Painting Old Wood Furniture By Yourself

Are you looking to make that old wood furniture look new or maybe give it a brand new look? One way to accomplish this is with painting old wood furniture. Painting is a good way to freshen the furniture for a minimal amount of time and money. Painting old wood furniture requires a bit of sanding and preparation but the results will last a long time. With a little effort and creativity, you will be able to furnish a room with a style that will be admired by your guests.

great painting old wood furniture Great Painting Old Wood Furniture

DIY Project: Painting Old Wood Furniture

Do-it-yourself painting old wood furniture like said before need to be prepared. To achieving you will need some things. Such as; tarp, container with a lid, goggles, facemask, gloves, good stripper, steel wool, wood patch, 150-, 180- and 220-grit sandpaper, drill with stirring attachment, paintbrushes 2-inch natural bristle and white or gray primer. After all these things prepared then you can start to painting your furniture. First step is put the furniture on a tarp to protect the floor below. Remove hardware from the piece and set aside. Don goggles, the facemask and gloves when working with wood strippers. Place the old wood furniture on a thick layer of newspaper to catch any drips that fall and make cleanup easier. Remove the old paint or varnish on the wood furniture piece. For a painted surface, apply a thick coat of paint stripper with a rag. Work only in manageable sections and in a well-ventilated area.

renew furniture with painting old wood furnitureRenew Furniture With Painting Old Wood Furniture

Then, the next step of DIY painting old wood furniture, allow the stripper to sit on the wood until soft — about 10 to 15 minutes — and the putty knife can cut through the paint to the wood below. If the paint doesn’t scrape away easily, reapply stripper to the area and give it another five minutes. Scrape away as much paint as possible, using the scraper or putty knife. If the wood piece has multiple layers of paint or if it’s enamel paint, you may have to do more than one application. Some strippers should be removed with turpentine, paint removers or water. If your piece has varnish on it, scrub it away with steel wool. Vacuum up dust and other debris on the wood. Fill any cracks or holes with wood patch, using a putty knife to press wood patch into the cracks or holes. Leave the wood patch a little higher than the surface of the door and try to match the wood putty with the color of the wood. Depending on the brand of wood filler you’re using, allow 15 minutes to two hours of drying time.

Sand the wood sections with 150-grit sandpaper. When sanding, always sand in the direction of the wood grain. Vacuum up the dust. Repeat this step using 180-grit sandpaper, then vacuum. Sand one last time with 220-grit sandpaper until the wood is smooth to the touch. Vacuum all the pieces again. Wipe the entire piece of old furniture with a tack cloth to eliminate all dust. Vacuum the area where you’re going to paint the wood. If the wind blows through, it can transfer dust to the surface of the primer or paint and ruin the finish. Then, mix the white or gray water-based primer with the paint stirring attachment on the drill. Brush the primer on all areas you’re going to paint. Allow the primer to dry for 24 hours. If the day is humid, the drying time may take longer. Mix the water-based paint with the drill and stirring bit. Stir the paint for five to seven minutes to thoroughly mix the contents.

awesome way of painting old wood furnitureAwesome Way Of Painting Old Wood Furniture

good idea with painting old wood furnitureGood Idea With Painting Old Wood Furniture

Paint the surface with a brush. Use a narrow brush for painting corners or narrow trim. The website Wallpaper on Walls recommends a 2-inch natural-bristle paintbrush for painting old wood furniture and a 1- to 1 1/2-inch flat-tip brush for tight and narrow places. You also can use a sponge type or bristle brush. Apply a second coat of paint. Allow the second coat of paint to cure for three days. Reattach the hardware on the wood furniture after the paint is completely dry. Done.

awesome way of painting old wood furniture , Painting Old Wood Furniture By Yourself In  Category
good idea with painting old wood furniture , Painting Old Wood Furniture By Yourself In  Category
great painting old wood furniture , Painting Old Wood Furniture By Yourself In  Category
renew furniture with painting old wood furniture , Painting Old Wood Furniture By Yourself In  Category

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  1. Dominique

    the fireplace and molding as is – and I understand your for color, but people also need a to rest their eyes in between seeing the fab things you have. I would paint the surrounding walls and maybe frame the photos you on the mantle with brilliant colored wood frames – one or two colors that move together crimson and pink or yellow and orange, etc., rid of the top shelves on both sides and hang them there in tight groups.Then the lower shelves wood painted to match the wall and books, objects there. I would probably bag a minimal rolling stand for the tv unless you accumulate one that could be wall hung incorporated into the shelves.Good luck – space!

  2. Travis

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  3. Frankie-Teagan

    Your really resonates with me as my husband and I fair moved from a extremely similar apartment in Seoul. I too learned to bake without an oven while having a washing machine in the kitchen!Beautifully designed and such a welcoming, space. Well done.

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  5. Grant Zander Bradyn P.

    i you could this totally but first you need to acquire rid of the plant and the pillows. the couch is the sculpture and the focal point in the room and everything around it needs to be simple and unfussy and sculptural. i you one of two ways to in terms of color scheme. either the white/chrome route where the couch pops out (sculptural & simple but high white chairs/white rug/white sheepskin pillloows/super white walls, chilly light fixture, etc.) or the antonym — using analagous colors –so lots of blues & greens — tap into your inner austin powers. whatever you do, please please please pull the couch away from the wall. pushing it in the corner feels sheepish to me. embrace it!

  6. CaydenSalvatoreMalakai

    architectural detail! fun with them and them for what they are. I would the one by the front door and turn it into a landing *. Install a mirror and a shelf with some greenery in baskets underneat. One of the larger ones I would install glass shelves and one I would some art work or as one person suggested maybe a guitar or something personal to you. The smaller ones upstairs would shelves in the longest and I really the of the hint of turning one into a jewelry display. one at the bottom? leave empty or as a shelf for a vase or something. Whatever you do…do not paint the brick in all of them.

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  8. Judah-777

    I to add a few more comments, because I your place:- you conception about painting those wicker armchairs an espresso shade & re-upholstering? – could you the chair from the left of the sofa to the side? It would allow for better flow..- that bonus room past the living area- perhaps beget it a library/office? A expedient contrasting paint color on the walls, and adding a sawhorse desk (in a similar shade to your dresser) with the existing chair (painted/re-upholstered) would wonders. Maybe the plant if possible..

  9. Marques.2014

    This made me laugh– we had a similar with a ceiling fan when the neighbors next door started remodeling and in fans of their own. Is there any chance that it has a remote? Nearby electronics on the same frequency can all kinds of things going, at all hours. We always knew when the neighbors turned on the lights– ours went on, too!

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