Coffee Table Design Ideas

Coffee tables, serve decorative and practical purposes in the living room. The coffee table functioned as a centerpiece for casual entertainment. Seating was arranged around the table, with the table placed before the sofa and a chair set to either side to form a “U” shape. This allowed access to the coffee table from all sides. But the coffee table did more than provide a convenient place for guests to set down their beverage. Magazines were becoming increasingly popular and the coffee table provided a place to display the colorful covers. It wasn’t long before the coffee table was accessorized with ceramics, vases of flowers and coffee table books. There are several good coffee table design ideas that include features that are safe, practical and attractive. For more information about coffee table design ideas, find it in the following paragraphs.

  great coffee table designGreat Coffee Table Design

Good Coffee Table Design Ideas

Here are some coffee table design ideas. Firstly, a round table is perfect for spaces that incorporate two or more couches or seats in the room. People can sit around the table and freely talk and mingle with perfect spacing between them. These are optimal for games and social scenes. Often times these tables will have a single column in the middle that holds up the table. You need to make sure this is nice and sturdy for the weight of the table itself. Next is about flip top design, these tables have a top to them that can flip up to store things inside. These are often popular for people will space limitations. You don’t waste any space with this design. These are much heavier than other designs though, because of the added bulk of the containing space inside the table.

glass coffee table designGlass Coffee Table Design

Glass tables are very popular nowadays and look great. Some have no edging on them, while others have edging made of metal or wood, with glass inlays. These are tough to keep clean, and those without edging can be dangerous for small children. Another coffee table design ideas; Slate table. Slate and stone topped coffee tables can give the room a nice rustic look. Of course, these tables are going to be the heaviest of them all! Then, last but not least, acrylic table. These are basically plastic tables that are transparent, but these can be extremely expensive and very sought after. A lot of designer furniture makers have created collections in recent years that are priced in the thousands for small pieces. Larger tables can be very very expensive, but very elegant and fun as well.

cool coffee table designCool Coffee Table Design

slate coffee table designSlate Coffee Table Design

There are some nice coffee table design ideas to think if you want to purchase a coffee table.  After all, with this coffee table you can get  a way to adding interest to a room and making the most of what you have. Choosing the right one can really make your living room or any other room look great.

cool coffee table design , Coffee Table Design Ideas In  Category
glass coffee table design , Coffee Table Design Ideas In  Category
great coffee table design , Coffee Table Design Ideas In  Category
slate coffee table design , Coffee Table Design Ideas In  Category

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  30. Ali Guadalupe R.

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