Traditional Living Room Decor Ideas

A living room is a place in your home that defines your status and also makes a strong style statement. In a traditional living room, classically designed furniture and warm colours come together to create an inviting space for entertaining. Whereas modern living rooms are often designed for informal family gatherings and television viewing, a traditional living room has the more formal feel of a sitting room or parlour. Well, if you decide to decorate your living room into traditional look, then you will need some traditional living room decor ideas to go. For start, you can take some traditional living room decor ideas below. Keep reading…

awesome traditional living room decorAwesome Traditional Living Room Decor

Go for Cohesive Design with Traditional Living Room Decor Ideas

The first traditional living room decor ideas is thinking about the features. Traditional style colors include jewel tones along with silver or gold accents. Traditional living rooms typically feature some antique or antique-looking pieces. Accessories should be intentional and not cluttered. Combine different textures and fabrics, while tying them all together with one primary floral or striped pattern or wall hanging. Suitable fabric choices include velvet, satin, silk and brocade. Types of furniture used in a traditional living rooms include upholstered couches with buttons or fringe accents, and Queen Anne chairs. Wood furniture should be constructed of a dark-colored wood such as cherry. Accessories may include decorative wall art with elaborate frames, brass lamps, and oriental rugs.

ideas of traditional living room decorIdeas Of Traditional Living Room Decor

The next traditional living room decor ideas is about the walls and window treatments. Wallpaper and stenciled borders are representative of traditional decor as long as their motifs are classic, such as English floral, fleur de lis or interlocking patterns reminiscent of the Victorian era. Traditional wall colors tend to be deep and saturated: plum-red walls with light gray trim would be fitting. Oil paintings and large mirrors are very common to traditional walls, as are framed portraits. And because traditional living rooms were used for entertainment of important guests, window treatments were often designed to add a touch of drama to the room. Emulate this tradition by looking for curtains in heavy, rich fabrics or colours. Floor-to-ceiling drapes make a design statement for large windows, and heavy, looped valances work well for smaller windows.

Consider changing your light fittings too. It’s more than likely that your light switches are the same as the ones when you first moved into the property. Therefore, drop in to your local DIY or hardware store and treat yourself to a more stylish brass or dimmer-effect switch system. Once installed, they will bring out your new paintwork even more.

cool traditional living room decorCool Traditional Living Room Decor

great traditional living room decorGreat Traditional Living Room Decor

So, these were just a few traditional living room decor ideas for you. For consideration,  according to the website Creative Home Decorating Room by Room, traditional style best suits large homes with fancy moldings, wood floors, and fireplaces. Asian accents often work well in traditional living rooms. After all, if you fancy traditional look, then take ideas to go. The only thing you need to remember when decorate a traditional living room is to express your own personality, as this is where you’ll be spending many an hour.

awesome traditional living room decor , Traditional Living Room Decor Ideas In  Category
cool traditional living room decor , Traditional Living Room Decor Ideas In  Category
great traditional living room decor , Traditional Living Room Decor Ideas In  Category
ideas of traditional living room decor , Traditional Living Room Decor Ideas In  Category

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