Wooden Garden Sculptures

Garden is the most amazing exterior idea for your house. Having garden as the decoration, you could get many advantages for that. This garden could be functioned as the decoration beside it also giving the fresh air and also releasing the stress that you have. Then, what kind of garden that you have at your home?Here, let’s see some examples  of wooden garden sculptures from Bruno that provide you with some amazing idea of wooden sculpture. This design full of the fantasy, beauty, also humor that would make you feel refresh for it. Then, the aesthetic feel from your garden would be much greater. This sculptures are placed in the small Victorian village that is surrounded by rainforest.

Woman Wooden SculptureWoman wooden sculpture

Kinds of Wooden Garden Sculptures

This wooden garden sculpture create unique the inspiring sense that full of art and aesthetics. Then, having wooden sculpture also become the sign or identity of you yourself since it is related with the design that you have in your home. Th wooden sculpture also become the main or focal point for your garden design. since it is made from the wooden material, it is very nice for the classical and environmentally friendly.

Praying Hands Wooden Garden SculpturePraying Hands Wooden garden sculpture

From the previous pictures, you could see that the sculpture would become the center point of your garden design. Based on the practical and functional, this sculpture always provide you some advantages, Such as the praying hands wooden garden sculpture above, this wooden sculpture has function as the garden’s bench and making the garden become more artistic.

Old Man on The Forest Wooden SculptureOld Man on The Forest Wooden Sculpture

Then, what do you think about the sculpture above? This is very weird but unique sculpture that might remind you to the Harry Potter movie’s character there.

Wooden Head Garden SculptureWooden Head Garden Sculpture

This wooden garden sculpture is very suitable to be placed at the corner of your garden since it would be a focal point when you have it in your small garden. Actually, this wooden sculpture would be better if you have some small fountains near the sculpture. So, what do you think?

After seeing some pictures above, maybe you have thought about having it in your garden since it is really helpful for maintaining the garden design. Beside that, it would also your garden design become more attractive and environmentally friendly since it is made from the wood and the classical sense of it would make you stay long in the garden. So, don’t you want to try it as your garden interior design?

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  4. Bristol_Azalea_Alaia

    This totally blew me away! Absolutely gorgeous. The divider is my but I affection how you all the space. It looks and yeah, I really want your apartment.

  5. Adan

    We are going to be doing this that – starting over. We are attractive from 2200sq ft to about 900sq ft. We will be getting rid of all the furniture (people in DC should contact me!). I forward to starting over but our next will probably be a over before we down again in about 4or5 years. We now an eclectic but mix of antiques and Crate and Barrel,vintage, etc. I want the next to be more begin and but am trying how to that without it looking delight in an Ikea showroom. If I hi/low I will absorb things I will feel about leaving when we on again. Any help?

  6. Deborah.Louise

    You could a vinyl plank flooring, I some from the Allure line at Depot- they are completely floating and removable, extremely easy to install (sticks to itself, cuts with a utility knife) and available in a number of styles- different colors of hardwood and cork, and less than $2/sf. (the reviews acquire some before/after pics too)

  7. Sawyer Adelina X.

    @citygirlsf The compose of the “afters” all looks the same to me now, but I their work with the interior architecture of the spaces. Yes, they always knock down walls to compose an floor plan, but they also up with some creative ideas for layouts.

  8. Natalie.Harleigh

    I lying on the hammock at my backyard. It is placed under a tree so it is perfect for a afternoon nap in summer.I would to try the floating bed in the picture.

  9. Amelia-Amina

    I live with art. I live with paintings that both I and my husband done, paintings done by friends and street artists, photographs by friends, and a few prints. Money is the biggest obstacle to buying more orginal pieces of other artists. We worked out bartering before for some stuff, and another tip that I alot is is to cards/post cards/prints of pieces by local artists that I like. A framed, hand printed card looks amazing, and is far cheaper than even the mass-produced stuff.

  10. Mckenzie Jessa Analia Y.

    Despite the out-of-datedness of the Before, I liked it better. There was color, and an attractive one at that. The combination of the grid on the window and the grey-grouted subway tiles brings to mind a prison or some other institution.Truly, there are many other alternatives to all-white. I hope that AT will us more of them.

  11. Rayna

    What a project! We AT-ers, even us amateurs, should for or organize similar initiatives in other locales. I could myself donating one room at a shelter me, with some lead time at my flea markets, etc. My results might not be as awesome, but I suspect would be better than what they now.) Now on my “check into this” list for January!

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  15. Lilia

    nancyromm, thanks for your story! I it when commercial furniture finds a fresh home…my boyfriend ancient to work for the Chicago Sun Times and scored some MCM pieces before they tore the building down. he replied that there was a conference table made from one allotment of wood that went down in the demo…so sad.

  16. Kenzie Sky

    I agree with the others who recommended a drop-down table. Of course, you will acquire to store the chairs. If the “heater” you are speaking of is a radiator, you could a cloak made and incorporate a table into that. I believe you could also a small, permanent table that you across from the sink. it in the corner, then a chair across from the window and one across from the wall.

  17. Frederick_Devyn_Howard

    Flower Child is the best. And Fun is factual next door. There is also Suite Lorain, which is totally fab. Also, there is the Tremont Arts Fest which is every Saturday in July.

  18. Jair_Cason

    This bedroom is simply amazing. You can the personality of the designer coming through in the choices made, from the boldness of the walls, to the subtle and tasteful bedding. Everything ties together to build a comfortable yet artistic room. angry props to LM!

  19. Kenyon

    This is a bit but my dad water in his (unplugged) freezer and it as a rehab pool for a leg injury. It worked really well. Barring that, leave it plugged in and consume it to store stashes of wool (keeps the moths away).

  20. Darryl@2005

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  22. Stefan@1998

    Oh that cabinet is dreamy but I would avoid marble in the bathroom the plague. We had it in our one and between the marble only cleaning solutions, you should how it looked after 1 year of water falling on it. Never again.

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