Vintage Room Themes for The Bedrooms

Vintage theme always manage to make a comeback. Turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat using vintage room themes for the bedrooms. Vintage theme bring back the past in a tasteful and sophisticated manner. For inspiration, wander around local flea markets and antique shows, and do some research in decorating magazines and online. Whether you live in a trendy city apartment or a beachside bungalow, a bedroom decorated in vintage room themes will transform your space and make you feel as if you’re sleeping in another era.

     shabby vintage room themesShabby Vintage Room Themes

Create a Bedroom That Evokes Memories with Vintage Room Themes

Vintage room themes works well in the bedroom, creating a timeless romantic style that is sure to please, and will never date. To change up your bedroom look, you definitely can choose vintage room themes. Purchasing genuine vintage linens can prove to be a difficult task. The real articles tend to be worn or damaged and unsuitable for daily use. Your first option is to purchase new bedding that still has a vintage look and feel. If you know how to use a sewing machine, your options for stunning vintage linens are endless. You can make your own quilt for cozy cottage decor, or sew pieces of vintage lace to the edge of your sheets and pillowcases. For an eclectic look, feel free to mix and match, putting together sets of sheets that don’t match, but that do have a single color or design in common. Vintage scarves and handkerchiefs that are in good condition can be used to embellish lampshades or curtains. A scarf could be draped across the top of the window while a handkerchief or piece of lace could be used as a tie back.

adorable vintage room themesAdorable Vintage Room Themes

The furniture in vintage room themes for your bedroom can be found at local antique shop or thrift store. Don’t forget to scour garage sales, flea markets and even eBay for distinct finds as well. Diligent hunting can yield some surprising results. Stay open-minded and look for ways to re-purpose various pieces to fit your needs. A small kitchen table can become a desk, and an antique desk can easily become a vanity. Mix and match with different sizes and shapes for your nightstands. Just keep a unifying theme in mind and make sure that all of your pieces have the same time-period and overall style in common. If you are redecorating in a hurry, you may not have time to search out real vintage pieces. In this case you can look for new items that are designed to fit a vintage decor. Wrought iron beds, ornate armoires and beautiful chandeliers are available at many furniture stores to give the look of vintage without the painstaking search for all the right pieces.

simple white vintage room themesSimple White Vintage Room Themes

elegant vintage room themesElegant Vintage Room Themes

cute vintage room themesCute Vintage Room Themes

Finally, consider your accessories and ornaments. Be careful not to overdo it – too many can easily lead to a cluttered, messy look and the visual impact you’ve worked so hard to create will be destroyed. Be sure that everything you include will delight you when you wake up in the morning – this is what will give your bedroom character and style. Vintage accessories are the area in which you may have the most fun. Small finds such as knobs, hooks and handles can be used for a variety of purposes. Attach knobs or hooks to the wall to hang bathrobes or handbags. Collect a variety of antique drawer pulls and use them on your dresser or nightstand. A visit to Goodwill will likely yield several distinct vases, cups and plates that can be displayed about the room and used to hold everything from flowers to jewelry. If you have antique prints of your family, you can frame and hang these. If you prefer to keep pictures of your immediate family close at hand, print them out in black and white or sepia to better fit your vintage theme. Don’t forget to pull out any precious inherited heirlooms that can go on display as well.

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