Organizing Small Kitchen

Organizing Small Kitchen – For many people having small or narrow space of home interior design is nightmare and stressful since you could not have many appliances there. It would be the same thing when the small space is in the kitchen design. It would become a bad thing, especially for woman since they would spend most of their time in the kitchen to prepare the foods for the family. Actually, this kind of mindset should be changed because, the problem here is not about the matter of space, but it is the matter of how you organizing small kitchen in your own house. If you have this kind of problems, just take a look at some ideas or tips that you could you for organizing your small kitchen.

Kitchen Pegboards Organizer for Small Kitchen DesignKitchen Pegboards Organizer for Small Kitchen Design

Steps in Organizing Small Kitchen

The first thing that you should do is maintaining the kitchen appliances in your small kitchen.Then, what should you do? the nice way for doing that is having mount shelves and cabinet on the blank wall. For having this space, you could hang some of your appliances. Here, you should not place some appliance that you seldom in using it. The appliances that you hang is that the thing that you use it often.  Beside that, you should make sure that you put most of your appliances in the cupboard or pantry shelves. Beside that, you could make an appliances garage in the corner of kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet In The Small KitchenKitchen cabinet in the small kitchen

Small Kitchen Appliances Arrangement With Kitchen PegboardsSmall Kitchen Appliances Arrangement With Kitchen Pegboards

Then, place the appliances with the same appliances that have the same function, such as plates, glasses, cups, spoons, and others. Beside that, if you want to cook, just place some appliances near the stove so that it would make you feel easier in maintaining that small kitchen. Then, it is important thing to remember that the main thing for keeping the beautiful look of small kitchen is keeping the clean of the kitchen. So, it a must for you to cleaning it everyday.

Storage Kitchen ArrangementStorage Kitchen Arrangement

Beside that, you should also consider about the color of your kitchen design since it would have great influence in the look of small kitchen. Then, what you should choose? Of course each of you would have different taste of color. Just for the reference, have a bright color in organizing small kitchen would make it more spacious. Beside that, you could also have a sliding door design that would really help you in maintaining the space of that kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet In The Small Kitchen , Organizing Small Kitchen In  Category
Kitchen Pegboards Organizer for Small Kitchen Design , Organizing Small Kitchen In  Category
Small Kitchen Appliances Arrangement With Kitchen Pegboards , Organizing Small Kitchen In  Category
Storage Kitchen Arrangement , Organizing Small Kitchen In  Category

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  1. Alaina Amira Ellis

    While skinny hangers are OK for some things, I assume padded or thick wooden hangers for my clothes to prevent unwanted creasing or stretching. What wants to iron? Taking up less is not the sole consideration in closet organization.

  2. Emmalyn Lea Desiree G.

    heather,Get those short/low, but long, plastic containers (non kitchen “tupperware”). Neatly fold your clothes and attach them in there, then maintain the containers under your bed.

  3. Rowan Chanel Y.

    For some reason, this is the first time I absorb seen this tour. First, this dog is clearly a ham and has the urge of the place, him! Second, renovation. Of course it takes time for a to earn the lived in after an extensive renovation. I would not the folding doors. They can become a pain, but I did it and it takes away some of the character of the house. A W-40 will them opening smoothly. I the bathrooms; not pretentious and with the period of the home.

  4. Kendall_Jolie

    If you want to maintain your door red, you should paint the house a color by Sherwin Williams called Pussywillow (which is a light gray), with white trim, and a Antique for the door.

  5. MorganAbbyKhaleesi

    I got done dealing with this problem. Nothing worked until I started hot gluing nuts to snap traps and putting a peanut butter on top. The mice could lick off the peanut butter without it going off, but when they tried to gnaw off the nut it got them every time.

  6. Jazlynn1969

    the decorations, admire your energy! fearful by the camera work going from unfocused to zoom in – off-putting. Really ruined the for me; took away from the beauty of this space.

  7. Camden

    @Bee for Brian I was thinking the same thing when I saw that berry bowl! I was also thinking about the Simplify your Life article here about how not to different glasses for wine and for martinis.

  8. Ariah.Tiana

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  10. Nyla-Wren

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  11. Jasper Mike W.

    Wow, sorry to offend you with the placement of my litter. Its actually the perfect spot, the room is and the floor is tile. The neighbor walks into my apartment to to the laundry room, and I the room every day =)

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  13. Zaire

    These are tips. Definitely agree with avoiding light-blocking window treatments – fabric type makes a difference. to hang swatches and of light during different times of the day.

  14. Hudson Jamie I.

    I the most distinguished thing to is to the Glass shower doors- They the tile so more dated – and replace with one of two options:1)A rod with a astonishing brilliant curtain- I to custom ones out of Subrella Fabric which is usually for outdoor furniture(then there is no need for a water protecting interior shower curtain).2) Glass panel affixed to wall that swings on hinge – making the room feel mutch largerMy option is number 1 as it adds color. In addition, I whole heartedly agree that the Cabinet should be replaced with something grand more streamlined.

  15. Raquel

    A pair of club chairs with a lamp table in between might be more attractive than a cold, bench.Interestingly, the lobby of my building includes a sitting area with sofa, club chair and tables. There is a console table adjacent with a mirror over it. In a long niche, there is a similar to a sideboard. No one EVER sits on the furniture, but the sideboard location is in constant use. Papers are left there in the morning, some mail and packages, and information on social and community events. We also all leave books and magazines to be gleaned by someone else after we finished them. Which I really like.

  16. Ella@1980

    Cuppow also makes drinking lids (to your mason jar a cup) and a cup product that fits inside the lid, allowing you to pack dip or liquid or whatever in a seperate compartment from the main of the jar…so for instance you could bring veggies and hummus to work in a jar, or salad and salad dressing, or cereal and milk, etc, etc. extremely useful for work lunches.

  17. Serena Jaelynn

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  19. Samir Deangelo

    My spring cleaning agenda (I am to suggestions/ideas):1. Deal with the thousands of recipes that I clipped from magazines and stuffed into my file cabinet. Maybe some software that allows me to scan and categorize.2. Sell some light fixtures.3. do something with the tupperware my mother gave me. Barter maybe?4. Figure out a for my pantyhose. I will starve before I capture another job that requires them!5. Sell scrapbook/cardmaking materials on ebay.6. a to actually the fabric in my 7 12 gal bins.Joy… something from every room in the house. This may the rest of the year!

  20. Easton Malcolm Deshaun

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