How to Furnish a Small Living Room Comfortably?

The living room is one of the most important rooms of the house, because that is where most of the living is done. If you have a small living room, perhaps there are some¬†issue of space. But this doesn’t mean that nothing could be done about it. When it comes to furnish your living room, you still can get the best results with the right ways on how to furnish a small living room. Small living rooms can be warm and cozy or fresh and modern, depending upon your personal style. And below are some ways about how to furnish a small living room comfortably, and practically. Take a look!

how to furnish a small living room practicallyHow To Furnish A Small Living Room Practically

How to Furnish a Small Living Room Comfortably, Practically And Functionally

Let us start in the first step on how to furnish a small living room. First of all, determine how the space will function. Plan for space for a television or entertainment center if necessary, plus room for books or a comfortable work area. Choose smaller-scale pieces for your upholstered furniture when furnishing a small living room. Consider a love seat and two chairs instead of the traditional couch and love seat. Look for visible legs and more delicate shapes to make your space look larger. Use vertical space. Skip the low console tables and buffets in the small living room, instead opting for vertical shelving units that make the most of your room. Add accent pieces to bring life and color to your small living room. Hang art on your walls or use small shelves to hold decorative items. Keep clutter to a minimum by choosing a few items with a lot of impact.

how to furnish a small living room in styleHow To Furnish A Small Living Room In Style

For the furniture. Measure your living room. Note the position of windows, doors and doorways, as well as features like a fireplace. Take rough measurements of any furniture you plan to use. Draw out the shape of your living room on graph paper. Allow one 1-inch square for each foot. Copy the shape of each piece of furniture onto a second sheet of graph paper and cut the shapes out.

how to furnish a small living room cozyHow To Furnish A Small Living Room Cozy

how to furnish a small living room in modern wayHow To Furnish A Small Living Room In Modern Way

Put the largest pieces into place first, then add the remaining furnishings for your small living room.¬† Work on paper before you start the heavy lifting to make it easier to furnish your small living room in an attractive and functional way. Yep, these were some ways about how to furnish a small living room that you can consider to try. Look simple, isn’t? With these above ways you can easily work with your small living area and create comfortably, practically, functionally, yet warm living room.

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