Simple Masculine Bachelor Bedroom Ideas

Many people think of a bachelor’s bedroom, they may visualize an unmade bed, clothes on the floor, and pizza boxes, magazines and DVDs littering the floor. But it doesn’t have to be that way. They can be so neat, independence, masculine and cool.  Since the bachelors have complete control over the look and style of their bedroom, they can choose some bachelor bedroom ideas that best suits their taste and lifestyle. And given below are some simple, masculine bachelor bedroom ideas that can turn the boring bedroom into a fun, inviting environment. Let’s take a look!

Awesome Bachelor Bedroom IdeasAwesome Bachelor Bedroom Ideas

Personalize Your Bedroom with These Simple Masculine Bachelor Bedroom Ideas

The number one of bachelor bedroom ideas, choose the colors. For the most versatility, choose rich, masculine colors for your bedroom. Keep your color scheme neutral and use accessories to add a pop of color. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring, either. You can add colorful curtains, art or a surprising accent piece without the room seeming busy or overdone. Choose a darker, slightly more masculine theme if you feel it suits your personal tastes.

Rustic Masculine Bachelor Bedroom IdeasRustic Masculine Bachelor Bedroom Ideas

Then, for the next bachelor bedroom ideas, choose your furniture. When choose furniture for your bedroom, go with wood finished in a mahogany or dark oak shade. Simple is better when you are decorating for a bachelor, so choose furniture with sleek, clean lines and without a lot of fussy carvings or embellishments. If you want to have a television in your bedroom, as many men do, place it inside an entertainment center that can be closed when you aren’t watching it. When you choose your bed, go one of two ways. Either choose a large, high bed with an impressive headboard or go with a low platform bed. Either one will add elegance and a modern feel to your room.
For the fabrics, always choose fabrics based on your lifestyle. If you are going for a luxurious feel, choose a supple leather or suede and high-quality bed linens and curtains. If you are going for a more lived-in look or are on a budget, stick with cotton and basic upholstery fabric but don’t skimp on low-quality bed linens. Use pillow shams for a finished look, and skip the throw pillows if you think they’re too fussy. Lastly, don’t forget to accessorizing. Accessorize your bachelor bedroom to make it your own. Include a work of art, or a print of a famous work, on the wall. If you have space, create a seating area with a couple chairs so that you can watch television in your bedroom without having to sit on the bed.

Simple Bachelor Bedroom IdeasSimple Bachelor Bedroom Ideas

Cool Bachelor Bedroom IdeasCool Bachelor Bedroom Ideas

Great Bachelor Bedroom IdeasGreat Bachelor Bedroom Ideas

Choose lamps for each bedside table that incorporate a pop of color, either in the base of the lamp or the shade. Importantly, keep the tables, floors and other areas of the bedroom neat and free of clutter. Place small wooden bowls on the dresser and bedside table for your wallet, watch, phone and other items. Yes, there are many different ways to improve the look of a bachelor’s bedroom. Many of these bachelor bedroom ideass are easier than most assume. So, what are you waiting for? do some rearrangement and see the results. Good luck!

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