Quilted Headboards for Bedrooms

Personalization of your headboard makes a statement and allows you to be creative, and can be done for your kids bedroom, or for your own. There are several easy, affordable ways to add style and character to your bedroom without a lot of investment in time. You can use the existing headboard you have, purchase a new one. One of the most popular choice headboards are quilted headboards for bedrooms. You can even make your own quilted headboards your bedroom. Just about any old one can be wrapped in batting and covered in fabric. This allows you to choose a fabric you enjoy, perhaps a favorite color or a child’s favorite cartoon character. This is perhaps the most drastic way to personalize their bedroom, but it definitely leaves an impression!

   adorable quilted headboardsAdorable Quilted Headboards

Make Your Own Quilted Headboards

To make quilted headboards for bedrooms, first of all you need to prepare some things. Like 4′ x 8′ piece of plywood, saw, fine sandpaper, 1″ thick foam, utility knife or scissors, quilt batting, spray adhesive, fabric, tape Measure, staple gun, large buttons and ribbon or cording. After all these things done prepared then you will need some instructions to make. Just don’t fret, here are some good instructions for you to make your own quilted headboards.

great quilted headboardsGreat Quilted Headboards

First instruction to make quilted headboards; place the plywood behind the bed and mark where the top of the mattress meets the board. The board will be covered up to this mark. Also, mark the desired height of the headboard. A headboard can be any height from 43″ to the full 8″ of the plywood depending on individual preference. Using a saw, cut a 4″ by 8″ piece of plywood at the desired height. Using fine sandpaper, sand all of the sides of the plywood to remove any splinters of wood. Then, place a piece of 1″ thick foam on the area of the plywood that is to be quilted. Mark the foam and cut it with a utility knife or scissors. Spray adhesive spray on to the surface of the plywood board. Then, place the foam on to the board pressing down lightly to make sure it adheres to the surface.

Place the quilt batting on top of the foam and cut to fit with scissors. Spray the foam lightly with spray adhesive and lay the quilt batting on top, pressing lightly to keep in place. Lay the fabric on a flat surface and place the plywood board on to the fabric with the quilt batting side down on the board. Pull the fabric over the sides of the plywood board and staple to the back of the board along the top and 2 sides. Turn the board over and staple across the bottom of the fabric along the edge of the batting. Trim away all of the excess fabric.

Using a tape measure, measure 12″ down from the top of the quilted headboard. Starting at the side of the board, place a staple every 12″ so that there are 3 staples across the board. Measure down another 12″ and staple in the middle of each the above staples. his row should have 2 staples. Continue until the entire quilted area has alternating lines of staples. Using a hot glue gun, glue large buttons on to each of the staples. Then, glue ribbon or cording along the 3 edges of the board and along the bottom where the fabric ends. The quilted headboard may now be attached to the bed frame.

awesome quilted headboardsAwesome Quilted Headboards

green quilted headboardsGreen Quilted Headboards

For the tips, connect more than 1 sheet of plywood for wider headboards. Also, an electric carving knife can be used to cut the foam. Instead of using plain buttons, glue fabric to buttons or use large decorative beads. And you can use extra fabric to make matching window treatments or pillows. Finally, here are some instructions for you to make adorable quilted headboard. You know, it’s simple fun project. Quilted headboard really can enhance the look of your bedroom. Good Luck!

awesome quilted headboards , Quilted Headboards for Bedrooms In  Category
adorable quilted headboards , Quilted Headboards for Bedrooms In  Category
great quilted headboards , Quilted Headboards for Bedrooms In  Category
green quilted headboards , Quilted Headboards for Bedrooms In  Category

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