Fabulous Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

Pendant lighting has become rather popular of late when it comes to kitchen lighting. What makes this kind of lighting popular? There are a number of reasons, but the primary thought driving kitchen pendant lighting is the focus it gives and the decor improvement it caters. Kitchen pendant lighting totally can add style, color and light to an otherwise bare and dim cooking area. They are also come in several different kitchen pendant lighting ideas that most of them are really functional and attractive. Unlike most chandeliers that are elegant but can be quite expensive, these lights can offer contemporary style without your having to spend too much. While kitchen pendant lighting ideas can vary from simple to lavish, they definitely can be particularly striking in most kitchens.

adorable kitchen pendant lighting ideasAdorable Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

Adorable Fabulous Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

Here’s the first kitchen pendant lighting ideas, start with a Tiffany-style pendant light. This light feature is frequently made of stained glass or a material that provides the appearance of it. It usually has a lot of bold, bright colors. A nice characteristic of Tiffany-style pendant lights is that a homeowner custom designs the light to match the kitchen decor. This style of pendant light is usually used over a table in a breakfast nook or another eating area. It’s generally hung as a single light from the ceiling with a long chain. For contemporary kitchen you can choose embossed or hand-blown glass pendant. Embossed or hand-blown glass pendants provide an interesting design feature to a contemporary kitchen. Each of these styles supplies an element of texture to help complete a more sophisticated look. Place a single hand-blown glass pendant light over the sink in a bright color, such as blue or orange. Hang two or more embossed glass lights of the same color to outline or frame a countertop or kitchen island.

hand-blown glass pendants kitchen pendant lighting ideasHand-Blown Glass Pendants Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

Another option for a contemporary kitchen is a stone light feature, such as alabaster, that allows light to pass through, creating a soft glow. These pendants also work well to highlight countertops or another design element in the kitchen. Then, another kitchen pendant lighting ideas; with a classic style. A classic style pendant light, like a banker’s light with a polish brass rod or schoolhouse light with a dark chain offers yet another option for kitchens. These pendant light selections work well in country or traditional style kitchens. Use these lights over a desk area or sink as task lighting. An urn-shaped pendant, reminiscent of the oil lamp, is another choice for a bar area in a classic kitchen.

clear glass kitchen pendant lighting ideasClear Glass Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

copper kitchen pendant lighting ideasCopper Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

These were several different kitchen pendant lighting ideas for you. These kitchen pendant lightings are available in different price marks, mainly running around from $30 to as much as $500. So, even if you are trying to keep low on your budget, there is really no problem when choosing for the right kitchen pendant lighting. Shop around for the piece that’s going to look perfect in your kitchen, there’s a style and finish out there for you. All of these pendant lights are creations that will provide what your kitchen needs, functionality- and aesthetics-wise.

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  25. Kai.Luca

    I a extremely similar that I would admire to some feedback on- I the same layout as above and installed recessed lights on each side of the stove. The stove is not completely centered on the island, though (thus, neither are the lights). Now I am looking to install 2 pendant lights above the breakfast bar- Would you suggest having them centered evenly above the breakfast bar, or lined up evenly with the recessed lights? I am not which would worse. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  26. Brielle_Nina_Julieta

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  30. Quentin.666

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