Minimalist Garden Design

Home’s garden is becoming the symbol of the house owner since it would represent the personality of the owner. Nowadays, home’s garden is not only about the matter of additional interior or exterior, but it has an important role for the house itself. Then, in designing the home’s garden, of course it should be the same with the home design itself. For example if you have minimalist home design, of course you should have a minimalist garden design also. Actually, for having this minimalist garden design, you would get a lot of advantages, not only about the matter of accessories, but also it helps you in doing your task. What does it mean? For example if you have little kids, it would be great playground for your kids.

Japanese Minimalist Garden DesignJapanese Minimalist Garden Design

The Features of Minimalist Garden Design

Then, minimalist garden design actually is not only needed by the kids for playing, but also for the adult person also. For example if you have spend your time in the office for a whole day, you could feel refresh if you see some green plants and various flowers in your garden. It would help you in releasing the stress of you.

Romantic Minimalist Garden designRomantic Minimalist Garden design

There are a lot of design that would suitable for your minimalist home. Of course you have already known that in the minimalist design, there would not be a lot of color since minimalist home is identical with calm and neutral color. So, what kind of garden ideas that would be suitable for your minimalist home. The first idea is Mediterranean garden. This garden design is very suitable for your minimalist home since it would provide you with some green plants that would refresh your mind and the look of your home exterior. Beside that, it would be great idea, if it is added with the fountain and fish pond.

Anderson minimalist gardenAnderson minimalist garden

Modern Minimalist Garden DesignModern Minimalist Garden Design

Then, you could also have a tropical garden. This kind of garden design is very suitable for you who loves calm color. This garden would be great if you have some kinds of flowers that if they are blossom, they would have a different color with the color of your home design.  Beside that, you could also have a Japanese garden design. in this design, maybe you have known that each thing in Japanese design would have certain meaning and philosophy. You could choose the small plants since it is the most suitable plants for Japanese garden design.

Those are some ideas for having minimalist garden design that would make you live in the countryside where there is no pollution and you could only see fresh color of the plants and flowers.

Japanese Minimalist Garden Design , Minimalist Garden Design In  Category
Romantic Minimalist Garden design , Minimalist Garden Design In  Category
Anderson minimalist garden , Minimalist Garden Design In  Category
Modern Minimalist Garden Design , Minimalist Garden Design In  Category

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20 thoughts on “Minimalist Garden Design

  1. Remi

    This is so and attractive. Earthy tones tend not to be my favorite, but they work really well here, especially with the posters and the rugs. I the black/beige one is West Elm, right? I too would to a bay window high up that. What a space.

  2. Kaylee

    What? Why!?! There are plenty of places to sit in airports. There is not plenty of room in my suitcase. Anything that needlessly infringes on my baggage size restrictions and adds unnecessary weight is not hot!

  3. Kora 2002

    It is to ALL the glue otherwise you will not catch a fit. Once you do, try dry fitting the handle. It is in the dry fitting stage you will need to experiment with different clamps, straps, tapes and rubber bands to behold which is the best to it tightly in as the glue cures. A wood glue will work, but you may want to try guerilla glue (these type of glues to cure with the presence of water so you will need to dampen the wood slightly). It will foam and expand to any gaps in the joint. After it cures and you chip of the excess glue from the joint you can then color the glue joint with a stain pen.

  4. Steve Agustin Jordon A.

    I family who live in Nantucket (town). There is a active historical commission that certainly controls almost everything architectural in town. For example, during a renovation they were not allowed to trellises on their roof for roses, even though that is a “motif” for Nantucket–but not for town. Houses in town that roof trellis are grandfathered in, but as I understand it, at least in their area, they were not allowed to add.This maintains the perfect of town that visitors are coming to see; and the town seems to live by tourists. Plus the people that live there seem to the it looks and a vested interest in not having it change radically.

  5. Ernesto-Kenyon

    amers230 — not clear if they absorb a name but those specific stacked mugs are from Cost Plus World Market.I to organize be color, but all of my storage boxes, magazine holders and binders are white. It looks and and when I need more I can always acquire them. Not colors that recede in and out of style…

  6. Aurelia-Riya

    I agree with a lot that has been replied already — especially with the of gray color. I would suggest doing light matte gray curtains as well as a textured gray rug. The texture of the rug would some emphasis from the pattern on the wall and balance the room out. In terms of throw pillows, different shades of gray and blue (same tone as the blue on the wall, but a bit darker — I someone else suggested this as well) with some sheen thrown in would work nicely. you provide a lot of light in the room, as a lot of these colors are a bit muted and need to be brought to life. I assume this is where sheen on the throw pillows would really add to the room.

  7. Faith_Rylee_Elyse

    Yes, absolutely! It makes sense to believe about your green holistically — not honest in terms of your enjoyment [fresh produce, outdoor entertaining, etc.], and also in terms of the critters in your area. In fact, my studio makes seed bombs that a mixture of Midwest-native wildflowers, many of which attract birds and insects. More info here:

  8. Hayden Teresa

    catch a fun fabric in red, beige and another color (or 2 coordinating fabrics) to for an accent. table runner, placemats, or dining chair seats. In lr add some pillows in that fabric, maybe the window treatments and consume the accent color in both rooms.

  9. Noah Keon Markell A.

    topic. 2 of us so hand washing is not a deal. my heavy duty gloves and currently using a sponge, but now intrigued by dish cloths…My recommendation (if you bear the room) yourself a dish rack. This one from Simple Human is the Cadillac of drying racks. it.

  10. Harold Adrien A.

    I wonder if one can pour gravel/sand in the cross of the docksta to it more stable.And sorry to be off topic, but can anyone me what the chairs are? They are absolutely (especially paired with the Saarinen). Thanks.

  11. Sabrina

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  12. Delilah_Brylee_Leona

    @Schiaparelli I the bins with the fold-in flaps/lids from my local company when I moved in December. I they were worth it, but there were times I was flummoxed trying to figure out how to Tetris my stuff into them. on the plus side, mine had an initial 30 day period – you could pay to them longer, but it was to be “forced” to things unpacked quickly. They also delivered and picked-up the empty bins, so that was favorable too.

  13. Damon Eugene Lewis

    Regarding the “shoe” shot, when I viewed the tour, I assumed he was into special editions or retro nikes. There was many complaints about no personality, I there were that gave some insight of the personality of its occupants, this was one. For many guys I know, their kicks are some of their most prized posessions.

  14. Ronan Semaj Q.

    To the poster…. I feel for you; I been in your position… I felt each time I walked in the door and was quite to out of the apartment in question… if there are any other options and if you can switch to a better place… If not, maybe as others suggested you can a fixing up at a reasonable cost (rugs, cleaning, etc)… I wish you the beest!

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