Clever Toy Storage for Living Room

Being able to keep our homes clean can be a challenging task. Between working all day and taking care of our kids it’s hard to find time to get it done. Kids’ toys can be a leading contributor to our living room looking like a tornado passed through it. Taking action and looking for a solution is the first step to accomplishing this. One of the best solution is using toy storage for living room. Toy storage not only organizes our living spaces, it also educates our children. With all the options of toy storage for living room available, you can keep control of the clutter, avoid accidents and teach children responsibility in the process.

  Neat And Clever Toy Storage For Living Room Neat And Clever Toy Storage For Living Room

Organize Your Kid’s Toys with Toy Storage for Living Room

The number one options of toy storage for living room is choose a coffee table with an open space under the table top. Create hidden toy storage by sliding decorative bins into the area. Because coffee tables are low enough for children to reach, your kids will be able to get to the toys easily. When you want to create the look of an adult-friendly room, simply slide the bins into the table. Preserve your decor scheme by choosing bins that are made of material that goes with your room: colored or patterned canvas, wicker, sea grass, or even a light wood. You can also look for a coffee table with built-in drawers that your children can pull open easily; make sure that the drawer slides are not overly sensitive to make it more difficult to slam little fingers. Then, if you have a television in your living room, choose a long, large entertainment console. Look for a low, streamlined model that has drawers, sliding doors, or cabinet doors with space for storage underneath. Instead of storing easily-damaged DVDs and books in the cabinet, use the extra room to store toys.

Under Coffee Table Toy Storage For Living RoomUnder Coffee Table Toy Storage For Living Room

If you buy an entertainment center that has a modern design, it can add to the decor of the living room when the toys are put away. Well, for another options of toy storage for living room is do some creativity with the window seat. Create a space for playing and reading books by installing a window seat in your living room. Build the seat with a hinged top that you can lift to expose an empty area inside that can be used for toy storage. Cover the top of the seat with comfortable cushions or upholster the lid with stain-resistant material. A window seat can also expand the amount of seating in your living room for guests.

Window Seat Toy Storage for Living RoomWindow Seat Toy Storage For Living Room

Ideas Toy Storage for Living RoomIdeas Toy Storage For Living Room

Adorable Toy Storage For Living RoomAdorable Toy Storage For Living Room

Want more options? then go for storage cubes. Storage cubes are an easy, modular way to create extra seating, footstools and hidden storage. Look for upholstered cubes that have padded tops and lids that lift off to reveal a hollow interior. The cubes can be moved easily to act as toy boxes or seats during a gathering; you can push them together to create a bench or stack them in the corner to save space. With a simple tray, they can act as miniature tables for children or adults. Well, these were some options that you can choose to organize your kid’s toys. You know, using toy storage is always a good idea and have so many benefits. When you organize the kid’s toys, they are less likely to be lost and can be enjoyed longer. You can also teach your child from a very young age to take care of his toys and put them away correctly. Not only will the toys last longer, your little one will develop good habits that will last a lifetime.

Adorable Toy Storage For Living Room , Clever Toy Storage for Living Room In  Category
Ideas Toy Storage for Living Room , Clever Toy Storage for Living Room In  Category
Neat And Clever Toy Storage For Living Room , Clever Toy Storage for Living Room In  Category
Under Coffee Table Toy Storage For Living Room , Clever Toy Storage for Living Room In  Category
Window Seat Toy Storage for Living Room , Clever Toy Storage for Living Room In  Category

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    On Pinterest I saw that someone framed the board to each game and hung it on the wall as art. I it looked cool. For the pieces, you can either achieve them in a sandwich accept and connect it to the of the frame or them in small, labeled boxes. This was done in a basement/game room, so it worked with the decor. This may not work in your average living room.

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