LED Strip Lights Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens used to be a hidden place for stoves and dishwashers. However, the advent of televised cooking shows has made the kitchen an excellent space for entertaining guests. Today, homeowners are cooking up new ways to make their kitchen space more fun and exciting. A good way to make the kitchen brighter is through proper lighting. There are a lot of LED lighting options for kitchens available in the market today. One of the best choice is LED strip lights kitchen for under under cabinet. These LED Strip Lights kitchen offer a versatile and user-friendly solution to creating professional-lighting results.

awesome led strip lights kitchenAwesome LED Strip Lights Kitchen

Flexible LED Strip Lights Kitchen Cabinets

These LED strip lights kitchen helps illuminate kitchen under cabinet. This makes it easier to clean messes and spot cracks on kitchen surfaces. Plus, it gives a space a certain glow that can warm the room. LED light strips kitchen are flexible lighting options that can last for up to 50,000 hours. Because they come in strips, this type of lighting can illuminate a wide space, thus saving money compared to buying multiple lamps. LED strip lights are perfect for straight narrow spaces such as the underside of overhead cabinets.

easy install led strip lights kitchenEasy Install LED Strip Lights Kitchen

LED strip lights kitchen come in two main varieties; Single Colour and Colour Changing RGB (Red, Green and Blue). Like regular LED Bulbs, single colour strip lights are available in Warm White (3,000K) and Cool White (6,000K), while colour changing strip lights allow users to create variable ambience at the touch of a button. They also come in many different brightness’s, ranging from a modest light output for small, domestic applications, to exceptionally bright for commercial applications. The brightness of a strip is determined by the number and size of their LED chips. There are two main chip sizes available; 3528 (3.5mm x 2.8mm) and 5050 (5.0mm x 5.0mm). A 3m self-adhesive backing also makes installation very straightforward and removes the need for brackets.

LED strip lights kitchen for under kitchen cabinets are easy to install.  If you want to install, look around the kitchen walls and identify all of the available electrical outlets. If you only have one, then start your installation there. If you have multiple outlets, decide which one you want to use for the LED lights. Typically, you will use the outlet farthest to the left or right of the cabinets. Place the AC plug directly under the chosen electrical outlet, but do not plug it in. Stretch the other end of the cord under the cabinet and insert it into the plug adapter cable supplied with the light kit. Stretch out the adapter cable until it reaches the location where you want to install the first LED light strip, and plug the end of the cable into the outlet on one of the light strips.

Attach additional light strips to the end of the first one by simply snapping the end connectors together. Continue connecting light strips until you reach the other end of the cabinets. Walk to one end of the cabinets and place a clear mounting clip under the front edge approximately 2 to 3 inches from the front. The flat back of the clip should face the cabinet, and the two sides hang down, allowing them to grasp the light bar. Use a screwdriver to insert a screw through the center hole in the clip to secure it. Install additional mounting clips under the cabinet in the same manner as described in Step 5, spacing them 12 inches apart.

great led strip lights kitchenGreat LED Strip Lights Kitchen

Pick up the first LED light bar at one end of the cabinets and place it under the cabinet with the lights facing down. Press it firmly into the mounting clips to hold it in place. Repeat the process to snap the remaining light bars into the remaining mounting clips. Plug the electrical plug into the outlet and test the light strips. Done. These were some ways to installing LED strip lights kitchen. However, the most important part of the installation process is planning the lighting layout. Finally, LED strip lights for kitchen is great idea. Because of LED lights, decorating kitchens has never been easier. And with more and more LED strip lights for kitchens being introduced, homeowners now have the ability to bring out their creativity and style without overpowering the natural decor of their kitchens.

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  12. Kendall Gloria

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