure all the parts listed on the specifications are included. You may have to do a small amount of assembly before you can hook up the faucet to the sink, including threading the sprayer hose through the spout if the faucet has an attached sprayer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for this assembly. Place the rubber gasket that fits under the faucet body on the back of the sink with the holes centered over the holes in the sink. The purpose of this gasket is to provide a watertight seal between the faucet body and the sink. If a gasket isn’t included with the faucet, spread plumber’s putty around the base of the faucet body itself.

Set the faucet in place so the supply tubes and the threaded mounting rods extend through the holes in the sink. If you have a single-handle faucet, you may have to squeeze the tubes together to get them to fit through the central hole. Then, screw the mounting nuts onto the threaded rods. Single-handle faucets have one rod extending through the central hole, while double-handle faucets can have one central one or one extending down from each handle. Use slip-lock pliers, a basin wrench or the special wrench provided with the faucet, if there is one. Some faucets have mounting plates that you can install and tighten with a screwdriver.

Drop the sprayer into the appropriate hole, if the faucet comes equipped with one, and connect the sprayer hose to the appropriate port on the faucet stem. Some sprayer connections are designed to be made without the need for a wrench. Follow the faucet manufacturer’s instructions. Connect the supply tubes to the shut-off valves, or angle stops, mounted on the wall under the sink. Use tubes that are long enough to make the connections without too much excess, and size the connectors on either end of the tubes to match the connectors on the angle stops and the faucet tubes. Wrap plumbing tape around the threaded male end of each connection, then screw on the female connector and tighten it with slip-lock pliers.

easy way to installing kitchen faucetsEasy Way To Installing Kitchen Faucets

great way to installing kitchen faucetsGreat Way To Installing Kitchen Faucets

Open the faucet all the way, then turn on the hot water angle stop and let water flow from the spout for approximately 30 seconds to flush the pipes. Turn off the hot water, turn on the cold water and flush again. Close the faucet when the flushing is complete, and then turn on both the hot and cold water angle stops. Note; If you are mounting the faucet on a new sink, save yourself time and trouble by doing it before the sink is installed. After all, installing kitchen faucets can be the easiest project you can do, and most installations require a few simple tools,  it makes less than an hour of your time. However, do make sure though that all your pre installation concerns have been properly addressed.

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