Good Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas

In most homes, the attic is a musty place for storing things that you can’t bear to throw away or aren’t sure what to do with. Attics are often ignored, but can be the perfect magnificent place to create a cool teen room. The attic gives your teen privacy while being close enough for you to keep an eye on what is going on. With some creativity and good teen girl attic room ideas, you can transform the negatives of attic space living into positives and make your attic a warm and inviting bedroom for your daughter. And mentioned below are some good teen girl attic room ideas that might can gives you a new inspiration.

boho teen girl attic room ideasBoho Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas

Good and Awesome Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas

For the first teen girl attic room ideas, do something about the walls. Paint three of the walls white or cream to make the bedroom look bigger. Use a bright color on the fourth wall to create a focal point, such as pink, lilac or yellow. Paint the floor and ceiling white so that they reflect light coming in from the window. You can use wall stickers to add some extra interest and color to the room, and these can be peeled off and replaced if you daughter outgrows them. For the furniture, use multi-function furniture that helps to maximize space. Use a desk that doubles as a dresser, with small drawers to store homework, makeup or clothes. Bunkbeds increase floor space and work well in attic rooms, but you might not have enough headroom to accommodate one. Position the bed next to the window so that it creates a focal point. Avoid large furniture if the attic room is particularly small because it will look disproportionate in the room. Position main pieces of furniture against the wall, beneath the slope of the ceiling, so it doesn’t take up floor space in the middle of the room. Choose furniture that’s made from a light colored wood, such as oak, or paint existing furniture white to help the room appear light and airy.

pretty teen girl attic room ideasPretty Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas

Another good teen girl attic room ideas; about the storage. Keep small attic bedrooms tidy because they can easily become cluttered. Use the space underneath the bed to keep storage boxes. Use storage baskets to keep books, makeup and shoes in. A closet organizer will help you maximise closet space, and you can use hooks on the wall to hang bags and coats from. Then, for the accessories, use blinds or curtains that match the color of your feature wall. Avoid large light fixtures that draw attention to the ceiling because they can make it seem lower. Use recessed lights, and place a decorative lamp on the desk for reading. Accessorize the walls with framed photos of your daughter’s friends and family, and leave space for her to hang posters. Add an extra splash of color by using a rug, and keep bedding patterns small and in proportion with the room.

cute teen girl attic room ideasCute Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas

charming warm teen girl attic room ideas

Charming Warm Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas

cool teen girl attic room ideas

Cool Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas

The next teen girl attic room ideas, it is about the floor. Hardwood flooring is the most common flooring for attic bedroom. You can complete the look of the bedroom by placing geometric rugs down on the floor. Don’t add floral rugs to the attic bedroom because it will make the room seem too small and cluttered. Instead use solid color rugs made of cotton because cotton is soft and comfortable. Place one on each side of your bed and at the foot of the bed. Finally, for the lighting, because the area is small in size, you need to brighten it up by placing enough lighting in the room. You need a small lamp on the table between the two chairs. Place track lighting over a desk and at the bed. You can adjust these lights accordingly. So, these were some good ideas that you can consider to enhance your daughter’s room look. All in all, creativity is the key. Feel free to incorporate these ideas with you and your daughter ideas and get the best result according your daughter taste and personality!

charming warm teen girl attic room ideas , Good Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas In  Category
cool teen girl attic room ideas , Good Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas In  Category
cute teen girl attic room ideas , Good Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas In  Category
pretty teen girl attic room ideas , Good Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas In  Category
boho teen girl attic room ideas , Good Teen Girl Attic Room Ideas In  Category

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  35. Elijah.Axel.Tony

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  36. Wyatt.Eddie.Quincy

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  38. Marlee_Emory_Chandler

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