Seaside Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Having a home along the coast is the dream of many families. Cool ocean breezes and the sound of crashing waves makes a coastal home, especially your bedroom feel like vacation every day. Even if you don’t live at the beach, you can give your bedroom the feeling of coastal living. Decorating coastal bedroom ideas differs slightly from port to port. If you are thinking of decorating a bedroom in the coastal style, pay specific attention to the color schemes, accents and accessories, furniture and bedding you use. The following paragraphs are some seaside coastal bedroom ideas that you can try.

tranquil coastal bedroom ideasTranquil Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Refreshing Your Bedroom Into Coastal Style with Seaside Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Naturally, it all starts with the bed itself. The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, so it should be ‘dressed’ in the style of seaside coastal decor. Bedspreads done in beach style can go a long way to making your entire room look and feel coastal. A bedspread doesn’t necessarily have to have seashells on it on order to be considered coastal decorating, a patterned bedspread or soft comforter with colors of the seashore works just as well. Then, the color wall in coastal bedroom ideas, use a color palette inspired by coastal hues. Blue is an obvious choice, with options ranging from sea foam green to deep blue. Another option is various shades of brown or beige found on the beach. Pick one primary color and two or three accent colors. Dark blue, light blue and white create a cool, refreshing palette. Tan, mocha, green and cream are also inviting. An almost all-white palette with shades of grey is a relaxing choice.

cozy coastal bedroom ideasCozy Coastal Bedroom Ideas

For an extra pop of color and to complete the coastal style look for the bed, choose coastal style accent pillows that complement the bedspread. There are many different coastal styles to choose from: nautical with navy, red, and whites, soft beach colors in aqua, grey, and seafoam green, and a new preppy beach style with pinks, greens, and blues. Beach wall art plays an important part in coastal decor. This can include any kind of nautical wall decor like mirrors with nautical themes, shadow boxes with souvenirs of the seashore in them, or frames done in a weathered wash finish which is a widely popular beach theme look. Another popular trend in beach wall art is vintage style wooden signal flag signs. Real signal flags have a language all their own and with the wide variety of wooden signal flag signs available today, you can actually ‘spell’ out messages on your wall, sharing their true meaning with the most special people in your life.

Cute Coastal Bedroom IdeasCute Coastal Bedroom Ideas

adorrable coastal bedroom ideasAdorrable Coastal Bedroom Ideas

sweet coastal bedroom ideasSweet Coastal Bedroom Ideas

boho coastal bedroom ideasBoho Coastal Bedroom Ideas

When decorating your bedroom in coastal bedroom ideas, don’t forget the surfaces. Dressers, nightstands, and bookshelves are wonderful places to put hurricane lamps, nautical inspired tea lights, and even large glass bottles that come in the colors of the ocean such as cobalt blue, fanciful turquoise, and golden amber. These bottles can be left as is, turned into lamps, or filled with small shells and sand. Finally, coastal bedroom is have tranquil colors and comfortable textures which is make this style is so special. Look to the sea for another coastal bedroom ideas and you can’t go wrong. There’s no need to live by the ocean when you can create something almost as nice with the decor of you bedroom.

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