Art Deco Bathroom Style

The decorative style of Art Deco was popularized between 1925 and 1940. It’s a clean style featured in homes and buildings across the United States and Europe. In its heyday, Art Deco was considered the height of modern design around the world, and it persisted as the prevailing style in art, architecture, graphic design and film until the beginning of the 1940s. The style, captured in many major buildings, homes, furniture, home accessories, clothing, art and graphics. In homes, you can use this style in any room, even in your bathroom, this unique style provide great, a timeless elegance, a modern and fun twist for you bathroom. When using Art Deco bathroom style in your bathroom design, it is important to emphasize the architectural interest. This Art Deco bathroom style really can create a charming and elegant space while still remaining daring and modern.

  pretty art deco bathroomPretty Art Deco Bathroom

Create a Charming and Elegant Bathroom with Art Deco Bathroom Style

The materials and textures used are a key element of Art Deco design. Try using chrome metal or shining brass hardware or bathroom fixtures. Glass also makes a bold statement in an Art Deco bathroom, particularly with a sharp edged mirror, a custom vanity or a reflective shower door. Try using reflective glass on furniture or in accessories as well. This reflection highlights the geometric patterns and creates even more visual interest. Then, for the color, color scheme is important for Art Deco design, especially for a bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, avoid using too dark of a color without an equal contrasting color as this may make your bathroom seem even smaller. Choose colors that enhance the architectural interest of your space, playing up the geometric elements of the room. Blacks, silvers, pastels and sometimes neon are commonly seen in Art Deco bathrooms.

cool art deco bathroomCool Art Deco Bathroom

Geometric shapes, especially those with straight lines, are another key element in designing Art deco bathroom style. One way to incorporate geometric shapes is in wall tiling. Use the tiles in the shower or along another wall to create a tall, rectangular shape out of colored tile that contrasts the tiles around it. Use the surface of this decorative wall feature as a backdrop for shower water fixtures, or for a sink and mirror. Incorporate geometric-shaped mirrors to enhance the art deco theme. Choose a circle, square or rectangular mirror that has a specific art deco design, such as one that resembles a rectangle with a small base that gets larger towards the top.

great art deco bathroomGreat Art Deco Bathroom

Decorative pieces with hard angles, clean lines and vertical extensions are characteristic of Art Deco. Light fixtures next to a basic geometric-shaped mirror is an easy way to display Art Deco design, or create a nook for the bathtub and shower with vertical lines up the side and hard angles over the top. Represent vertical emphasis in major fixtures such as sinks. Choose a floating or pedestal sink that has tall, clean lines. A round or square shaped sink is suitable. An Art Deco bathroom style is one that would suit a more stylish household. If yours is a home that strikes a balance between modern minimalism and past elegance, you might have thought it difficult to find a style of bathroom that complements the rest of your house, but this would certainly be the perfect choice in such a situation.

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  1. Valerie.Madilyn

    I devour the suggestions of using the door (with a see-through shoe organizer) and the using the towel rail above the sink with hanging Ikea Asker containers.I also that the between the toilet and wall could fit a not-too-deep shelving unit, facing the door.

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  10. PaisleeKaliChanel

    I these before and afters and the creativity and fashion it takes to transform a really into one that is aesthetically on a cramped budget. Anyone can destroy up with a result when they throw thousands of dollars into the project but not everyone can lemonade when handed lemons. Bravo!

  11. Aviana-Aisha

    * is going on under that sink? shelving is for uppers not lowers. In any case, admire the white paint and paper lantern. I would probably tried to incorporate that blue for some color but I can why she went all white. That sink cabinet does not build sense to me but if the doors got popped on this would be a cute upgrade overall.

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  17. Julia.Maleah

    you your heart on gray? I personally the trends with gray walls but I am not convinced it would be best with your Mexican tile and Mexican/Mission fashion furniture (dining table and chairs.) I am picturing a brighter color such as blue (slightly teal, a peacock.)Just a thought…

  18. Trevor

    I abominate both of you having such a beutiful home. We are no longer on speaking terms.That was the best rant I could approach up with.Can we more info on this house please… especially the washroom/mosaic.

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