Leather Furniture: What Is Bonded Leather Furniture?

Buying leather furniture can be daunting when trying to decipher the various kinds of leather. Today’s furniture choices, however, include several different kinds of leather and leather-like products. Bonded leather furniture is one of the newest on the market. So, what is bonded leather furniture? Bonded leather furniture is a product consisting of scraps of leather, and sometimes other materials, glued together. It most often covers bibles, but is also used as upholstery. These are combined with a bonding agent, like latex. The components are then formed into rolls covered in polyurethane and go through a drying process. The drying reduces the moisture content. The rolls of material are then embossed to give it that leather-grained look. Essentially, only the back of the fabric is made of leather. But the way this fabric is processed makes the end product extremely durable. Also, this material is resistant to heat and moisture, just like full-grade leather, but it costs much less. Wanted more information about what is bonded leather furniture? then find it in the following paragraphs.

Nail head-trimmed bonded leather rocker recliner what is bonded leather furnitureNail Head-Trimmed Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner

Information About What Is Bonded Leather Furniture

Bonded leather has primarily been most successfully marketed as a promotional product. However, if you want to buy bonded leather furniture, then understanding about what is bonded leather furniture and pros yet cons of this kind of leather furniture is a must. And after you read about what is bonded leather furniture in the first paragraph, now you must to know about pros and cons of this bonded leather furniture. This bonded leather furniture cheaper than leather. In 2009, bonded leather sofas start at £454 and real leather retails around £779 for a similar piece.  So, if you like the look of leather, but you don’t like its cost, then bonded leather furniture is your best bet. And because it doesn’t undergo chemical tanning, bonded leather furniture contains low levels of environmentally unsafe formaldehyde. As a result, it may be better for people with environmental allergies or for those who are looking for “green” furniture. In addition, the manufacturing process for bonded leather is almost waste free. Bonded leather is highly durable and comes in many colours and finishes.

what is bonded leather furniture goodWhat Is Bonded Leather Furniture Good

And for the cons, chemicals such as lead and cadmium that are used to create the shiny, bonded leather finish may be harmful to consumers. When looking for leather furniture, unscrupulous retailers could mislead consumers into paying higher prices for bonded leather furniture by promoting it as higher-grade leather. It can be difficult to tell the difference visually in a furniture showroom. Then, how to cleaning bonded leather furniture? You should only clean bonded leather with a wet cloth. The surface cannot handle soaps or alcohol-based products. Using them will cause the surface to crack. Unlike genuine leather, you do not need to use leather conditioner on bonded leather because only the back has leather in it.

what is bonded leather furniture sofasWhat Is Bonded Leather Furniture Sofas

Note: Avoid putting anything that’s covered in bonded leather in the sunlight or by a heat source, such as a radiator. Heat can cause damage to the surface by fading and cracking it. Because the surface is not leather, you cannot use a conditioner to fix heat damage. Now you know about what is bonded leather furniture, pros yet cons, and several information about bonded leather furniture. Hope this will help you make a more informed purchase and come to a decision.

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