Good Family Room Colors for The Walls

Along with your kitchen, your family room is probably where you and your family spend most of your time, so has to be painted in a color you can live with. Finding the right family room colors requires a balancing act. You want to match the decor and style of the home and also create a comfortable place for friends and family to relax and enjoy themselves. Colors can affect the mood and emotions of those in a room. Fortunately, there are so many choices of family room colors available. Choose the color according the decor yet style, mood of space and the color that can freshen up this much-used room.

  neutral family room colors Neutral Family Room Colors

Selecting The Right Family Room Colors

Here’s several good family room colors for the walls. The first choice is neutrals. Because people often spend much time in a family room, a bright color could quickly become tiresome. A neutral shade works well because it feels soothing, safe and comfortable. Some neutral colors you can use include brown, tan, beige, ivory, cream and sand.Then, sage green would be your another choice. Sage green turns a family room into a place of elegance. Cool, understated and sophisticated, light sage blends with a variety of colors. This more formal color should have furniture and decor to match. It is not necessarily the best color for a house full of rowdy and noisy children.

sage green family room colorsSage Green Family Room Colors

For the warm family room colors, choose red or orange. Red is a warm color that denotes energy and love, and red walls will turn your family room into a cozy place to gather. It works well with brown leather furniture, as well as cream and yellow. Don’t use shades close to burgundy or orange. Consider “dressage red” from the Ralph Lauren Thoroughbred Collection. And for the orange, orange brings subtle drama and passion into a room. Welcoming and friendly, orange suits a family room where people often gather and socialize. Generally, a lighter shade of orange would work better in family rooms because it would not overpower the room.

warm family room colorsWarm Family Room Colors

Blue Family Room ColorsBlue Family Room Colors

Blues and purples are considered cool shades that promote balance, intellectual thought and luxury. Depending on the shade you choose, furniture and other decor can range from traditional to modern, neutral to bright. Blue and purple rooms are versatile, multi-functional and create a comfortable, relaxed environment. So, these were several choices of family room colors that you can opt according the mood of a space. The family room should be comfortable and easy to live in, but it doesn’t have to be dull or too ordinary. You can definitely spruce up your family room with color. These family room colors are useful if one desires to impart an updated effect to the rest of the room. These colors have the capability to transform a plain simple box into a dwelling.

Blue Family Room Colors , Good Family Room Colors for The Walls In  Category
neutral family room colors , Good Family Room Colors for The Walls In  Category
sage green family room colors , Good Family Room Colors for The Walls In  Category
warm family room colors , Good Family Room Colors for The Walls In  Category

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