Decorating Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Living in tight quarters is a decorating dilemma. It can pose a challenge, especially if the living room is the first room people see when they enter your home. While living rooms are supposed to be inviting and comfortable spaces, a lack of room can often lead to a lack of warmth, and can create feelings of confinement and suffocation. The living room is the center of the house, so it is wise to keep the area neat and well decorated. There are, however, you can find some decorating living room ideas for small spaces to make even the smallest rooms look cozy. And some of them are mentioned below. Just follow a few of these below decorating living room ideas for small spaces that can help you successfully decorate a small living room, so that spaciousness and style are optimize.

adorable living room ideas for small spacesAdorable Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Great Decorating Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces

First of all, go to focus the wall colors in decorating living room ideas for small spaces. Choosing a light, neutral palette makes the room seem bigger while dark solid colors make the room look cave-like. If you like to use bold colors, use them on art pieces and accessories instead. Make one of the four walls a focal wall by painting it with a different color. Add stripes to create an illusion of more space. A narrow space appear wider with the addition of horizontal stripes while a room that has low ceilings looks taller with vertical stripes. Then, don’t forget about the furniture. A common mistake when decorating a small space is to fill the room with many small pieces of furniture. Instead, it is better to choose only a few larger pieces, reducing visual clutter. Simple, clean-lined furniture will create a calm, open feeling. Also, pay attention to the “visual” weight of furniture, not just its actual size. Pale-colored furniture appears lighter than dark furniture, and upholstered pieces with legs lend more visual space than pieces with skirts.

great living room ideas for small spacesGreat Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Another decorating living room ideas for small spaces is the mirrors. Mirrors are powerful decorating tools in living room with small area, as their reflective properties can make walls seem to open like portals into other dimensional spaces. As HGTV notes, you can use mirrors to create alluring imagery by positioning them across from pieces of artwork displays of collectibles, or eccentric or particularly appealing furniture items. You may also want to consider positioning a large mirror across from a focal point in your living room, such as a central couch or fireplace, as this will help balance the space. For the curtains, hang curtains higher than the top of your window frame, at least 8 inches higher. Hanging your curtains closer to the ceilings makes your room look taller and grander. Use lighter fabric with few patterns. Bulky drapes with busy patterns make your room seem smaller. A sheer curtain lets in natural light to make your room bright and airy.

living room ideas for small spaces with mirrorLiving Room Ideas For Small Spaces With Mirror

sweet living room ideas for small spacesSweet Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

awesome living room ideas for small spacesAwesome Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

simple living room ideas for small spacesSimple Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Lighting is also important in a small space. Many homes include a ceiling light fixture in the living room, but it is usually not very attractive and does not light well. Change the light’s cover to go with your decor, and look for energy-efficient light bulbs that cast a softer glow over the area while providing good light. Add a couple of table or floor lamps to the room as well, using the same light bulb criteria. Keeping wall elements to a minimum is also important. One large picture on the wall above the sofa, as well as some strategically placed, nicely framed family photographs, will go a long way. A low floral centerpiece placed on the coffee table, with a candle on either side, will give the room simple elegance. A few books stacked on a stand will give the room a homey feel. A water fountain placed on a flat surface in the room will make the room feel more serene. Living rooms are a place for family and friends to gather. Make use of all the available space in a small room to make it comfortable, functional, and a reflection of your personal style. Decorating living room ideas for small spaces is a challenge, but these ideas make it easier for anyone downsize.

adorable living room ideas for small spaces , Decorating Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces In  Category
awesome living room ideas for small spaces , Decorating Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces In  Category
great living room ideas for small spaces , Decorating Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces In  Category
living room ideas for small spaces with mirror , Decorating Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces In  Category
simple living room ideas for small spaces , Decorating Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces In  Category
sweet living room ideas for small spaces , Decorating Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces In  Category

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  3. Cruz Shannon Gannon

    I agree – I that a light grey color for the walls would be great. That you can add other pops of color in throw pillows/art, however you add interest to the space. For example…

  4. Alexander.Landen.Matteo

    I the fireplace is great, reminds me of gargantuan broken-down hunting lodges, and they would terra cotta. If you want something more subtle, what about marble to sort of blend into the floors?

  5. Isaac-Keegan-Darin

    Deirdre has the idea.Herbs be pleased Oregano can spread to provide ground cover. Mint will grow into bushes. And you can mix clusters of herbs with clusters of flowers. The possibilities are enticing. But you could sneak veggies in there too– a line of tomatoes along a fence, a row of lettuce as a border. Hot peppers are and colourful… and fruit– a strawberry patch, or hanging strawberry baskets, raspberry bushes. None of these things need be unsightly. Quite the opposite.

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  8. Daniel_Jaeden

    I really this tour, one of my favorites ever on AT! Really beautiful, fun, comfortable…. but edited enough not to feel cluttered and overdone. Thank you for sharing!

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    Anytime I am shopping online, I place items I I really want in my shopping basket, wait 5 days, then return to my shopping basket to if I admire it; if not, I it from the basket. Sometimes I will items in several shopping baskets on several websites. Learning this discipline has made me realize I may split personalities, and my moods definitely affect my purchases. Scary, but it teaches me a lot about myself! 🙂

  10. Danica E.

    everything about the house…. except the sofa. Kinda sticks out a sore thumb.A printed fabric with combined colors in the room would float the seating and not detract from the structured bones of the space.

  11. AmaniHeavenly

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  25. Emilia_Rhea

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  28. Amira.1988

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  29. Scarlett_Andrea_Anastasia

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  30. Jaiden Enrique Z.

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  31. Sofia Sophie Jayla Z.

    I agree with Paul. Rugs out of scale really bother me, better a bare floor than an awkward rug. I agree with the others about the kitchen cabinets (the of the stripes seems kitschy), and would paint the ceiling in the bedroom white to it less cavelike, but otherwise I your color choices. The bones of this are and you shown them off well. job!

  32. MosesMilo

    @rubyr..True. Same here. I conception that “before” was actually after. I absolutely loved the oriental rug and the warmth of the room. It looked so inviting. The after is too, stylish, but that warmth and coziness in the room is missing.

  33. Naomi

    As a cat owner, I totally sympathize with your plight. My cat, Samwise Gamgee, is as I to say “* and furry a hobbit”. But her fur, unfortunately, ends up all over my rug (from both shedding and the ubiquitous fur balls). Eww, gross!Due to the constant struggle to the rug clean, I recently decided to ‘rug-less’ in my apartment. I miss having a rug, but I don’t miss the endless frustration of using a vacuum, stain remover, and specialized brushes to deal with the fur and fur balls.If you enact really want to a rug, it is probably best to invest in one that one won’t pile as easily. I had an Ikea rug that pilled easily and I likely won’t be getting another one.

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