Classy Victorian Style Kitchens

The Victorian period lasted from 1840 to 1900 and, as Parkland College notes, it was characterized by strong moral and religious beliefs, as well as incredibly elaborate and ornate clothing, art, architecture and interior design. Kitchens of the Victorian period were light, airy, and cheerful while being efficient and functional as well. If you want to give your kitchen a nostalgic, yet royal appeal, the Victorian style kitchens may be just what you are looking for. Consider the following ideas to decorate into Victorian style kitchens to help you get started.

adorable victorian style kitchensAdorable Victorian Style Kitchens

How to Decorating Your Kitchen Into Classy Victorian Style Kitchens?

So, how to decorating your kitchen into classy Victorian style kitchens? Here are some ways for you.  First of all, consider about the color. The colors to use in Victorian style kitchens are mostly cream, mauve, and light blue. You can incorporate these colors into your kitchen in several ways. Paint the doors of your cabinets blue and trim them in white. You can accessorize the countertops with mauve. The countertops can be butchers block instead of a solid color. Complete the look of your kitchen with wrought iron accessories. Flowerpots at the back door, wrought iron coat hanger that stands in the corner to hang your apron and jacket can have a place in your kitchen decor. Place a shelf on the wall to display hurricane candleholders and candles.

nice victorian style kitchensNice Victorian Style Kitchens

Give a traditional kitchen grace and charm with window stencils. Stencil the windows with a Victorian-style lace pattern. Draw a lace pattern on a piece of stencil cardboard. Cut the pattern out and secure it with tape on a clean window. Using masking tape and brown paper to mask off a 20-inch area around the window. Take white enamel car paint and spray the window; wait for the paint to dry before removing the stencil. For the curtains, make your curtains or purchase them. You can take one of the three colors listed above; blue, cream, or mauve and trim it in ruffles. Wide ruffles are acceptable with the Victorian look. Tablecloths need to have the same design as the curtains so that everything matches and coordinates. Place lace around your tablecloth like you did the curtains.

Don’t forget the furniture that can complement the Victorian style kitchen look. The cabinets in a Victorian kitchen should not look built-in. Thy should look like furniture: a collection of cupboards, an odd style pantry and tables. Bottom cabinets should have legs, and their depths should vary from deep to shallow. The colors and finishes should complement one another, but three or more different ones can be used. Having natural wood or a light stain would be unusual in a Victorian kitchen; chestnut, elm, birch, dark cherry or oak are typical for an urban Victorian look. Wall cabinets can be used, or they can be replaced with open shelves or wall shelves. Victorian-style cabinet doors should be ornate, with raised panels and flat tops with applied moldings or beading. The Victorian-style countertops were typically zinc-plated steel, marble or wood; granite or manufactured stone would also work. Feel free to mix and match countertop material: have some marble, some wood and some stone. Make use of a tall table with a chopping block top in place of an island.

lovely victorian style kitchensLovely Victorian Style Kitchens

modern victorian style kitchensModern Victorian Style Kitchens

For the wall yet floor, walls can display your love for Victorian decor. Hang a wicker fan with a touch of flowers at the bottom. You can also add diamond shaped mirrors or square mirrors that are placed in a white frame. The kitchen floors should be done in cream color linoleum. This will allow you to accessorize with your other colors. Round braided rugs can be placed in front of the fireplace if you have one in your kitchen or at your stove. You can also place braided rugs in front of the refrigerator and sink. You want to provide comfort and style in your kitchen. The cream color flooring will make the room seem larger than it really is and it will make it look cleaner. It will also help to blend in all the colors that you have used in your kitchen decor. Finally, take these ideas to achieve the best result. Victorian style kitchens are classy, elegant and timeless. Decorating in the Victorian manner in your kitchen can be as posh as you please or strike a balance between the historically correct and modern tastes.

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    I the suggestions posted so far but if your niche seems cessation to either a corner or a larger peice of furniture (hard to from the photo) you may not want to attention to it by filling it up. I the of hanging a mirror and treating the niche as if it was another window in the room. You can the niche feel larger, smaller, or more centered in the room by how you hang panel drapes around it. Making it feel in proportion to the rest of the room is more distinguished than how you to decorate it.

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