Updated Look with Living Room Chair Covers

Most of us like to change the look of our living rooms from time to time. However, buying new furniture can be expensive. There is no need to change all of the furniture. There’s a way that more affordable and easy to do to change the look of our living rooms, it is with living room chair covers. You can cover one or two of the chairs in the living room do give the space an updated look and feel at a fraction of the cost of new furniture. Living room chair covers comes in ready-made and costume options. These living room chair covers are not just change the look into extra special even for everyday use. These covers are also commonly used to protect furniture from wear and tear, as well as spills and accidents caused by children and pets.

adorable living room chair covers   Adorable Living Room Chair Covers

Stylish and Special Living Room Chair Covers

There are so many ideas of living room chair covers that you can choose according your living room theme, you can even made it by yourself. If you are decorating your home for the spring or summer, use chair covers in floral patterns to mirror the beauty of the outdoors. To create a flower-themed chair cover, start with a basic cover or even a pillowcase in a pale color like lilac or eggshell blue depending on your overall color scheme. Tie an organza bow in a deeper hue of the same color or a contrasting shade at the back of the chair and embellish with a fabric flower at the center of the bow.

awesome living room chair coversAwesome Living Room Chair Covers

Make fabric flowers by folding a 3″ x 30″ deep pink fabric in half lengthwise and folding one end down at a 45-degree angle. Make two tight turns in the fabric to form the center of the flower. Now begin “rolling” your fabric around the center. Make about a half-turn around your flower shape each time. Continue circling around, rolling at each half-turn. You will end up with a beautiful, cabbage-style rose! Attach the back with glue or sew it up. You can embellish your flower with pearls or crystals. These floral living room ideas are sure to be a wonderful decor accent for Easter brunches or even tropical-themed poolside parties.

cute living room chair coversCute Living Room Chair Covers

shabby chic living room chair coversShabby Chic Living Room Chair Covers

sweet living room chair coversSweet Living Room Chair Covers

For rustic living room, then go for rustic living room chair covers, all you need is a piece of burlap and a length of ivory lace. These gorgeous living room ideas work best for white wicker chairs or white wrought iron chairs. Start with a three-inch thick strip of burlap that is two times the height of the chair you intend to work with. Sew or hot glue ivory lace of the same length along the center of the burlap strip. Make a pretty bow at the back of the chair with the burlap-lace strip. Secure the bow with a diamante-studded brooch or a simple flower or fern if you want to bring nature indoors. You can also buy ready-made living room chair covers. They come in almost any style, color, or pattern you can imagine. After all, using these living room chair covers are simple ways to change the look of the room. Make the living room colorful and stylish using these living room chair covers.

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  1. AmiyaCarolyn

    I bought one of these carts in gray at the Ikea in Atlanta while I was there attending Sewtopia. My son was over the other day and as he was leaving I asked him to assemble this the next time he was here. While we were chatting he opened the box, sat down and had that cart together in no time. It would taken me at least an hour to achieve what he did in a couple minutes. I an assembled cart and I ended up having a long visit with my son. My arrangement is to this in my sewing/quilting studio.

  2. Marquez-1980

    at the spaces archive for inspiration!I I would assign the bed in the bottom accurate sector of the drawing, as people mentioned. I would integrate it into the rest of the space, though probably a of furniture (IKEA Expedit shelf?) in the bottom middle to of visually demarcate the sleeping area.

  3. Keagan

    Hm, I really the bed in the photo above, but not that I could actually pull it off in my (though our styles are rather similar)…I agree with cacleland that I might feel curious spending so grand time in bed 🙂

  4. Kyla Itzayana Dalary

    I lived across the street from these guys last year, about six months. Our apartment was a top floor railroad with eat in kitchen, and 4 rooms- we had two bedrooms, a living room, and a den for tv. 9 windows throughout! I could eye the empire state building while I took a shower, and with all the industrial structures, the sunsets were beautiful.I was always about those bustling industrious neighbors, wanted to meet them and check out their space. They were with others in the neighborhood, and seemed to integrate, rather than a huddling, shivering colony, the newer lofts down the block .We had to our place, due to shoddy, unnecessarily conditions. (Anyone else dealt with the elusive “Zef Zafir”? ahem, SLUMLORD.) Still, my partner and I gave it a shot , had a pad, and avoided a gentrified urban boho enclave. These guys could hang with accurate York, not the homogenious “hipster lite” version. Leaving was bittersweet for me- there are folks of all stations of life, and gigantic kids. I wish Jonathan and Aaron advantageous luck in their digs, nuff respect!

  5. BraxtonYairZain

    Check out the book Beloved Homes, published by Ikea. There is a master bedroom/ nursery that uses fabric and furniture placement to differentiate the spaces. When I saw your it reminded me of the airy feeling of the room in the book. As for your office, my advice is to invest in organized storage solutions and a blueprint to the clutter of your desk – having a young baby is hectic and if you are sharing the with your bedroom, it is to a feeling. Best of luck and congratulations.

  6. Ryan_Bailey

    @NCB”..it is not making sense to me that nobody else is mentioning how hard it will be to ACCESS the floors!”This is PRECISELY why floors first.@azponydriver it well…”The deal is exactly what you mention. In announce to the floors you to the clutter. Even if you are forced to the clutter temporarily until you find/build/hack a to attach it or stick it in your out box, you can no longer ignore the clutter on the floor.”

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  8. Jade_Dylan

    This summer we ripped up our carpet to behold beat up floor boards underneath – they had been painted around the edges of the living room and were thin strips in the hall and wide ones in the living room – we decided to paint them a matte blue-black colour…it looked at first, but our dog and cat now them destroyed after a few months.We did all the labour ourselves so it only ended up costing around $100 in paint and supplies. It was also and messy.IF I had my time back, I would absorb paid someone else to refinish them properly or laid current on top of it.

  9. Raven Aubrielle Harleigh N.

    We recently did a 3 week to Europe. My is on the stroller. We took our size stroller (as opposed to a umbrella one) and I am SO we did. It holds a bunch more stuff that you throughout the day and kids are more likely to nap in the regular stroller than an umbrella stroller. It was a dependable game changer for us. luck!

  10. Ariya U.

    I actually the monochrome works well. The main problems I identify with this room is scale and difference are lacking. Your white chairs lost in the white background of your blinds. This room desperately needs drapery to anchor that wall and add some contrasting color (black could even work nicely). I would suggest modern, stationary drapes. Hang something really colossal to add drama above the fireplace. Here are some examples for drapery:

  11. Averie

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  12. Parker Kendrick Marquise

    I the of the card catalog cabinet in the dining room, and of course the photography is stunning! Overall though, I must say that the bid lack of color makes me dreary.

  13. EllieTessaMikayla

    I posted this comment sort of yesterday on the FLOR tile post, but am reposting here, because I need some more convincing. Who has lived with FLOR for a while in a high-traffic area? I need to know if the edges fray or to scraggly after some average use? The samples that they sent me are a mess on the edges (but I am hoping that is because they are fleet samples).

  14. Brad

    If I were to out one thing that annoys me the most on AT, it is when people ragging on others for their books collection (or really any collection, to a lesser extent) and calling it clutter. Perhaps books in your are exhibit themselves as clutter, but for many of us a house is not a without a hearty collection of our books, and they can also display a acquire element. Nothing beats a book-filled wall of built-in bookcases! And lastly, many books are as objects of curiosity, as well!Feel free to giving away all of your books and living as starkly as you desire, but let the rest of us and ours!

  15. Thalia

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  16. Maci.Rosa.Janessa

    extremely nice!I did my cabinets February 2008… I did flat latex and sealed with a coat of matte poly-acrylic because I wanted that chalky milk paint look, yet wanted to be able to scrub them. fair throwing out another option for folks.I will some pics and them up on my blog tomorrow for some more DIY kitchen tips.cottageofstone.blogspot.comP.S.though my house was built in 1906, our cabinets were * cheap ones from behind 70s/early 80s… so paint was the only option until I the bajillion bucks to properly restore my kitchen.

  17. Milani@666

    We installed a greenroof in DC, and try to earn others to the same. It is an thing in terms of energy savings, rainwater retention, and aesthetics. If you click on greenroof constrction on this flickr page, you can the process from to finish.

  18. Sergio Brent Jerome

    Can someone me more about interior wall installation? I a 900 sq loft in a 100 year building and abominate blocking one of the three windows with a 20,000 BTU A/C. Since I need to re-do the kitchen and bath, I could probably bear this done at that time. But what type of interior wall would I need to install it through – a closet? Adjacent to the kitchen/bath, given the drainage?

  19. Laney.696

    @Dan_B86 I wanted to know how you your counters after living who them for a year? We are looking at Barroca from M Teixeira and heard mixed reviews about softness. I experimented with the sample and am cheerful with my sanding and oil skills but is to on a square. We are also trying to cease to the Greek Revival architecture of our house. Thank you.

  20. Wren Paula Giana

    Thank * you these tips! I was trying to my room more classy and probably mix things up on what I learned in this apartment organization – *.bigappleorganizers.com . Thanks a lot!

  21. Emmeline

    ITA with this. Generally I am not a fan of altering heirlooms or antiques because too often what happens is we enact it for a at that time and then down the line regret painting/wallpapering/drilling holes in it.If something has sentimental value or even monetary value that would be ruined by making major cosmetic changes, I personally would give them to another family member that would keep them as is and then something to suit my needs.

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