Wall Art ideas for Living Room

Living room could become the most important room for you for welcoming the guests since it is the first room where your guests are heading. So, decorating the living room could be the most priority that you should do in your home interior design. Then, what have you done for designing your living room? Every part of your living room could build the mood and impression of your guests, so that have careful consideration in making the decoration. One of many parts in living room is that your living room’s wall. You could arrange the decoration by having wall art ideas for living room here. Don’t you know that wall is very common become place for hanging the art work. There, you could hang many things, such as paintings, drawings, ceramics art, textiles, or the combination of those ideas. Becuse living room is the focal point of your home interior, then, have a look at some design of wall art, below!

Canvas Wall Map DecorationCanvas wall map decoration

There are many kinds of wall art decoration and one of them is canvas wall map decoration. This decoration is an artistic one since it come combination between large and small canvas to be great idea as above decoration. This kind of decoration could be suitable for you love home interior art design since artist could always be related to the canvas and paintings.

Doily Wall Art DecorationDoily wall art Decoration

This wall art decoration is very simple doily wall art decoration since you could made it by yourself. You will juts need some canvas, paint, scrapbook paper and simple tools.Then, the result is very great since you could see it by yourself above.

Cheap Wall DecorationCheap Wall decoration

Having some photos for becoming wall decoration would be cheap but it is great idea. The only thing that you should prepare is only the printed photos and frames. For rest is only about the arrangement matter. Photos could become have big meaning in person’s life since it is become the way to remember nice and great memories in their lives. In the living room, of course there are many ways of arrangements that would be great idea for you as you can see in the previous picture. Beside that, you could hang some of your beloved family there, including your children, family gathering’s picture or your wedding ceremony’s picture.

Toilet Paper Wall Art DecorationToilet Paper wall art decoration

This toilet paper wall art decoration is unique, cheap but also great decoration since it has cheap price but still it has wonderful look as you could see. This decoration is simple decoration that you could make it by yourself. So, it can be said that actually, you do not need much money for having great ideas of wall art decoration for your living room. The only thing that you need is only creativity and the way you manage the decoration. That’s all.

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  1. Kayden_Silas_Armani

    I this entry. I really commend Eddie for making a studio livable with living areas. Its also that he has embraced pieces from all ranges and can almost always build them cohere. I assume your sitting TV area is extremely cozy. Working with that wall of windows can be hard and I the office at one end. As some people replied of other entries, this type of entry deserves grave consideration, particularly because the person could employ and would clearly employ of the prize!!!

  2. Riya

    You had my vote at the first picture; that kitchen is gorgeous.Overall I it; really warms my minimalist soul, but I agree it does more of a “bachelor pad” vibe than “family living” (not complaining about not seeing toys and baby stuff everywhere!). The color palette seems a bit for typical family style. In any case, this is beautiful. I hope you the finals, I want to more pictures of this place.

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  6. ElisabethAmaniSaoirse

    i a about vinyl decals.i am looking at creating a custom decal to as a “rug” of sorts in my living room. i am looking for it to be anywhere from 36″ to 48″ round. I was thinking either solid matte or light gray or transparent black/gray.Does anyone any experience with anyone in the city doing this? also, any comments about the durability of this type of floor covering?

  7. Tyrone

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  8. Jamie-Linda-Anabella

    …..along with the theme of artificially recreating the fireplace “look”- how about photographing a friends fireplace, (or a Google Search>”Flames in a Fireplace”>images>download) with a roaring Fire logs andirons, etc…and having a Print Shop output a print, on canvas, same size as opening – that you can “wallpaper” to the orifice.Then, to proceed one step further-add a Hand Forged fireplace screen- rePurposed from an railing, gate, or Balcony.Voila!

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