Stunning Living Room Curtains and Drapes

Your living room is where you entertain guests, gather with your family for some bonding time. In short, living rooms are integral part of any homes. So why not make your living room a stunning and comfortable place to stay in by installing living room curtains and drapes. Living room curtains and drapes bring out the best in terms of visual appeal in a room. They add to its aesthetic value and help highlight the remaining furniture and accessories in the living room. Simply put, living room curtains and drapes can be used as a focal point, or as a backdrop to accentuate a focal point you are trying to create.  Living room curtains and drapes are also available in hundreds of styles, designs, materials and sizes. With so many choices, you can easily find a living room curtains and drapes that will complement your contemporary home decor.

Turquoise Living Room Curtains And DrapesTurquoise Living Room Curtains And Drapes

Transform Your Living Room To a Classy Place and Stylish with Living Room Curtains and Drapes

When deciding what type of living room curtains and drapes that will work best for your room, one of the most important things to keep in mind is their function. Do you want the curtains and drapes to provide privacy and block out light or will they be strictly decorative? Another important element is the type of fabric. If you wish for the curtains and drapes to stand out in the living room, consider a bold and bright fabric. Or, if you prefer a simple design, consider solid neutral colors or sheers. Another important element is that you know the exact dimensions of the windows. You don’t want curtains that are too short or too long for your windows. If you want to draw attention to your window, consider a color and pattern such as a stripe, a gingham or a bright plaid. Raw silk works well with bright colors and creates a slight sheen and gives texture to the fabric. Stripes and plaids also work with most floor types and can create depth in the room.

Roman Shades Living Room Curtains And DrapesRoman Shades Living Room Curtains And Drapes

Sheer curtains work well when you’re aiming for a simple design. Not only do they provide a clean look, but they also are very affordable. Bunch them together for more privacy, or hang them behind a double-mounted curtain rod with a set of panels. Double-mounted curtain rods work well with sheers, because they don’t compete for space on the curtain rod as a heavy fabric would. Because they are neutral in color, they look great against any paint color and coordinate with most furniture designs. Then another options of living room curtains and drapes is roman shades. Roman shades work well if your windows are small where a decorative curtain might overpower the room and cover any architectural details. Roman shades hug the window, fitting perfectly within the window frame. When raised during the day, the fabric will hang in identical folds. Depending upon your design idea, you can choose between a casual or formal design.

Great Living Room Curtains And DrapesGreat Living Room Curtains And Drapes

Sheer Living Room Curtains And DrapesSheer Living Room Curtains And Drapes

Sweet Living Room Curtains And DrapesSweet Living Room Curtains And Drapes

Adorable Living Room Curtains And DrapesAdorable Living Room Curtains And Drapes

For a dramatic design, try installing curtain/drapes that start at the top of the living room wall and drape down to the floor. Instead of just above a window, curtains that are hung from the top of the living room wall create a lot of height and are very bold. Try embellishing the curtain with a bold trim to frame out the window. During the day, use decorative tie backs. These were just a few information about living room curtains and drapes. You can also get as creative as you wish to, indulge in different styles of curtain/drapes, and come up with some great ideas based on the overall look of your living space. Cheers!

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  2. KhalilConorAldo

    i the blue and the crimson are already extremely colors. i would mix in some colorful whites to balance them. maybe in a coffee table and/or throw pillows. red, white and blue can so and graphic when done well.

  3. Ayla-Arely-Averi

    @mooninfog , Where in my comment achieve you even contemplate the word neutral? To reiterate, ” The only COLORS I absorb in my house from nature as in wood, flowers, or plants.” You know, COLORS that are in flowers, accurate plants or wood. I them in my house. Everything else is black, white or grey which by the way, are not technically colors.

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  10. Zariyah.Reina

    As Lisa Hunter pointed out, there is nothing MCM in these photos. Your coffee table and chair are Art Deco inspired. Your dining is a mix of table with chairs. Your dining chandelier is shabby/French/romantic. Your bookshelves are fresh in origin and design. Can’t really the rocker but it looks 40s and of granny.The only thing even remotely MCM is the wood paneling. And let’s say that not every danger of MCM is worth saving. (It’s all about context. Without appropriate context, the paneling on its does not read MCM… it reads as dated.)In a nutshell, what this needs is clarity and cohesion.1) Clarity: Learn what you like. Educate yourself about different styles. When acquiring a of furniture or making a choice, how it reflects your taste and preferences. Learning what you bask in will steer you away from trends to choices that you’ll be with long-term.2) Cohesion: Eclecticism is great. But a eclectic is aloof of different elements that to each other in some way, and work together. Sometimes the pieces similar elements (example: both MCM and Craftsman furniture is clean-lined). Sometimes they complement each other through contrast. But they always work together.So, to to your fireplace:Lower Budget Option: —Create a unified backdrop from architectural discord by painting the walls, wood paneling, and brick fireplace the same color. bolt with a warm but neutral cream, as bepsf suggested. You could alternatively paint the fp wall/paneling an accent color (but preserve the brick cream). This includes your bookcase.—Get a fresh mantel. Something substantial, rustic and organic.—Get rid of the brass fire surround and doors. Too complicated to paint. without if you can. If not, replace altogether.Higher Budget Option:—All of the above, AND catch rid of the brick and paneling and mantel and re-face your fireplace wall. It could be steel, different brick, Venetian plaster or whatever you like. It could even be a freestanding fireplace (Did you Jonathan Adler’s in the Sunday NYT? Now THAT would be MCM.)Have fun and post some after photos.

  11. Madelynn

    @meecee The first house my then husband and I bought had a cathedral entrance so the wall going down the stairs was three stories. The house was a typical cookie cutter box but I wanted it to different than all the other houses in the neighbourhood. I bought a wall mural that was alder trees to cloak the entire wall. My husband had to assign up scaffolding to the task done. I a of heights so I had to collect his hanging numerous panels. We almost never made it to our first anniversary and words came out of mouths that I never knew could be so descriptively.

  12. Nathan-Bryce-Duncan

    there! I hope this helps:1. I it would be a to rid of the cart and lamp and install floating wall shelves on that wall. This you can totally customize and play around with height, length, distance and it suit your storage needs. Install shelves all the arrangement up to the ceiling to maximize your space.2. baskets for items and shoes and install only the minimum number of hooks to the appearance of clutter. I ditto everyone who suggested a bench at the side of the stairs if you need additional storage.3. the hooks from the door and install a slim floor to ceiling mirror.Here are a couple of inspiration links:

  13. Hayden.Bo

    Although this probably wouldnt work, It would be awesome to it hanging on the wall a collapsible table… be pleased the ones at IKEA that you can prop up as a table when you need it to or as a work surface

  14. Johnny

    Turquoise furniture such as ottomans, chairs, chaises, sofas, and headboards can be harder to than one may think.; even after searching the web and not wanting to a fortune. Since turquoise is the color of the year and is also my color I concept I would a comment for others myself. II been working with a custom furniture designer in the UK. Her name is Elaine and her company is Obama Catering Furniture. I impartial the color turquoise and initially contacted her to bear a turquoise chaise made. I had such a hard time finding anything that in the US. This month I had her me a turquoise and chocolate armless chair. Her furniture is BEAUTIFUL!! She can any fabric and fashion imaginable and her prices are clean reasonable even for shipping overseas.If anyone is eager in seeing pics of her furniture or would to contact her please shoot me an email at

  15. Dillon_Jalen_Ricky

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  18. Maryam_Irene_Zainab

    Be delighted if you are a renter. I am a 67 year aged widow, stuck with a house I not want to be responsible for and cannot repair by myself. I enact it up for sale and as soon as it sells my and I will a efficiency apartment to rent, with the freedom to and chase as I please. Many of my friends already moved into apartments for the same reasons. For all of you who really want a house be patient a dinky while longer,in a few more years there will be thousands of baby boomers who will be trying to rid of their houses so they no longer the responsibility and they will assume a loss to out from under. I am extremely looking forward to renting an apartment again, sitting by the pool and calling someone else to fix the broken whatever!

  19. Gemma_Kyla_Lara

    for most part, reno is sensitive to the pre-war architecture. liking that both entry doors been kept & unit can be turned advantage into two in about twenty years, or not. floor plans posted are appreciated. only down side: opening living room to kitchen so that person on sofa stares at pots on stove or * on stools no sense; service areas & areas should remain separate with walls.

  20. Austin

    I want to thank you for all your comments and especially to Maxwell for helping me with all of the FAB advice. I the of getting a rug with warm colors. I especially orange and there is one on DWR that I my on!Zia, your puglet is adorable and how perfect to send in a pic of him on YOUR Persian carpet!

  21. Nathaniel-Dale

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    @ImwithgreenYes, the choice to minimalize is a privilege, but most people who read a website devoted to “making their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy” are probably coming from a of privilege already. It seems this is the perfect forum to discuss minimalism.Privilege has allowed those of us whose needs are easily met to acquire lots of unhealthy, and perhaps unethical, choices. Yes, it is a reflection of privilege to decide to live more minimally, but how is that worse than using that same privilege to continue with over-consumption and all the societal and personal ills that with it?The privilege is there either way. The only is what one chooses to with it…

  24. Derek Lukas Jayce V.

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  25. Morgan-1990

    Sorry, but impartial looking at these makes me nervous. For the visual of a few skinny legs or casters, you flexibility, stability, and no lawsuits from your landlord. Although it is possible to these things to the wall, it takes more time, money and talent than simply taking the out of the box and filling it with books (or butts, in the case of the floating couch). They need to be expertly installed with special anchors made for the wall type, you could only arrange them where there are accessible wall studs, and * stuff into brick is a MAJOR pain.Shelve most of these pics in the fantasy décor file.

  26. Keaton.Austen.Jaren

    thanks for the comicgeek… i was on ebay all morning and came accross all of thoes.. now we are thinking about the garland light from tord boontje (more andreas fav) and i am liking puddle pendant from CB2.. both in our range.. but there are so many cute pendants out there.. with big tags.. it is almost the more simplistic they the more expensive they get.. maybe there is a market out there for affordable and simple pendant lighting.. haha.. sounds easy right? thanks for the acknowledge

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