Trendy Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Young Women

When a little girl grows up to be a young woman, then it is an exciting, new phase of her life. She wants to break out from the image of a small girl and is ready to embrace the identity of a young woman. At this transitional stage, she will not like the bedroom decoration that she was very fond of in her childhood or adolescent years. Her bedroom should have an interesting feminine touch that reflects the softer side of her personality. And also it should not get stuck to a specific theme. This is because they will outgrow any theme within a short span of time. There are so many bedroom decorating ideas for young women to opt for. Use bedroom decorating ideas for young women below to create a space that grows with her as she moves into adulthood.

adorable bedroom decorating ideas for young womenAdorable Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Young Women

Easy and Trendy Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Young Women

The first bedroom decorating ideas for young women is all about black and hwite. A classic black-and-white styled bedroom can be changed in the future depending on how young women’s personal style and changing tastes. Start with walls painted white and then lay down black carpeting. Or use white carpeting with black throw rugs. Use the same colors on the bedding, mixing a black comforter with white sheets and black and white throw pillows. Hang black and white photographs in black picture frames or wrap black fabric around plain frames and hang those from the walls. Black decals or stickers in shapes of buildings or even chandeliers are another way to decorate the walls. If she likes the look but wants some color, then add a few bright pops of colors around the bedroom. A red velvet chair or hot pink pillows on the bed splash more color to the space.

black white simple bedroom decorating ideas for young womenBlack White Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Young Women

Then, another bedroom decorating ideas for young women; at the opposite end of the spectrum from black-and-white is a room full of bright and bold colors. Mix those bright colors with items that remind her of nature. Fake vines hung at the top of the wall create a funky border around the room that’s less permanent than a wallpaper bolder. Use a tree branch as a curtain rod above the window. Add some bright colors such as orange and yellow. Plain orange curtains and throw pillows mixed with yellow rugs and a comforter creates a bright, sunny space that feels like the outdoors.

boho bedroom decorating ideas for young womenBoho Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Young Women

shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas for young womenShabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Young Women

lovely bedroom decorating ideas for young womenLovely Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Young Women

If the young women prefer calm cool bedroom then she can go for this idea. Pick colors that mimic the ocean, including shades of blue, green and white. Add glass shelves and glass decorations around the room to create the effect of sea glass. A few dolphin-shaped decorations complete the theme. These were just a few bedroom decorating ideas for young women. There are many other ideas in the internet. If the size of young women room is small, then the number of furniture and accessories should be kept minimum in order to avoid a clumsy look. Moreover, the color of the room should always be kept light to make the room look more spacious.

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  8. Irene-Erica-Jewel

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  9. Demarion Carmelo C.

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  10. Lily@88

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