Inexpensive and Simple Ceiling Designs for Homes

The ceiling of the house is a very important part of the house. When you have a plain ceiling with absolutely no design, you need a chandelier or lamps hanging from it, to make it look attractive. But when the ceiling is designed with a type of pattern, having decorative chandeliers and lamps is an optional accessory. To finish the look of your home, you need some good ceiling designs for homes that are unique. There are many design ideas for ceilings that you can choose from, depending on the style of your house, and its interiors. However, if you are on tight budget, then choose inexpensive and simple ceiling designs for homes. And some great inexpensive and simple ceiling designs for homes are mentioned in the coming up paragraphs, take a look.

suspended simple ceiling designs for homes Suspended Simple Ceiling Designs For Homes

Easy Simple Ceiling Designs for Homes

Let us start with the most traditional and simple ceiling designs for homes;  Conventional ceiling. They are typically flat panels raised to a height of around 8 feet. They are easily built and versatile. Then, another design is suspended ceiling. These are just different versions of conventional ceilings with an industrial appearance. They consist of unfastened ceiling panels laid into a metal grid and suspended from an existing ceiling or floor above it. Suspended ceilings have the advantage of being able to hide mechanical fixtures or older ceilings and are most commonly used in basements.

wooden simple ceiling designs for homesWooden Simple Ceiling Designs For Homes

A wooden ceiling adds warmth and texture to an otherwise plain drywall ceiling. Just because it’s wood, don’t think dark. Wooden ceilings can be constructed from light-colored wood or stained with a warm color to suit your style and decor. Wooden ceilings are also good for covering the imperfections in existing drywall or plastic ceilings.

It is easy to expand the look of a room and naturally draw the eye upward by installing crown molding. Larger crown molding, in particular, is aesthetically pleasing when painted in an accent color that complements the primary color used in a room. Shallow soffits can be created with some inexpensive 2-by-4s and drywall. To accent the crown molding, use decorative trims such as medallions around a ceiling fan or chandelier.

crown molding simple ceiling designs for homesCrown Molding Simple Ceiling Designs For Homes

Besides these cheap and simple ceiling designs for homes, you can also renew the look of a ceiling with paint. If the ceiling is in good condition, simply choose a shade slightly lighter or darker than the color on your walls to paint the ceiling. Using a lighter shade will make the room feel taller and a darker shade will make the room feel cozier. If your ceiling is cracked, repair it before painting. A peeling ceiling will need to be scraped before it is repainted. Well, these were several inexpensive, simple ceiling designs for homes and tips for you. Though you don’t have lot of cash but you must choose the design of a ceiling that should be such that it highlights the architectural features of the room. Choose a simple ceiling design that looks cohesive with your house decor and which enhances your interiors.

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