Spacious Small Modern Bathroom Designs

Today, bathrooms are a retreat from the stresses of the day. Towel warmers, soap dispensers, four and five shower heads in one shower stall, freestanding baths and a place for a TV are becoming part of the new designed bathroom. Even if you only have a small bathroom, you can still create your modern bathroom with no fuss. You know, small bathrooms are sometimes the easiest to redecorate in a modern theme because they benefit the most from minimal decor. And for your small bathroom, there are several small modern bathroom designs that available in the internet. For ease, in this article you will get several ideas of small modern bathroom designs that you might consider to try. Create a clean, modern look for your small space with small modern bathroom designs to improve your home’s value it is a good idea.

awesome small modern bathroom designs  Awesome Small Modern Bathroom Designs

Take These Below Ideas of Small Modern Bathroom Designs to Enhance Your Small Bathroom Look

When you are considering small modern bathroom designs, one of the basic things that you should follow is a good color scheme. Gone are the days when the only viable option you had was to paint the bathroom in white. Although white makes the bathroom appear larger, it is also a very cold and stark color that gives the bathroom a clinical appearance. It is best to opt for a muted color scheme like lavender, sea blue, lime green or yellow. Do not shy away from bright colors. The best way to add some impact to your small bathroom is to paint just one of the walls in a bright hue and keep the rest of the walls in a muted tone. This directs the eye towards the bright wall and gives the bathroom a contemporary look and ambiance. Just choosing the right paint colors will not help in making a small bathroom appear larger. You need to have proper lighting installed too. The trick here is to opt for recessed lighting or halogen lighting instead of stark white lighting. This gives the bathroom depth and saves it from looking too austere and spartan. To optimize bathroom lighting, one of the best ideas is to install lighting just above the vanity mirror. This way light gets reflected from the mirror, making the bathroom appear larger than it is. Wall sconces and floor lamps are also good lighting options for a small bathroom. Another way to increase lighting in your bathroom is to maximize natural light. Installing a larger window with frosted glass is a good option that you can consider.

eco small modern bathroom designsEco Small Modern Bathroom Designs

One of the primary reasons that a small bathroom looks tinier is due to clutter. People try to fit in too many things inside the bathroom and the end result is that it looks too cluttered. Install wall mounted cabinets that are painted in neutral or soft colors. Avoid using too many trims and decorative edges for your bathroom cabinets and bathroom vanities. If possible do away with a linen cabinet altogether and store your linens in a cabinet outside the bathroom. Also, invest in smaller cabinets and bathroom vanities that fit the proportions of the bathroom. Instead of pedestal sinks, use stylish stainless steel and glass bowls bathroom sinks. This type of sinks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but their minimalistic design ensures that there is no wastage of space. Then, one of the best small modern bathroom designs is to use the right bathroom fittings. Bathroom fittings are one of the most expensive components in a bathroom and you need to make sure that it is functional and matches the decor of the bathroom. Stainless steel and brass fittings that come in sleek minimalistic designs are a good choice. Avoid anything that is overly ornate and decorative, as they make a small bathroom look oppressive and cluttered.

clean small modern bathroom designsClean Small Modern Bathroom Designs
chic small modern bathroom designsChic Small Modern Bathroom Designs

The right accessories can make any small bathroom appear more spacious and give it warmth and character. Modern design for small bathrooms can be enhanced by the use of accessories like bathroom rugs, towels and toothbrush holders that match the decor of the bathroom. However, make sure that you use accessories that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Another important point to remember is to use one single eye-catching piece of decorative accessory instead of lot of smaller pieces. These were some small modern bathroom designs that are ideal for a small space. Small modern bathroom designs should be done in such a way that it looks modern yet relaxed. By using these above ideas of small modern bathroom designs your small bathroom will not only brings comfort, like a trip to the spa, a place of serenity, it also make your bathroom appear larger, spacious.

awesome small modern bathroom designs , Spacious Small Modern Bathroom Designs In  Category
chic small modern bathroom designs , Spacious Small Modern Bathroom Designs In  Category
clean small modern bathroom designs , Spacious Small Modern Bathroom Designs In  Category
eco small modern bathroom designs , Spacious Small Modern Bathroom Designs In  Category

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  13. Juliet Alessandra

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