Decorating with Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

Star Wars has been one of the most enduring franchises among so many others over the past 3 decades or so. “Star Wars” is one of the most popular science fiction movies of all time. It has made a huge impact on pop culture in almost every form of media. If your child is one of those who just loves “Star Wars” and wants to decorate his room in “Star Wars” fashion, then there are so many Star Wars bedroom ideas that can help you to decorating. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to Star Wars bedroom ideas. And once you decide you want to turn your kid bedroom into an intergalactic fantasy, the fun begins. Its a fun project!

  kid star wars bedroom ideas Kid Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

Awesome Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

Here’s the first way in decorating your little kid bedroom with Star Wars bedroom ideas. For the wall, paint the walls in a color from a favorite movie scene or location. Black, green, brown or white with silver highlights add various movies set colors to a Star Wars bedroom. Rejuvenate used furniture or purchase new pieces in complementary colors. Paint a headboard black, blue and white for a galaxy view from the window of a space ship or use quilted gold material to match C-3PO.

cool star wars bedroom ideasCool Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

Then, another Star Wars bedroom ideas is accessorizing the bedroom. Pamper the Star Wars bedroom occupant with Lucas film licensed bedding. Substitute a black, white, brown or silver comforter if the themed material is difficult to locate.  Hang Star Wars framed posters, wall borders or stickers in the room. Non-themed yet modern accessories, such as cubed storage and a black and silver alarm clock, will complement the theme. Add a full-size Star Wars cardboard character such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker for a dramatic element.

simple star wars bedroom ideasSimple Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

little kid star wars bedroom ideas

Little Kid Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

Paint a Star Wars mural on one of the bedroom walls or hire an artist to complete the project. Create a solar system mural on the ceiling or in the form of a dimensional mobile. Purchase thin metal sheeting at a hardware store. Give a black or white bureau a Star Wars effect by attaching the metal to the front of the drawers to create a space ship look. Yep, these were some decorating Star Wars bedroom ideas for your kid’s bedroom. Your child is dreaming of a galaxy far, far away and a Jedi destiny. Incorporate his favorite films into the decor of his room to personalize it.

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