Amazing Cottage Style Kitchens

Cottage style kitchens are typically characterized by limited but functional space and a serene, comfortable decor reminiscent of days past. These quaintly cottage style kitchens evoke feelings of warmth, coziness and simplicity, exactly what’s called for in a weary world. Cottages evoke seaside vacations, a countryside locale, or a cabin in the mountains. The mood is always relaxed, unassuming, and casual. For those who love to have tranquil cozy kitchen for family and friends then the cottage style kitchen is a good choice. There are several aesthetic looks within the cottage style that you can use to add a homey and inviting quality to your kitchen. Take a look!

pretty cottage style kitchensPretty Cottage Style Kitchens

Different Look of Cottage Style Kitchens

French country style is a vibrant and elegant cottage style for a traditional or a contemporary kitchen. This style uses bold color choices, such as reds, greens, blues and yellows in contrasting patterns sometimes accented with black. For example, a French country kitchen might feature a black counter top with fabric and kitchen accessories in a warm red-and-yellow floral pattern. Faux wall treatments, such as sponging or Venetian plaster, are staple features in a French country kitchen. Then, if you are decorating on a budget or you just love bargain hunting, the shabby chic cottage style kitchens might be perfect for you. For this look you will need to scour vintage shops, flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales to find one-of-a-kind fabrics and accessories that will liven up your space. The color scheme for a shabby chic style is usually neutral, soft and sometimes feminine. For example, walls might be a simple cream color, with the kitchen cabinets painted a soft, aged yellow. Spots of pinks and blues can be added to this space in striped or floral prints for curtains or towels.

french cottage style kitchensFrench Cottage Style Kitchens

The beach cottage is another styles of cottage style kitchens. The beach cottage look can be customized to fit with your chosen geographical region. For instance, if you wanted to achieve a beach cottage look reminiscent of the white sands of Florida beaches, your cottage kitchen could be painted in an aqua blue with pastel and seashell colors for contrast. For a beach cottage which feels more inspired by the shores of the Northeast, your kitchen cottage could take on a more nautical color scheme of navy blue and tan. Kitchen accessories in red and white look best in this kitchen style.

beach cottage style kitchensBeach Cottage Style Kitchens

english cottage style kitchensEnglish Cottage Style Kitchens

An English countryside-themed cottage is perhaps the most elegant and quaint of all the different cottage styles. This style features muted colors, feminine touches and ornate pieces. For example, your kitchen cabinets might feature a simple wood grain accented by gold or crystal hardware. Floral accessories and tea time-inspired pieces work well in this cottage kitchen style. The furniture should be antique or vintage reproductions. Contemporary pieces in this room would not be appropriate. These were some different styles of cottage style kitchens. This charming, fresh, casual decor with a vintage, called cottage style is really overwhelming for your kitchen. And since elements of the cottage style are reflective of the past, you can find inspiration and pieces for your cottage kitchen by visiting flea markets and garage sales, making this style attainable on any budget.

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