Chic Paris Decor for Bedroom

Paris, the City of Lights, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Many people wish to bring a sense of Parisian style to their home. Even if you’ve never been to France, you can easily incorporate French style into your home decor. Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is the perfect place to decorate lavishly and imaginatively and allow your personal style to predominate. Especially for the bedroom, you can give your bedroom personality with this style. Inspired by the style and landmarks of the famous city, the Paris decor for bedroom can be ideal for teenage girls or anyone who wants to give their bedroom a sense of international flair.  Paris decor for bedroom typically punch up the style on both functional and purely decorative pieces. And mentioned below are few ideas of chic Paris decor for bedroom that can create a sophisticated and worldly flavor for your bedroom.

lovely paris decor for bedroomLovely Paris Decor For Bedroom

Adding Ambiance to Your Room with Chic Paris Decor for Bedroom

To set the tone for Paris decor for bedroom, choose the right colour palette. For a traditional look, begin with pink and black. For added dimension, try a wide stripe effect on the wall with two different shades of pink. However, if you prefer a more sophisticated wall covering, opt for a pink background and add black pinstripes. Throughout the room, incorporate white as an accent colour to help brighten the space. For a more unique look, you may substitute lilac, turquoise or even red for the pink in your colour palette. For the bed, an ornate black wrought iron bed frame is a popular choice of Paris decor for bedroom. The bed frame can include any traditional style, such as four tall iron posts or a floral patterned iron headboard. A headboard and footboard upholstered in rich fabric is another popular choice for a soft Parisian bed frame. For example, a padded, cream silk-covered headboard with silk-covered button tufting adds a regal touch to the room’s sophisticated style. Bedding for a Parisian style bed must look as rich and indulgent as possible to continue the sophisticated theme. Country quilts, funky throws and plain comforters are too casual. Traditional quality pieces are the best choice, such as white linen sheets covered with a plum satin comforter and matching pillows.

cozy paris decor for bedroomCozy Paris Decor For Bedroom

In Paris decor for bedroom, there are a number of options when it comes to furniture. Wood furniture that is painted white and features elegant details fits the theme well. You may also opt for black furniture if there is not much of the colour in the rest of the room. Pieces that can make an impact in a Paris style bedroom include a vanity, writing desk and armoire. However, if you want to channel the feel of Parisian cafe, wrought iron furniture is a must. Use a cushioned wrought iron chair at your desk or vanity, or place wrought iron nightstands on either side of the bed. You may even opt for a wrought iron bed frame. If you do not want to add whole furniture pieces, you can also incorporate wrought iron light fixtures to evoke the bistro feel. Then, accessorize your French bedroom with pieces from France or inspired by French design. Landscape paintings, photographs and mirrors in ornately carved frames have classic style.

chic cute paris decor for bedroomChic Cute Paris Decor For Bedroom

adorable paris decor for bedroomAdorable Paris Decor For Bedroom

beautiful paris decor for bedroomBeautiful Paris Decor For Bedroom

elegant paris decor for bedroomElegant Paris Decor For Bedroom

For a more rustic look, hang simple metal signs advertising French products. Stack framed and unframed artwork and art postcards on a narrow wall or around a door frame to imitate the look of Paris art salons. Silk or linen textiles in faded florals, toile and paisley soften surfaces. Illuminate your French bedroom. A drop crystal chandelier over the bed has formality while an acrylic version painted startling periwinkle or fuchsia has bohemian modern funk. Flank a large painting with wall sconces to make it the room’s focal point. Well, these were some ideas of Paris decor for bedroom that you can try. If you need more ideas, then pop in your favourite French film or leaf through a Paris travel guide and you may be surprised at how much inspiration you find.

adorable paris decor for bedroom , Chic Paris Decor for Bedroom In  Category
chic cute paris decor for bedroom , Chic Paris Decor for Bedroom In  Category
cozy paris decor for bedroom , Chic Paris Decor for Bedroom In  Category
elegant paris decor for bedroom , Chic Paris Decor for Bedroom In  Category
beautiful paris decor for bedroom , Chic Paris Decor for Bedroom In  Category
lovely paris decor for bedroom , Chic Paris Decor for Bedroom In  Category

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