Warm Country Style Living Rooms

Country style incorporates a variety of textures and colors into a space to give it a comfortable feel. Plenty of variations of the country theme are employed, from shabby chic and feminine to rustic Americana. Such a style is warm, welcoming and comfortable, as opposed to cold and stuffy like some other decorating styles. Country style living rooms can make you feel like you’re in a cottage on the edge of a lake or visiting your grandmother. Country style living rooms have a very relaxing ambiance that will allow you to feel like you are in a vacation away from the busy life. A lot of people want this sensation, especially so that when they arrive at their own houses, they just want to relax for a second in living room and find comfort inside their own abodes.  This style is also simple to recreate. In order to accomplish this, here are some incredible ways on how to redesign your own living room into a vacation place that you always dreamed of.

sweet cozy country style living roomsSweet Cozy Country Style Living Rooms

Suitable Warm Country Style Living Rooms

Choose earth tone colors when painting warm country style living rooms. In addition to creams or whites, look for muted tones in green, yellow, blue, red and browns. For a subtle look, paint the walls with a creamy white or yellow, and choose an earthy tone for trim or accent walls. Dress up walls with other materials other than paint. Add a wainscoting around the living room to break up the space, and paint it white to balance out a darker paint on top. Look for light-colored wallpaper that features tiny flowers or checker print. For the textiles, use fabric in the living room to create warmth and texture within the space. Hang up neutral cotton or linen window treatments, and choose fabrics that feature floral print or subtle checker patterns. Make sure the tones in the fabrics around the room work with the overall decor in the space. For example, look for a rust-colored fabric to use as a window treatment for a room painted soft brown or yellow. Incorporate leather or suede sofas and chairs into the room to warm up the space and give it a country feel.

warm cozy country style living roomsWarm Cozy Country Style Living Rooms

The next ways to achieving country style living rooms, add wood furniture into the room to keep the space looking rustic and country. Vintage, weathered coffee or side tables go well in a country living room as does an old-fashioned rocking chair or wing-backed chair. Ideal furniture materials would be natural pine or oak, but if you’re going for the shabby chic look, wood painted and weathered with white or cream work well in a living room. Use a variety of wood textures to give the room an eclectic appearance. Complete the look by adding country-inspired decor around the room. Place oil lamps or lanterns on fireplace mantels or coffee and side tables to offer a cozy ambiance. Look for vintage clocks, sculptures or pottery to place on tables or display in shelving.

awesome country style living roomsAwesome Country Style Living Rooms

great country style living roomsGreat Country Style Living Rooms

english country style living roomsEnglish Country Style Living Rooms

Add large country photography books to a coffee table, or purchase antique frames, wooden baskets or candleholders to add a personal touch. These are some ways you can use when redesigning your living room in country style. Achieving in warm country style living rooms is not as difficult as you think. You just need to have a few modifications inside you living room. With just few efforts, you can be in two places at once!

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