Adorable and Popular Living Room Colors

The colors that you choose for your living room decor can affect a lot more than the way that your room looks. Since color can evoke emotional responses, and, some research suggests, physiological responses in our bodies, it makes sense to choose colors that evoke the emotions and feelings you want people to feel in your living room. The colors that you choose for your living room can affect emotions, make your room seem larger or smaller, warmer or cooler, sophisticated or rustic. There are several popular living room colors that commonly used that you can choose one of them. From new wave neutrals to unexpected pastels, popular living room colors provide a variety of color palettes to choose from to suit your style.

sweet popular living room colorsSweet Popular Living Room Colors

Stick Your Living Room Color with Popular Living Room Colors

Do simple start with popular living room colors in neutrals. Neutral colors don’t have to fade into the background; they provide a simple canvas for more boldly colored accessories without competing with the other colors of the room. Beige is consistently a favored color for living rooms because it offers a warm neutral tone that isn’t as stark as white or as cool as gray. Whether you opt for tan, buff, bisque or beige, a pale shade of brown offers a simple color that is easy to pair with a wide range of accent colors and furniture styles in your living room. On the other hand, dark greens and lime greens are too dark and saturated for a large living room, but pale sage, light fern and olive green shades are popular choices for living rooms. Choose muted shades of green with slightly brown or gray undertones to create a space that is chic and interesting without being overbearing. Green living rooms tend to be appear sophisticated and slightly formal; paint green-wall trim white to lighten up the space.

olive green popular living room colorsOlive Green Popular Living Room Colors

Bright sunny yellow is the preferred yellow for kitchens and bathrooms, but creamy pale yellows are one of the most popular living room colors.  Among the top colors listed by Breslow Home Design are wheat and cream shades of yellow; the yellow is subtle and remains neutral but gives off more color than a standard beige. Stark white furniture and fabrics bring out the yellow hues of more subtle yellow shades. And if you love pastel, then go for it. The pastel shades of decades past have been given an update with gray undertones rather than white bases. House Beautiful recommends gray-toned lavender and blue shades to create a more modern take of the classic pastel shades. These shades help you avoid creating a space that is too bright or difficult to match with other colors. Bring out the gray undertones with gray curtains and upholstery.

adorable pastels popular living room colorsAdorable Pastels Popular Living Room Colors

another choice of popular living room colorsAnother Choice Of Popular Living Room Colors

neutral popular living room colorsNeutral Popular Living Room Colors

These were some choices of popular living room colors. However, when deciding on living room color, there are some important things to consider. These considerations include the amount and type of light in the room, the size of the room and the effect that you want the colors in the room to have. Light is an important factor in choosing living room colors. A room that gets little natural light, for instance, will change the way that colors look on your walls, carpet and furnishings. Light colors on large surfaces can make the most of the available light in the room and make it feel naturally brighter. By contrast, darker colors can absorb some of the light in a bright room, making it feel cooler. Another consideration thing is if you do the process fast, chances are you will commit a mistake. Do not rush on things. Be patient to check if the shade is of your interest. In addition, you should consider your own and your family’s likes and dislikes in colors. No matter how aesthetically attractive the colors may look on the paint swatches, if you hate that, you’ll never be comfortable in that room.

adorable pastels popular living room colors , Adorable and Popular Living Room Colors In  Category
another choice of popular living room colors , Adorable and Popular Living Room Colors In  Category
neutral popular living room colors , Adorable and Popular Living Room Colors In  Category
olive green popular living room colors , Adorable and Popular Living Room Colors In  Category
sweet popular living room colors , Adorable and Popular Living Room Colors In  Category

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  1. Prince-696

    Temporary or not – it is amazing! And it gives people myself who are also about to a baby in a one bedroom apartment inspiration, I also a nook that I in mind for the crib and I Bloom products. So kudos! to you! And thanks for the 9 month update. I am less stressed now seeing what can and can not be done – I it is all about what you of a space.

  2. Earl1990

    astronomical post. I that you linked the appeal of textures with nature. I am a firm believer that a lot in preference has to with our ancestral past. I will pin it away!

  3. Elizabeth Royalty Aubrielle

    I nothing in my house related to where I currently live. Although I know I to in the next couple of years (marriage/job/you know, life) and it actually had me thinking of ways to incorporate my “home” city into my home, if that makes sense.

  4. River-Deshaun-Maxim

    A Lamp & Fixture Shoppe (3181 N Elston Ave) will probably the shades you are looking for. They can also fix any lamp you bring in. I had a family heirloom vintage lamp fixed there and while it was pricey, the shop guys were and really helpful. I replaced the *-awful shade it had with a rectangular box shade that is to die for.

  5. Evelynn_Esme

    i am absolutely obsessed with reusing my sauce jars. they ample storage for granola, dried beans and treats. i too a sauce jar to the coffee shop and for outdoor events ive been known to indicate up with one filled with wine, or whatever cocktail i feel drinking for the night. there is nothing be pleased hearing ice clinking around in a mason jar of lemonade (hard or soft)

  6. Kinsley_Norah_Jolie

    I the recycling fraction is great, but how many vases effect we need made out of recycled stuff? Has anyone else notices this proliferation of vases from waste? What I really is when they assume plastic water bottles and turn them into playground equipment or fluffy pullovers (my son had one and it was great). No more vases, please!

  7. Kyle_Johnny_Bradyn

    This kitchen has bones. Well done!I would change the floor, wall color, faucet, lighting fixtures, and window treatments. That should a profound change in the feel of the kitchen.While from a perspective, I agree completely with the hint to paint the cabinets… I really caution you to really before you it. They top quality wood. I know oak doesn’t “modern,” but painted cabinets can be a accurate pain. A painted surface won’t be as durable as high-quality wood. It can be sticky, *, chip, and doesn’t elegant up as nicely. And once it’s done, it’s done. Plus, painting cabinets is a really task. I personally wouldn’t bother with adding pulls. I’m not what you would gain, and they really add up.As as I would want to rip out the countertop on account of the color, it would eat your entire budget. It seems a shame to toss out such a counter, too. I’d looking for modern, jade green inspiration photos for color palettes. I it’s a completely workable color.

  8. Ashley.Raegan

    The top one are made in the Indian of Gujurat, where they are typical window and wall decorations. They nothing, at all, to with Tibet. These are really cheap commercial versions – antique ones are distinguished prettier!The bottom ones are Nepali tourist art.

  9. Randy Desmond Elmer D.

    Am I the only one that thinks silk on window coverings is considerate of, well …. *? Silk is destroyed in sunlight – avoid them if you windows are facing south. I know the curtains mentioned linings, but the edge does exposed to sun and will contemplate awful over the years. Curtains are one of the really items in your – and it is worth the investment in tailoring. The really amusing thing is that there are really synthetics available that explore and feel appreciate silk without the problems with sun, fading and staining. I for one am ready for the silk curtain trend to destroy so we can on to something better.

  10. Faith Hailee V.

    I enjoyed all the tiles covering the buildings in downtown Lisbon as well! The tile was an unexpected treat during my chase as I had never imagined Portugal had so many patterns lining its streets . I especially loved Pena Palace in Sintra.

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  13. EmanuelBrooks

    Such a room. Several years ago my husband and I got rid of a chair bask in yours, and I missed it to this day.Could you declare me what of flowers those are on the side table?

  14. PaigeZoie

    While I applaud the boldness of this entry I wonder if the color wont feel dated in a year or two. Well.. i guess thats whats so easy about painting!And kudos on showing us your color – not your designer furniture.

  15. Jakob-Mike

    @sugarbeetxxx Yes, I too saw the tusks and sent an email to Janel Laban, executive editor at Apartment Therapy. I asked that the photo be removed with an appropriate explanation and that no photos with ivory, no matter the age, be in future articles.It will be to if their is a answer especially since so many visitors to the had responses similar to yours.

  16. Russell Kane G.

    I bear a West Elm frame wood bed frame, (not to be confused with wood bed frame,) without a springbox. Although I my lowish bed, I really miss out on is being able to really the underneath. The measurements read about 9″ height but with the wood, theres actually 4″ clearance underneath, and I havent found ANY type of under bed storage that size. Really WE? you couldnt under bed storage for your bed? REALLY?? maybe thats why my frame has been discontinued this year…ok, thanks for allowing the rant : )

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  18. Micah_Mitchell_Moses

    Obviously this is a tasteful and well out apartment. However, it looks a bit every “store of the moment” puked in there…boooring! The art is good, although rather decorative. I to criticize art.

  19. Farrah

    Speaking from experience, personally at least, I an accent color in colors. I my entire living room painted a mossy/limey green correct now and was in with it for the first 6 months, now I dream of grey-brown to tone it down. It makes it so difficult to decorate with other colors. :-/

  20. JavionVaughnLeandro

    I to hang a stretched canvas art fraction on my Billy-style bookshelf. The art was was square and the same width as the bookshelf. It completely blocked 2 shelves and allowed me to store things out of it. Not wanting to a hole in the shelving unit and using stuff I had around the house, I sewed one of a of nylon strapping through the hanger, and sewed the other around a reasonably heavy brick. I the brick on the shelf above the picture, and achieve books in front of the brick to it. This setup also made it easy to the art to access the stuff it. Worked great, looked great.

  21. Kamden

    I am a intern for MILKdesign and not only we the pieces featured above but we recently launched our newest bath line. You can check out our stuff @ or IF anyone has any questions comments or concerns please email me at

  22. Francis.1996

    I am in at the two previous postings. In my opinion, Myk is a extremely skilled contractor and carpenter, with a considerable background in a wide scope of renovation and interior skills. I cannot understand why the two women who posted negative reviews are able to his competency AND personality by a phone call?! either of these people experience in hiring professional contractors in this city? I been burnt many times. Myk is extremely well priced for the high designer and custom made furniture he made for me. He is honest, and with communication skills. I already recommended him to many friends and colleagues are impressed by his work after visiting my apartment. Thanks for your interior expertise and delivery of service! luck.

  23. Toby-Fisher

    I had parquet in the condo I bought and it was extremely yellow looking and missing chunks. I found it cheaper to repair and refinish to a nicer colour than to bewitch it (it is wood after all) and replace it with laminate. It really grew on me after a while. (

  24. Boston

    I wish I had seen this 2 months ago! We built a rocking chair out of that same chair and it has a time rocking on a soft rug we have. Of course, we saw that project on apartment therapy too…

  25. Cannon Paxton

    yes, agree with others that the restraint showed works out beautifully. i affection the minimal of those blinds as well and i esp. be pleased the portraits. the occasional coarse lights compose me a nervous but a really space!

  26. Jeremiah

    google the landlord! I cannot stress this enough. Had I done this prior to renting my apartment in SF, I would ran for the hills. Completely non-responsive, rude, and shady. honest for kicks, check out these reviews:

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