Victorian Inspired Bedroom

Bedroom is the most important room in the matter of privacy. It is the place where you could explore all your want and a place for your secret. Maybe you have known about the Victorian home interior design that is very elegance and it represent the interior design when Queen Victoria’s reign. Then, what about you? Is this design interesting for you? If you feel so, let’s see some Victoria inspired bedroom here. Then, what should you do for decorating the bedroom?

Victorian Bedroom DesignVictorian Bedroom Design

The first thing, let’s discuss about the bed. Since it is Victorian design, it would not be separated from the classical and Gothic sense. The bed in the Victorian inspired bedroom design would show the wooden material of it. Beside that, it also has cast-iron, brass or combination metal bedstead. Then, you could make your bed become more beautiful by adding canopies and draperies, pillow, also the ribbons.

Gothic Victorian BedroomGothic Victorian Bedroom

Then, let’s talk about the cabinet and table in this bedroom.  The cabinet being used is wooden cabinet and wooden table. Beside that, it could be made from the bamboo. Then, you could use traditional lamp on the wooden table, including classic ginger-jar porcelain, crystal, brass and candlestick styles. Set each lamp on a crocheted doily for an authentic period look.

Then, you could also add some pieces of candles stands that would add the romantic senses in your bedroom. Beside that, you could have some drawers made from oak, mahogany or walnut, that are embellished with carving, pediments and ornate case-brass or carved-wood drawer pulls.

Classic Victorian BedroomClassic Victorian Bedroom

White Victorian BedroomWhite Victorian Bedroom

Beside that, adding some pictures, such as botanical, children, maidens and animals. Having mirror in this bedroom would make it more beautiful. Then, you could add period style vases there. For making the room more beautiful, you should have curtain, such as ruffles, valances, braid, lace, bows and tassels. Fabrics can include velvet, brocade, delicate floral and eyelet, possibly layered atop lace sheers.

Then, For making your room being perfect Victorian Inspired bedroom, you could also add armchair or show-frame chair. This chair made from mahogany frame covered in velvet, leather or fabric upholstery. Those are some ideas of Victorian inspired bedroom. What do you think about it?

Classic Victorian Bedroom , Victorian Inspired Bedroom In  Category
Gothic Victorian Bedroom , Victorian Inspired Bedroom In  Category
Victorian Bedroom Design , Victorian Inspired Bedroom In  Category
White Victorian Bedroom , Victorian Inspired Bedroom In  Category

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