Romantic French Decorating Style for Bedrooms

Bedrooms are a place for you to dream. For a romantic look, use French decorating style in your bedroom. Decorating your bedroom to achieve the romantic look and feel of French decor doesn’t require expensive authentic furnishings. With French decorating style for bedroom with the right colours, patterns and accents, you’ll be able to transform a once-bland room into delicate, romantic, soft, and feminine feel.

    pretty french decorating stylePretty French Decorating Style

Pretty French Decorating Style for Bedrooms

Soft, neutral hues create a soothing atmosphere for your bedroom. Soft browns or pinks on the walls and ceiling will bring calmness to the area; pale yellows or greens can also give a soothing feeling to your room. Dark furniture against a soft colored wall creates a focus for your room. For the furniture, the French decorating style incorporates lots of rich cherry wood, sometimes ivory wood, and grand furniture pieces. Antique finishing is very reminiscent of French style. Your bed will be the main focus in the bedroom as it is in French decor, so choose a large sleigh bed or perhaps a bed with only a large headboard. French is all about grandeur style, so you want everything to be big, bold and beautiful. To add to the room, you should use over-sized furniture, such as an armoire or chest of drawers. Also, add a wide floor-length mirror for more drama. It will make your space appear larger if it is small. If it is already a large bedroom, then just think bigger is better. To add just a little more dimension, you can place a chaise lounge in the room if you have space, or a silk screen matching your color pallet in one corner to soften up the feel of the room.

soft french decorating style

Soft French Decorating Style

In French decorating style for bedroom you can not forget about the linen. Soft, elegant fabrics are the perfect accent for your French style bedroom. White lace coverlets and shams over white sheets on your bed will give it a clean, crisp feel. Hang full-length curtains from the floor to the ceiling, and match the color of the walls in a different hue. Use a window valance for smaller windows. Tie backs for the curtains give a regal feel to your room. Add throw pillows to your bed with tassels or fringe in an array of colors to dress up your elegant bedding.

charming french decorating styleCharming French Decorating Style

adorable french decorating styleAdorable French Decorating Style

lovely french decorating styleLovely French Decorating Style

And finally, lighting is extremely important as it sets the mood for the bedroom even more. You want lamps to be your main source of light since they are dim and romantic. Having a gorgeous chandelier in the center of the ceiling is a great way to add dramatic lighting since it will reflect off the ceiling and dimly light the entire bedroom. And also, complete the romantic French decorating style for bedroom with artwork. French artwork, authentic or re-created, may be hung throughout the room. Paintings inspired by famous French artists, such as Claude Monet or Pierre-Auguste Renoir, will help develop the look. Landscapes and waterscapes go well with French decor and you can’t go wrong with an elaborately framed black and white photo of the Eiffel Tower.

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