The Right Ways in How to Clean Old Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is desirable for it’s warm, timeless look and durability. Cleaning wood furniture restores the wood to its natural beauty and protects the wood, keeping it beautiful for years to come. Old wood furniture needs extra care compared to newer furniture because it is more vulnerable to damage. If you want to prolong the life of the old furniture or even rejuvenate a tired-looking old furniture piece, often all you need is a good cleaning using how to clean old wood furniture with the right techniques. Harsh cleaning materials and techniques might damage the surface or the finish of the wood permanently, so find out how to clean old wood furniture before you attempt to do it. Luckily, there are several ways that you can do in how to clean old wood furniture properly. And you can find it in the following paragraphs.

how to clean old wood furniture properly How To Clean Old Wood Furniture Properly

The Best Ways of How to Clean Old Wood Furniture

Here’s the first ways of how to clean old wood furniture. Do clieaning with a vacuum or soft cloth. A cloth moistened with a solvent-based cleaning wax will pick up even more dirt. Dry the wood immediately with a clean cloth or soft paper towel. Then, for old furniture, cabinets and paneling with an undamaged shellac, lacquer or varnish finish, mix a little dishwasher liquid in water and wash thoroughly. Since unfinished wood will swell in water, use an oil-based cleaner like Murphy’s Oil Soap. Apply generously and repeat until the wood is clean. Buff it with a soft cloth to restore its luster.

how to clean old wood furniture easilyHow To Clean Old Wood Furniture Easily

Carol Williams, Extension Agent at Utah State University, says a mix of 3 tbsp. boiled linseed oil and 2 tbsp. turpentine in a quart of hot water is best for deep dirt. Turpentine will clean soil and oil and soften built-up wax and polish; linseed oil will replace the oils and restore bare spots. For a stronger cleaner, dip a soft cloth in mineral spirits (paint thinner) to rub away deposits of oil, greasy grime and old wax or polish. Always wipe wood dry and buff with a soft cloth after cleaning. Another ways of how to clean old wood furniture is abrasive. Wax, soil and oil build-up may require an abrasive to clean completely. While the best furniture finishes are usually thick enough to allow you to scrub white moisture rings away, dark rings mean the stain has penetrated to the wood and requires deeper cleaning. Abrasives include pumice and whiting power as well as toothpaste. They are used with ultra fine 0000 steel wool dipped in motor or linseed oil to scrub away stains.

how to clean old wood furniture simpleHow To Clean Old Wood Furniture Simple

Field recommends a regular deep cleaning with paste (carnauba) wax as the best protective wood cleaner. Rub a light coat on a small surface, wipe off the loosened dirt, then buff with a soft cloth until the wax is hard. Paste wax fills cracks in old wood finishes and prevents dirt from accumulating. For the tools, cut old t-shirts into 8-inch squares for applying cleaners and buffing old wood. Soft toothbrushes dig grime from detailed areas and paintbrushes can deliver cleaner to narrow spaces. String will remove dirt from spindles and cotton swabs will clean curlicues in woodwork. Use toothpicks to get grit out of fine woodwork. Well, these were some ways in how to clean old wood furniture for you. Before you start completely cleaning, it is very wise to test an inconspicuous area. During this test if you notice an unwanted result, stop immediately. After all, with proper care, old wood furniture will last for many lifetimes.

how to clean old wood furniture easily , The Right Ways in How to Clean Old Wood Furniture In  Category
how to clean old wood furniture properly , The Right Ways in How to Clean Old Wood Furniture In  Category
how to clean old wood furniture simple , The Right Ways in How to Clean Old Wood Furniture In  Category

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