Living Room Design with Brown Furniture

For you and most of people, you might think living room is the most important room in your home since it is the place for welcoming the guests. For that matter, having an interesting living room is a must for you. This room could become the mirror of your own personality that would be seen by the guests. So, you must think about it well since it would become the first impression of you and your home based on the living room design. Then, having function as the guests room, it also become the family room where all the members of your family would gather there to spend your leisure time. Then, the matter here is about how to decorate the living room itself? Of course, there would be a lot of choices that you could use, but here specify here about the living room design with brown furniture.

Brown living room with paintingsBrown living room with paintings

Furniture of Living Room Design

Of course the first thing that you should consider here is about the furniture. For having the living room design with brown furniture design, having only brown furniture is not enough. You should other things, such as replacing the living room’s curtain with the brown color. Then, consider about the wall itself. You could have also brown wall color, or you could have it with a white wall that would be combination in your living room.

Combination Brown Living RoomCombination brown living room

Then, what furniture that could be placed in this brown living room? There are many kinds of furniture for you, such as wooden brown sculpture that you could placed in the small table. Beside that, you could have a light brown of flower pot and brown standing lamp. For adding the beautiful side of the windows or door in the room, you could place the light brown curtain or white curtain. Add some cllassical painting would be great idea since it would add the aesthetics sense in the room.

Living room with small wooden sculptureLiving room with small wooden sculpture

Then, what else? Adding the brown carpet is great thing for making the room more elegant. If you have big living room design with brown furniture, you could also have a big brown library that you could some books there. Then, having the combination between white and brown colors of the table and chairs is amazing thing.  Then, for making the room becoming more modern, great combination with modern art design is nice idea, such as having a stainless steel chair and tables covered by thick glass on it.

Living Room Design with Brown SofaLiving room design with brown sofa

As it might you have known that brown is always attractive for everyone since it is calm and classical color. This color character is closely related to the ground that make you feel comfort and having warm atmosphere for the room design. You could make this living room of yours having the combination color of full of brown color. It would be your choice for it.

Brown living room with paintings , Living Room Design with Brown Furniture In  Category
Combination Brown Living Room , Living Room Design with Brown Furniture In  Category
Living room with small wooden sculpture , Living Room Design with Brown Furniture In  Category
Living Room Design with Brown Sofa , Living Room Design with Brown Furniture In  Category

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45 thoughts on “Living Room Design with Brown Furniture

  1. Piper_Dallas

    @Maybe Someday Agree completely. Omitting a dining table is missing out on some human connection and tradition. I say preserve it and expand it with leaves if you absorb a larger crowd.

  2. Braulio-Campbell

    Really? No comments yet?I seeing places that are really – i.e. long & narrow, or shapes. This house tackles the long & narrow admirably. I wish I could seen a few more wide angle shots – but I know how difficult that is in narrow spaces. Particularly arresting were the table/chairs intergrated into the kitchen space, and the tons of sensible storage: simple bookshelves & glass jars give you a lot of storage AND a lot of unity in diminutive spaces.And I it when people explore that it IS quality we should be looking for – not quantity!

  3. Dario

    porches with painted ceilings and painted wooden floors, rocking chairs. Wall papers and upholstery printed with botanicals (pineapples and palm fronds are popular). Heavy concrete planters and wrought iron. All details in the south. I live in a modest ranch though and adore MCM, even in SC.

  4. Beau Abdullah

    Before you on what of ambient lighting you need, check out task lighting. Bars of lights that achieve onto the bottom of cabinets will accomplish a difference. Track lighting makes me of a current design, while a single light can mean or country, or anything in between depending upon what you choose.

  5. Jaheim@999

    @textiles Yes, completely agree about hte non-clothing items! Mostly, we a separate compartment in the basement where you can store tools, sports equipment bask in ski oder bike parts, suitcases and so on, but those compartments tend to be a damp. And there are special broom cabinets that are designed to the vacuum cleaner, ironing board. But they up space, too… Sigh. Please send over some architects who favor closets. 😉

  6. Moses X.

    LOVE! I really really all the installation art in your home! Agree with the other comments that this may be my tour ever, and I seeing how other Chicagoans live.

  7. KeiraAmandaEllison

    I the bottom four, but to agree they would be insanely hard to maintain. Personally I it enough to regular lampshades clean, and I always wonder how people who baskets to store their things (instead of regular chests of drawers) feel about the constant dust accumulation. Indeed, I could on and on about things that enough the first week but then filthy away.

  8. Danny@777

    About 15 years ago I got my first down comforter and started buying a variety of duvet covers. I discovered that my duvet was exactly my top sheet and I really hated my top sheet. It was always (yup OCD here) and pushed down to the bottom of the bed, so I stopped using a top sheet. Now I come by up shake out my comforter and arrange my pillows and it is done……. I not having to mess with a top sheet. I change my duvet cloak each time I change my fitted sheet and pillow cases, which is about once a week, or maybe every 8 or 9 days, whatever.

  9. Aspen

    BEST CANDLES EVER: Soular Therapy Flair candles. They last forever and smell incredible.Favorite scent: Stargazer.Bonus for me: They are a local company in San Antonio where I live

  10. Fidel

    Wow, windows! I agree that ~$130 sounds about right, but multiplied by 6 – ouch. I believe now is the time to learn to sew or someone who sews. Romans are easy to and you can to the fabric district and accumulate a of your choice for less than $600. If you can follow basic building project instructions and operate a drill, you can read a sewing pattern and operate a sewing machine. And you know that satisfaction you catch when you something yourself, priceless.

  11. Logan-Dorian-Guadalupe

    I had a chair done by Lore (which I chose after reading this site’s recommendation!)I was quoted a $800 for the work, but I felt confident with my choice because they must surely merit my trust if they got listed on Apartmenttherapy.comThe work looks and unprofessional. The chair is basically ruined! Not to mention the of extremely expensive fabric.I am extremely disappointed and will probably never follow advice from this dwelling again.

  12. Waylon Garrison

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  13. Ahmad 88

    The retractable line shown in the link is not the item shown in your photo. I the one in your photo better than the one you link us to.Thanks to @Sandy505 for stating the obvious, something I never of and will immediately, since I an extra shower rod in the closet, leaning us against the wall…

  14. Jace_Tyrese

    Lee Jofa (in the D&D building) carries Kelly Wearstler fabrics.Ballarddesigns has some lattice-y/trellis-y fabrics (by the yard, or on their stuff).And Calico Corners has a Ralph Lauren Greek Key available via their website (you to call a local store, but they will ship.)You best bet, though, for biggest choice, is getting in to the buildings. Fabrics is one of the best places to splurge.

  15. Felipe V.

    My house is always clean, and every closet and drawer is organized. My office is the only room that looks a bomb went off, thankfully I can the door.I conclude tend to work in other areas in my house (other than my office) durning the day where I need collateral, paperwork, writing material, etc..I bought a basket bin so I can depart these odds and ends around at different times and throw in the bin at the of the day where as before I would leave a stack of work materials in my living room.

  16. Jessie

    I wish AT would this a regular feature: firehouses, warehouses, as well as the kinds of structures included here. Essentially, creating residences from structures that were something else: public or commercial spaces.Highly entertaining.

  17. Anton

    My sister introduced me to this site! I will a lot of fun browsing the marketplace and reading the awesome ideas other people contributed..I am in need of lots of ideas as I am going to to out of the house where I stayed the last 30 years.. I am not at conserving space, as my house is small, but I room for improvement, lol..If you can my photography website from my profile, please a visit and fun browsing !

  18. Trent Raphael Bronson I.

    I checked her rates out too, and they are really reasonable for the amount of work required.From the looks if it, she is filling a niche – those who bask in that a designer can build a room that is comfortable for the long term, but not want to tens of thousands…That replied – I agree with the other comments on the curtains.

  19. Payton Dimitri

    As others already said, the house is super-cute; it reminds me of a ginger bread house for the Christmas.When people houses, most people would first at the front door including your garden, rather than the roof. As such, I assume adding flowers and lighting, rather than dealing with the rail, would the house more appealing. Perhaps, something this:<a herf>

  20. Peyton Brendan

    hmm, im on the fence here. i am in total agreement with want to absorb people acquire off their shoes, but i abominate being in sock feet at someone elses house. i say if you are going to require people to off their shoes, provide them with those felt slippers that martha makes

  21. Evie

    I grew up in diminutive Town Southern US. What was farmland, pasture and woodlands are 10 to 50 acre estates with a 3000 square foot and larger single family home. The manicured, chemically treated lawns, the acres of mowed grass, the half-ache paved areas are environmentally disasters. The land is cheap, salaried are high in upscale jobs, so flaunt it! You call 400 square feet a cramped house – 2. 8 by 10 rooms, 2, 8 by 8, and a 4 by 8 bath, porch with the washing machine – and a family of six is not unheard in rural America. 24 by 24 – roughly 600 square feet – has been in times past a home. The feature in homes that is not beneficial is lack of sanitation – Running water and handling are a dire necessity to avoid cholera epidemics.

  22. Raina Janessa N.

    Sorry, but this seems to be one of those “don`t think, we`ll sell you a nifty gadget which will replace your sense” ideas. You all already a “water saving thingy”, a two-piece of your brain and the shower valve. Is there a need for anything else? And yes, this adaptor doesn`t anything to shorten waiting for warm water while gallons of cold one down the drain. A really sensible (and green) would be adding a tankless high-power water heater the shower and connect it to the pipes from the main water heater. Here`s how it works: you the valve, water starts flowing, tankless heater kicks in and heats the water quickly, while hot water from the tank travels through the pipes. When hot water from the tank reaches the tankless one, it turns off and lets the hot water through it. Simple and effective, and you hot water without waiting. Of course, the tankless electrical heater needs a lot of power (about 14kW), but it would be running one-two minutes per cycle at most. in consumption, quite in water usage.

  23. Kali-Lilith-Ayana

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  24. Scarlett Giuliana

    I actually found the exact same typewriter as in that (only mine is green) at a Salvation Army store. It was in shape, but I took it to a typewriter repair shop and had it cleaned up. It now sits at a kid-friendly height in my living room, and the kids it! Not only my kids, but the neighbors as well to sit and plink around on it.I overheard one of the girls from down the street explaining to a younger one that it is an “old fashioned computer”. :)The only thing about having a typewriter is that hands to the lid and mess around with the keys and the ribbon. Fortunately, my mother had this same typewriter in college, and knows how to fix whatever they to it!

  25. Trenton Saul Kellen

    Purple Night by Pratt and Lambert is a choice for a brownish/purplish house. It has a bit more dimension than flat and may be more acceptable within your housing community.The brownish building in the foreground of this is stained Purple Night :

  26. VioletJulissaHayley

    I it is poorly designed. That colossal wall blocks the natural light coming in from the window on the left. They easily could bear extended it into the living a more to for losing the top cabinets above the sink (to let the window light in). Yeah.

  27. Emery_Gracelynn_Nayeli

    This is airy and “clean” and perfect for a young family with children. The kids will give it all the character this beautifully renovated needs. I, too, am the contractor saved the day and convinced the owners to the fireplace mantle. ample description!

  28. Alice@1988

    So this is what cold looks be pleased in Denver! blooming place. I the artwork. The kitchen looks to me, in keeping with the vintage of the house, moldings, etc. Sweet as well.

  29. Eugene

    My brother, originally from Central current York, had lived in the Phoenix, AZ metro for a number of years. One of his colleagues was brutally murdered inside his home, no designate of forced entry. It is that he left his door unlocked. Nobody has ever been caught.My brother bought a ranch house in Mesa, AZ on a corner lot with a massive driveway that was built to be an RV pad, and a fence & a gate that closed across the driveway, shielding the abet & side yard from view. He invited a girl who he went to high school with to be his roommate, who was no more than an acquaintance in adulthood, but she had recently moved to that and was looking for a situation. She was recently divorced and had a penchant for partying (my brother is a person who enjoys being active, reading and keeping to himself) and she had been bringing in a lot of strangers to the house. He’d approach from work and what seemed to him to be a group of hip-hop artists, all strangers to him, in his house, and this went on nearly every night for some time, with different men all the time. He did ask her to bringing strangers into his house, but she did not stop. They did not ever a discussion about security or rules or her getting her renter’s insurance policy. One day I got a phone call at work by an Arizona police officer, asking asking if I knew the owner of the house at my brother’s address. I had recently visited and left my business card there, and he tacked it on the fridge. Turns out, someone had opened the gate, pulled in their truck, closed the gate, gone around in through an unlocked window over his roommates bed, unlocked the door from the inside and loaded out every single thing in the house, including expensive sporting equipment, two laptops, iPods, entire CD collection, a file cabinet containing my brother’s mortgage paperwork, auto paperwork, tax info, social security card, birth certificate, investment info, you name it – and the roommate’s massive diamond engagement ring – literally, every single thing in the house including silverware. They left and closed the gate them. Never found who did it. The roomie mistakenly assumed that she’d be covered under his homeowners insurance, and she surely was not. He was reimbursed for all of his stuff (minus the nightmare of the paperwork situation,) and she lost everything without reimbursement. The cops speculated that someone who knew the layout of the yard and interior of the house planned this out, cased the entire interior of the house beforehand and unlocked the window from inside, they’d easy entry with the bed under the window. Nobody was ever caught but his work ID badge was found months later, after he had sold the house & moved away, at the scene of a * lab bust in a vacant house.Needless to say, not many people really about it but t’s crucial to these discussions with anyone you are in with, and always always your renters policy. It’s cheap and worth it.

  30. Ruth-Noa

    The text says “The brick is painted white on the inside, but Rakatansky left it on the outside so it would collected match its archaic main house.” Yet all the exterior photos the house white. What I missed?

  31. Hana2006

    I assume you should Anna Sova from this list. I impartial had an disappointing experience with them. I ordered $500 sheets, got sent the size, there are no returns, no reviews. The color of the sheets was supposed to be “champagne”, but in reality they are metallic gold- not even close. They also feel more 200tc instead of 600tc that they are supposed to be. And finally, there is absolutely no labeling on the package, which makes it difficult to resell them. The tags say Anna Sova, but tags are easy to fake, right? I emailed customer service, and their response was basically “tough”. They not deserve to be included in this list.

  32. Georgia.Kamila.Mikaela

    i bought 5 computers on eBay without any problems before a MacBook Pro purchased 8 months ago.the logic board died recently. it would cost too money to fix. i would truly recommend only buying factory refurbished under a warranty from now on.

  33. JacquelineLilithMyah

    This reminds me of something I been meaning to post in one of these cramped homes blogs. I a friend who had chronic and she found it was relieved when she slept in the hammock in her backyard. She installed a hammock in her bedroom and now sleeps there every night. Her assist is gone! story.So I I would rather a hammock to sleep in and a sofa to sit on.

  34. Journey_Rosemary_Kathleen

    We try to sit down to a family dinner nearly each weekday night with our kids, since we only them time due to divorce. My spouse and I both cook well and our teens if possible. It only works when the calendars are up to date, the meal is done ahead, and if the grocery shopping is done on the same day every week. It is a lot of to conception and it. Internet recipes and Google calendar are my saving grace, as we absorb a Dinner Meals calendar with copied links to the recipes. The anxiety is totally worth it, for that connection to your kids, when everyone can be at home.

  35. Jesse.Jaron

    I for one am sick of being handed a bottle of wine at the door when my guests arrive–am I supposed to it now? I bear paired my wines with what I am serving. Am I supposed to it in my wine cellar? It may not be enough to up that area and will be tossed. Seriously folks–ungrateful does not to the attitude you forth here. Of course we should all give a gift we know will be appreciated by our hostess. Putting more than five minutes into it was the this post I think–and I will try harder to actually of how my hostess/host would appreciate to be thanked instead of plunking down a bottle of * because its easy and I might to it with them.

  36. David Issac Frankie

    @artnok – Seconding the murphy bed suggestion. Murphy beds are – none of the hassle of having to fold out/make a futon or sofa bed, no extra cushions to deal with, etc. You literally grab the handle, yank it down, and your bed is there and ready to go, complete with pillows/blankies/whatevs. When you want it out of the way, push it back. Literally as simple as opening a cabinet door.

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