Refreshing Green Bedroom Color Ideas For Small Space

Choosing the right color for your small bedroom paint is kind a challenging task if you don’t have a creative mind. There are so many choice for you. And one of the best color is green. Green can transform the small bedroom into a beautiful refuge of peace, or make it charmingly innovative and alert. It is also one of the most refreshing colors. Green comes in so many different hues and shades that you can use it. When green is the foundation, it will enhance almost any other color you bring into the small space. If you decide to use green color for your small bedroom, you can use green bedroom color ideas below. Making your bedroom into cozy, refreshing and relaxing with green bedroom color ideas.

simple green bedroom color ideasSimple Green Bedroom Color Ideas

Relaxing Small Bedroom with Green Bedroom Color Ideas for Small Space

The number one of green bedroom color ideas; since green is a very passive color, you can add a little more zest to the decor by using a mix and match of patterns within that one color. Or you can play with light and dark contrasts. Mixing large patterns with small ones, checks, stripes and poker dots, will all never seem overwhelming since the green color always remains as a center of calmness.

good green bedroom color ideas for small spaceGood Green Bedroom Color Ideas For Small Space

Green has its brighter shades too. A fully saturated green for accessories, contrasted with fresh white walls can look very abstract. This makes it ideal for those who love this color but like an ultra modern interior. Light spring green added sporadically to a room painted in cream white can look as light and jolly as a fresh spring day. Sage greens create an exceptionally elegant quality.

If you decide on green for the walls, it would be advisable to use a very light shade in combination with lots of white. This will ensure that the room does not appear even smaller than it actually is. If your bedroom happens to be long and narrow, you could paint a stronger shade of green on one of the walls that is at the far end of the room. This will make that particular wall project forward and improve the shape of the room, giving the impression that it is more rectangular.

Green and white can be repeated throughout the decor, for pictures, lamps and carpets. It naturally invites a theme of nature for accessories. This does not mean that the look must be traditional. On the contrary, you can find brilliant designs inspired by nature, but with extremely original and modern artistic interpretations.

awesome green bedroom color ideas

Awesome Green Bedroom Color Ideas

These were several green bedroom color ideas for small space that might gives you a new inspiration. It is so easy to create a small, impacting and extremely attractive small bedroom, concentrating on one color. A monotone color scheme is also easy to deal with if you are not very adept at mixing colors. Finally, for those of you who looking calming, cozy, fresh and nature color for your small bedroom, then choosing green color is your best bet.

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  1. Kate

    The Montreal houses I was raised in maxed out at 4500 sq. ft or so, for four humans, two pups. Both were over 100 years old… and are attractive standard size-wise for their area. I moved to Vancouver at 18 and lived in an under 800 sq. ft. two bedroom with two roommates… I had the smallest of the rooms, which was approximately 70 sq. ft- actually supposed to be a solarium. Underbed storage saved my life. adjustment from having my floor growing up… I since lived in a range of (modest) apartment sizes in Montreal and Toronto, and am currently sharing a bit over 500 sq. ft. quite comfortably with my boyfriend. I would 500 sq. ft. over 5000 any day.

  2. Sandra 1965

    @EngineerChic thing spider plants are not toxic as they seem to be cat-nip when it comes to cats. I had a cat that totally ate a spider plant of mine. Yes, I a neighbor who can only plants on the wall divider as otherwise her cat will chew on plants or want to them for bathroom breaks. lol

  3. Dylan_Darwin

    Rosie–I left you some comments on flickr, but they may not up. That orange thing is fugly. Send it and you should ask them to reemburse you for the shipping. And congrats on the burner pans! They wonderful. I gave up on mine years ago–we an electric stove, so I can those burner liners.

  4. Sterling

    the and white rug with the brass table on top and chrome side table and chair. Perfect metal mixing. the and white wall paper with the chandelier….something about it being opera boxes does it seem as if the chandelier should be there. the grey room. Lots of capable choices here.

  5. Nikhil

    Can you imagine actually painting a room with considerate of a slightly sagey grey and then delicately sponging some pink paint mixed in a acknowledge of mostly glaze over it and then rolling on some pearlescent white paint and then carefully wiping most of it off? THAT would be extremely interesting; the inside of an oyster.It would be gorgeous. Or frightening.

  6. Skyla

    It was fun looking but why would you a wire, transparent trashcan in the bathroom, even a decorated one. Obviously we wont be putting aesthetic rolls of wrapping paper in it! camouflage the trash in an opaque can.

  7. Norah.Dalary

    well anything in a relationship, its all about compromise and give/take. we always on major purchases together and overall how things are going to look.In some circumstances things are a bit more weighted towards one person – I most of the cooking and dishes so I absorb final say about functionality in the kitchen. I also work from so the office caters a bit more towards me too since i 8-10 waking hours in there every day. My partners to unwind is the bedroom and so he has made a lot of the choices in there. He also has to out the door in the morning so the bathroom and closet cater a bit more toward him getting ready efficiently since most days I achieve on a pair of PJs for work i let him the prime estate and final say on functionality there.

  8. Rocco_Jabari

    “Upgrade electric;” please? If you want to add ceiling lights your best bet is voltage track lighting. Tons of places on Bowery, you can easily comparison shop by walking to the shop next door (and next to that, etc.).You will need the wiring done by an electrician, but you can install the tracks yourself.

  9. Gianna Alison Leona

    Personally, I the combo of rich (like the darker shade on your rug), lighter blue, and earth-tone orange-ish (heh– I mean the color in your vase.) I you already this going, but the beige in the wall pulls your colors too to… blah.I second replacing the boxes in your coffee table with something in natural fiber, and I suggest painting your wall a color that is in the beige family but closer to the rich earth-tone orange of that vase. I suggest painting your coffee table white so that your light furniture and coffee table (and curtains) stand out against the somewhat-darker walls. Placed in front of the window, the sofa might become more of a focal point– it has a shape.The painting is nice, but a dinky small. You might want to a slightly lighter shade than the wall color and paint a box around the painting, as a considerate of subtle framing effect.If you want to a more, I suggest the rug underneath your dining room table, and getting a * or sisal rug (larger) to in your living room area.Most of all, paying attention to what FEELS right. I this is key to pulling together a cohesive look.Good luck!

  10. June Ann

    This is so pleasant. A lot of MCM people seem to be into minimalism and it ends up looking but this version has plenty of personality and manages to pull off the MCM without coming off a time capsule.

  11. Gianni Kane

    I to a custom made, burnt orange, 10 foot couch….man on man I regret ever getting rid of it. I moved so many times that I had to give it away because most living rooms were too for it.

  12. Kaiya88

    my daughter and i are doing the same thing now. we shop together. it is an easy to acquire a busy kid to fit you into their schedual happily. one thing we particularly delight in is our trips to ikea. it is a couple hours away so it feels special. we their software to and redesign the roon. it has been for planning and i am amazed how many functions you can fit in a dinky without crouwding it. it takes a lot of thought. we also target and

  13. Camryn

    I picked up this vintage brass mailbox at a thrift store once that I never knew what to with, until I faced a similar scarf-problem. The mailbox hangs on the wall and it has a newspaper holder attached to the bottom, which essentially makes 2 hooks. I hang all of my larger square scarves from the hooks and then fold and tuck any scarves/handkerchiefs into the mail of the box. Works a champ, looks cute, and it helps me remember what scarves I actually bear so I wear them!

  14. Cohen_Nehemiah_Darien

    I agree with Litterless that placing the bed along the long wall, with the foot towards, the window, would allow you to of the rest of the apartment for attractive without having guests in your “bedroom.” This post describes how to Ikea panels to curtain off the bed area. It looks great.

  15. Brenden

    This studio, overall, looks well appointed. I windows similar to yours in my Georgetown living room (mine are a wider with the framing painted white) and acquire recently about replacing or augmenting the Pottery Barn shades that came with the rental with a window treatment with drapes and curtains as you suggested, but I am unsure. What purpose would such a window treatment in either of our cases?

  16. NeilRonan

    @redbellybutton I made both of them. I had a simple for the daybed, and just went to Depot and got some plywood and achieve it together. I believe I spent $100 on the whole project ha. As far as the shelves are concerned, again, measured the wall, got 4 pieces of cheap wood down, and them on some cheap ikea brackets. Maybe $100 for that project too.

  17. Emely Madalyn

    How people it? Those are more than my monthly salary! I am employed in an known for its COL and pay, but still! I know for a fact you can rent a 3+ bedroom house around here for less (probably even half those rates!). I helped my aunt into a nice, newly renovated five bedroom house a couple of years ago that was $1,000/month.So I live in a rural area. It has its downsides, but obviously plenty of perks!

  18. Nalani

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  19. MyaMaliah

    Those are lights, but I they would be a light source as in the featured bathroom. There are placement rules for vanity lights placed alongside mirrors — how high, how far from the wall. You want the light to both flatter the person using the mirror, and to provide enough shadow-free illumination to allow makeup application, hair removal, whatever. Standing under or in front of those harsh lights would be alarming and depressing.

  20. Emery_Lauryn_Aliana

    All of the above except for that aesthetic olive oil can holding the flowers in the top photo – I delight in that concept for a utensil holder! Also, I a cutting board that fits comfortably over my sink, extra prep especially convenient because my sink is adjacent to my stove, so 1 step from cutting board to pan.

  21. Sasha.Tiana

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