Wall Art ideas for Living Room

Living room could become the most important room for you for welcoming the guests since it is the first room where your guests are heading. So, decorating the living room could be the most priority that you should do in your home interior design. Then, what have you done for designing your living room? Every part of your living room could build the mood and impression of your guests, so that have careful consideration in making the decoration. One of many parts in living room is that your living room’s wall. You could arrange the decoration by having wall art ideas for living room here. Don’t you know that wall is very common become place for hanging the art work. There, you could hang many things, such as paintings, drawings, ceramics art, textiles, or the combination of those ideas. Becuse living room is the focal point of your home interior, then, have a look at some design of wall art, below!

Canvas Wall Map DecorationCanvas wall map decoration

There are many kinds of wall art decoration and one of them is canvas wall map decoration. This decoration is an artistic one since it come combination between large and small canvas to be great idea as above decoration. This kind of decoration could be suitable for you love home interior art design since artist could always be related to the canvas and paintings.

Doily Wall Art DecorationDoily wall art Decoration

This wall art decoration is very simple doily wall art decoration since you could made it by yourself. You will juts need some canvas, paint, scrapbook paper and simple tools.Then, the result is very great since you could see it by yourself above.

Cheap Wall DecorationCheap Wall decoration

Having some photos for becoming wall decoration would be cheap but it is great idea. The only thing that you should prepare is only the printed photos and frames. For rest is only about the arrangement matter. Photos could become have big meaning in person’s life since it is become the way to remember nice and great memories in their lives. In the living room, of course there are many ways of arrangements that would be great idea for you as you can see in the previous picture. Beside that, you could hang some of your beloved family there, including your children, family gathering’s picture or your wedding ceremony’s picture.

Toilet Paper Wall Art DecorationToilet Paper wall art decoration

This toilet paper wall art decoration is unique, cheap but also great decoration since it has cheap price but still it has wonderful look as you could see. This decoration is simple decoration that you could make it by yourself. So, it can be said that actually, you do not need much money for having great ideas of wall art decoration for your living room. The only thing that you need is only creativity and the way you manage the decoration. That’s all.

Canvas Wall Map Decoration , Wall Art ideas for Living Room In  Category
Cheap Wall Decoration , Wall Art ideas for Living Room In  Category
Doily Wall Art Decoration , Wall Art ideas for Living Room In  Category
Toilet Paper Wall Art Decoration , Wall Art ideas for Living Room In  Category

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  2. Jamie-Linda-Anabella

    …..along with the theme of artificially recreating the fireplace “look”- how about photographing a friends fireplace, (or a Google Search>”Flames in a Fireplace”>images>download) with a roaring Fire logs andirons, etc…and having a Print Shop output a print, on canvas, same size as opening – that you can “wallpaper” to the orifice.Then, to proceed one step further-add a Hand Forged fireplace screen- rePurposed from an railing, gate, or Balcony.Voila!

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  10. Myla Kimber Dallas

    A couple of ideas – my Aunt had a similar wall and painted it with blackboard paint and we all drew a cute chalk mural on it, which she then varnished using an exterior varnish – it looked fantastic! Or you could varnish parts or none and a chalk board :)Idea 2 –

  11. Elliot@99

    I so enjoyed this tour. calm yet well appointed…rustic yet classic. Not my personal fashion but that impartial makes the tour more interesting. I the diversity of fashion and life stage. it coming!

  12. Daleyza_Celine_Cherish

    @RubyMae Her book is mentioned twice in the text, plus two links to her website. And I also to at nicely styled photos too. I advance here for inspiration not emulation.

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  15. Laylah 1976

    I the simplicity of this and i bet installation is a breeze. Because of the potential to books, this would be a cold DVD holder. I where this would be better in a reception area/waiting room. Perhaps build a larger version for magazines? You would need to add a sliding bookend since magazines are flimsy.

  16. Arabella99

    great Job, I noticed the stack of magazines immediately. This is exactly how I at magazines. This woman is obviously in the “know” and updated by reading the latest and fashion magazines. She is a woman that lives with the things she loves around her. Although their are antiques it is certain to me she is not afraid of them being appreciated by the young. I can the philosophy gradual this is , what you and surround yourself with it. all the splashes of color, job Eddie and Team, Kathysue

  17. JaylahEileen

    A lot of this can easily be accomplished without becoming a * to your things, if you elegant and desirable as you go. And creative of the hoover accesories. not dust shelves, books, radiators, baseboards etc. Hoover them. Cleaning and tidying as you disappear happens while waiting for something to cook, for you coffee percolator to through, never going to another room emptyhanded (I a basket at the foot and one at the top of the stairs to things in that need to to a different floor). Using some hot soapy water you anyway to some more stuff, pour it down the toilet and scrub that with it before flushing to name but a few examples. When in the shower and the room is steamed up anyway is the perfect time to it, it will next to no time. Dry tiles and floor with a squeegee and the taps with your towel. Done in a or so and you may need to deepclean only once every few months, depending on the size of your family. For deepcleaning I recommend damp microfibre cloth. You never cleaned so thorough and in your life, even without the of soap. water.

  18. Trace.2003

    The link to the sheepskins at Crate & Barrel goes to CB2. (And the ones at Crate, similar/same as shown on the chairs, are not faux.) May want to update. Thanks!

  19. Sylvie911

    Crate and Barrel sometimes has succulents that last a 2-3 months, which I adore to in a vase in my bathroom- is there anywhere else in Chicago I can succulents that are and not in soil?

  20. Maria Journey Brenda Y.

    Granite feels done to death to me most of the time and I agree with the article about quartz generally being easier to care for and, certainly, more environmentally friendly. Still, a client of mine recently found a granite slab that I and it ended up being the focal point of her bathroom. I wrote about it here:

  21. Gael.Pierce

    Personally I would opt for a soft blue or green or you could both as long as they coordinate with one another. For furniture I would with a light brown which is more forgiving then white or khaki but as versatile. For inspiration I would to one big art piece- poster, painting etc and then accent pieces appreciate throw pillows, lamps etc to pull it all together. brighter or more wild colors here that you can change it out if you tired of it without having to redo the entire apartment. I would definitely add plants for color and visual appeal. To the feel of a boutique hotel scour thrift stores, ebay, and craigslist for looking items that coordinate with one another.Good luck!

  22. Serenity_Miah

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  23. Meredith

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  24. Emilio Grady Dangelo V.

    Flor, while a dapper product is simply arrangement over priced. $30 a tile is expensive.This, while not exactly the pattern you is similar and a hellva lot cheaper…

  25. Aniyah Dalary N.

    Our house came with an entire wall burly of PAX wardrobes in birch in our “master” bedroom. I cannot vouch for them enough. They are sturdy, huge, and looking. They add more than enough storage home for both myself and my husband. It is not too evident from the ikea website, but I am amazed at how the drawers are– they so more than my dresser.

  26. Ruth Lainey Alyson

    This is what bugs me about Anthro. If I bought these trade knobs people would fair I bought them at Anthro–same with my vintage finds, the product of dedicated thrifting and creativity. Anthro has co-opted the considerate of fashion that broken-down to be possible only for the traveller, the vintage afficianado, or the diy-er. Now anyone can the with exiguous or work.

  27. ColeEzekielBilly

    On second look, I that is the color you already have, Sorry I it was all white. I it how it is. off the earthtones in your rug, pillows and couch. eye at browns, beiges and orange for accent.

  28. MichaelSalvatore

    nice, I adore the colors and the eclectic collection of objects, every object has a presence yet they work well as a collection. Not glasses fussy at all. : )

  29. Blaise.2013

    Friends and I all did this when we were 6 years (26 years ago), and I learned it from my parents. It is indeed a contrivance to them all in one and a fun display.

  30. Hayden Darion

    In 4,000 years from now, when archaeologists dig up American suburbia and the lengths we went through to reruns they will stand at a podium and declare, “What we discovered here is that this civilisation worshipped multiple gods whose images were projected into their extremely living spaces upon or necessity as to assuage their feelings of inadequacy due to their constant comparisons of each other. The size of these in shrines that society, as a whole, had suffered some catastrophic event that rendered the species at this evolutionary period with diminished sight. We are exploring how there seemed to be unlimited numbers of their gods, many of who commanded them to to the point of their eventual financial ruin.”

  31. London Nyla

    when we want champagne, but can afford box wine…CL will be hit-or-miss for appliances, as will be garage/tag/yard sales. those are better for non-tech or for vintage tech items that can be re-invigorated at minimal investment. formica in beneficial colours/installation works fine. if one does not want inorganic compounds & off-gassing of vct, linoleum or marmoleum that has linseed oil base.

  32. Leo

    Amanda—I really appreciate the balance with the pair of lamps. you a sofa table the couch to them on or are they on individual tables? I my couch flush against a wall fair now but would to travel it out a few inches.

  33. Kenneth

    does anyone know the whereabouts of Aline Matsikathe owner of a store in Soho – that sells african wooden objects and furniture – previously called “mosaic”she claims to be out of the country and has stolen our money , chairs and expensive yardage of fabric.if so please send me info through this websitethanks

  34. Sophie Paislee Lorelai

    hm. written advice correctly warns against using acrylic a hot surface, then of same is as example? acrylic is not recommended as a backsplash because it gets wiped down as often as every time a kitchen is used, so scratches/etches happen on day 1.glass is sanitary, but conducts heat, which may it for some applications. ceramic, including Pyrex, does not conduct heat.

  35. Rocco1971

    The fern wallpaper – I want it! This is one of those too-rare inspirational posts that makes you believe your area can be as beautifully done within the parameters of reality!

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