Functionality Bedroom Benches with Storage

Do you want to add a sense of style, sophistication and ambience to your bedroom space but are not sure how to accomplish it? Do you have a bedroom that would benefit from the addition of a gorgeous, functional piece of furniture? Are your kids having a hard time keeping their room organized? Are you looking for a reading bench for your bedroom and could really use a little more space for storing things? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a solution just for you. Yep, you should consider getting bedroom benches with storage. Bedroom benches with storage have been popular for centuries. These bedroom benches with storage bring unparalleled grace and elegance to bedrooms with all types of decor. Whether you prefer rich upholstered bedroom storage benches or the more practical, but just as beautiful, storage benches, you can truly customize your space and add that needed touch without spending a lot of money or doing a complete remodel.

awesome bedroom benches with storageAwesome Bedroom Benches With Storage

Add Ambiance and Functionality Bedroom Benches with Storage in Your Room

Bedroom benches with storage come in all shapes and sizes. They can be placed at the foot of your bed or in front of a window. These pieces of furniture are wonderful ways to store things that are not needed all of the time like blankets and linens. They can also be used to hold shoes or other articles of clothing that are worn only during certain seasons. Now, when considering your options, you need to take a few things into consideration. The first is what size do you need. How big is your room? The right size bench will flow perfectly with its surroundings. A bench that is too small will look odd and out of place. One that is too large will become an obstacle to get around and make your room look small as well. When considering size measure your space look at options and see what will fit the best with a piece of cardboard or other material to mimic the bench. If your bench is going in front of a window make sure you will like the height as well.

adorable bedroom benches with storageAdorable Bedroom Benches With Storage

The next thing you need to consider is your decor. People often make the mistake of purchasing a piece of furniture that does not quite flow with its surrounding. Remember though, not all furniture in a room has to be the same exact style. Use your senses to make a decision. Sometimes furniture like benches do well at standing out a little bit in a room, while other times depending on the situation, a piece just needs to fit in and not be noticed or stand out. Remember that these are pieces of furniture and come in just about every style you could imagine, from all varieties of wood, to metal, or having cushions on top. The selection is nearly endless. The third thing to think about is what do you want the storage function to be. Do you just need a spot to store bed linens, or are you looking for more? Bedroom benches with storage take on many shapes, one bench that may house your linens, would not be what you want if you want to store shoes or boxes with old memories inside. Another function you may want is that this piece of furniture not only has enclosed storage, but may have display areas underneath the bench as well. The final area of consideration for function to think about is what kind of top do you need. Are you going to be sitting on it often, or do you want the beauty of solid wood or other material. If it is in front of a window consider a sitting style bench and if you will sit on it infrequently like for changing clothes a hard top will do just fine.

great dwell bedroom benches with storageGreat Dwell Bedroom Benches With Storage

After deciding what is right for find what you need and incorporate it into your room and you will, without doubt be happy for having the function and beauty of bedroom benches with storage. The addition of a bedroom storage bench to your decor is also very affordable. Pricing usually starts out as low as $200. Of course, you can spend more than that depending on what style of bedroom storage bench you pick and what custom options you choose. No matter what piece you finally decide to purchase, you can be sure that your bedroom storage bench will become one of your most treasured possessions. You will probably decide your kids need one too!

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  1. Jamarion-88

    You might be able to the best of your with a few non permanent updates. I was thinking you could cloak the pine shelves in patterned or solid colored contact paper (which I always in drawers and cabinets of rentals anyway for sanitary purposes). In addition, you could some looking baskets in a coordinating color or material for your less-than-beautiful items and only the ones you like. Try to a basket with a front handle (or DIY one) so that you can easily access what you need. In my now, I doored cabinets but i long for begin shelving up top in my closed-in galley kitchen. As in every rental, you to the best of what you have!

  2. Ivan-Saul-Kelton

    brooklynstar, because this is meant for a classroom, so it has to survive being handled daily by many many kids. This is not a cheap product in any sense. ps: my daughter is in Montessory preschool.

  3. LeilaniAniyaKadence

    @fledglingCheck the DIY blogs Ana White and such. I her diagrams to all my ledges. I beget she has one for the 3-sided box slid on to a frame type deal you would want. luck!

  4. GenevieveMoriah

    I am a longtime subscriber to Dwell, and while I understand how some may feel about the they live in because of the structures in Dwell, I not.The as I is it that most people will never a to their tastes, less a modern, efficient as is typically profiled in Dwell. We are, therefore, left to to (or rent) the mass-produced, copycat suburbia, “easy to throw up and sell” homes that currently exist in America. Homes where upgrades in insulation and furnaces are mere bandaids to the that the homes are and inefficient and capture up precious land space. Though some of us may aspire to something different, a century of development has left us with no choice. When Dwell shows us instead what is possible, it could be easy to be demoralized.However, at least for me, Dwell is a catalog of “what could be”. It helps me shape my personal asthetic. Dwell certainly highlights structures, but it goes deeper and provides commentary on how life should be lived. It has helped me the house I currently live in, and helps guide my renovations. My mother has replied numerous times to me, a not a house. Houses can be changed, you are stuck with. While I do not expanses of windows, passive solar, polished concrete floors…or anything else I would aspire to if the sky was the limit…I a neighborhood chubby of kids, a short to the grocery, a bike to the elementary school and a 10 commute. These are all elements of life that Dwell revisits often.All this said…if I had the means, I would demolish my in a heartbeat and rebuild a Dwell-worthy filled funky furniture.

  5. Aiyana

    Well for smaller bags (and those whose value/straps I am really not concerned about), I took a rectangular of wooden lattice my aunt had left over from an outdoor project, painted it a green color and then * in a bunch of brushed metal hooks at various corrupt points. This I can hang things without them overlapping and employ more door dwelling (I actually the lattice onto two pre-existing hooks on the of a door in my apartment, but in my last I leaned the whole thing up against a wall in my bed room). It works quite well and while it is visible it is a more display…

  6. ElizabethSiennaAntonia

    I second the Better Homes & Gardens recommendation from @themoderngal.The Robb is digitally (I was lucky to receive a free print subscription and the digital subscription is free, by default).

  7. Kevin

    Really, what more could a person possibly want than the second (called the Summer Tea House in the book)? at the floor plan–it is such a simple, efficient of space. If I could that on the side of a mountain lake I would be very, extremely happy.

  8. Elijah

    Yes, laniesue ,Indeed ! The house is more healthy with enough light of all sorts. One of our family fights again depression and feels better since my mistake. Now I about daylightbulbs…greetings

  9. Gabriel Blaze

    pumpkindoodle – what considerate of bulbs?I try to it short when I post – which means there is more to the story. I also forward to what people posting may contribute. I wanted to mention that binding tight can trap moisture between the leaves (which can promote disease) and also obstruct nutrients that should beget their to the bulbs. The best is to let the leaves be free and to the air as they yellow and die back. But here in the city some people want to a neater garden or – in the case of my neighbor – the leaves can flop into the sidewalk and be stepped on. Loosely and delicately binding them can be a contrivance to hold them safe. Another to let the bulbs expire and things dapper is to plants (like gleaming annuals) that camoflauge the waning bulbs.This is the advice I bear been given on bulbs: If the bulbs you acquire are hardy they can be left in the ground. Once the leaves are yellow/brown they can be plucked off. The bulbs will dormant during the summer. Fertilizing the bulbs in the drop is best, when they are activated by temperature and putting out roots.Non-hardy bulb aftercare varies but also can be dug up after the leaves yellow or die – but in general they should be dug up before the frost hits. They then need a dinky gentle cleaning, a period to dry, and then to be away in a box or (with peat, vermiculite, etc;) until the following spring once the of frost has passed.I hope this helps – and any gardeners out there please add or comment to advantage pumpkindoodle the best out of those bulbs!

  10. Daniel Emanuel Giancarlo S.

    Heart of Vermont and White Lotus are two companies that custom size futon mattresses. In my experience, Heart of Vermont is cheaper and is by a cooperative of women who the product by hand. Even if you extinguish up moving. Futon mattresses are typically rollable and could be as a guest bed later on.

  11. AlanaMirandaGiana

    sorry you are having such a problem! also sorry you are getting mostly advice here!anyway, here is what you do:1: Calculate how many square feet of tile you have, also impress the thickness of the grout lines and the length/width of your tiles.2. Knock out any loose grout, you really should catch in there with a dremel or something and most of it out, otherwise it will through your current stuff if you a different color. the * out of the floor.2. to hardware store and derive a bucket of premixed tile adhesive that is appropriate for floor tile. A medium sized bucket should be under $20. Also either dry (much cheaper) or premixed grout** based on your square footage/tile spacing and size. Directions for this will be on the container. Spring for some with the sealer mixed in or accumulate a bottle of sealer additive. a couple buckets, sponges, grout float, kneepads (trust me) and mixer thingy for your drill if you the dry stuff.3. consume the adhesive to stick all the broken pieces to the floor where they belong. the floor under the tile is clean. Let dry according to directions.4. Regrout the entire floor.**If you know that your subfloor is around on you, an epoxy grout, it has a more give than sanded grout.Best of luck to you!

  12. Nova_Giselle_Carlee

    bear you guys heard of RX Made? They products from reclaimed materials salvaged around Chicago. They a job training program that helps crete jobs. They 3 really products that you might want to add to your holiday wish list! Check it out!

  13. Kaliyah Emilee Harleigh

    guerilla, your “vomitorium of clutter” is pefectly apt. I seriously feel queasy every time I at this room.Editing the accessories and losing the blue molding and wallpaper would a world of difference. Emphasizing ONE accent color would as well.

  14. Vivienne@1967

    unfortunately that expensive foam is sort of par for the course if you want some squish in your upholstery project. the only earth and wallet alternative i can believe of is to someone who is giving away couch cushions and re-use the foam inside. however, there is a possible ick/bed bug factor with that.anyone acquire better ideas for this??

  15. Kenia-Sariah

    From what I understand from my momma friends, having a high is key so that both baby and parent can comfortably doze off together (see #1 in your entry, with exhausted dad.) Which unfortunately puts most rockers (picture #2, etc.) out of the picture.

  16. Randy

    Even if the “before” fabric had been in fine condition (which Tanya explains down), it was definitely dated. I cringe when I remember when those checks were trendy (early to mid 1980s, I believe). They were awful, and I hope they never around again as “vintage.” of rant, and congratulations to Tanya for a chair.

  17. Nathaniel Kai Devan G.

    I our Dyson Animal (DC25) – its astonishing how grand stuff that thing sucks up! (& the see-through canister makes it obvious).It easily changes from carpet to floor with one button – but I admit that its not at the floor * (not contaminated though)…much better at carpet.

  18. Malaysia.1971

    abc123… With all due respect…while I understand you are judging based on the choices of your parents I would that you it based on your personal choices. Is 1,200 sq feet for 6 more than your exhibit situation? They are living with significantly less sq feet per person than I am (200 v 400) and I applaud them for doing it so well. Especially after downsizing from a larger space, it looks as if they did a job of letting go. It would be easy to on to things and try to squeeze them in.

  19. Rebecca Elianna Kinslee R.

    Actually, amending my comment, you can the thing I replied (convert it for glass shades, which could be any fashion you want) with socket extenders and a shade ring. Shade rings from lamp suppliers (for instance:

  20. Colin Darion

    And reason # 7 – if you bear a house and a garden, there is less time for indoors than in weather – the garden is calling, there are outdoor projects, the garage needs cleaning, etc. etc.I am extremely grateful to AT for the Cure this year – as I replied earlier, I am doing my cure that focuses mainly on my basement but I am definitely a lot more motivated this year than in previous years when I, in general, fell off the wagon before week 1 was over. I do a bit of the AT cure and bit of my and even though I am nowhere to be finished, I acquire a sense of accomplishment (AND I am reading books as well).Last night, I started the cleanup of my bedroom – partially done, will tonight.I also read somewhere else about Throw Out 50 Items in January challenge and I am doing that too. I lost track but it feels to items for Value Village in one box and items for a garage sale in another one.

  21. Emiliano R.

    Viva to the Diva (and Divo)! Your place is and filled with aesthetic natural light here in Columbus. I the painted floors in the bedroom, something I always wanted to do. As a self-professed Lighting Enthusiast, I out and lighting. Yours from top to bottom, side to side is the most amazing! What is that coffee table??? I am drooling….I want one. job!!

  22. Nylah_Julie_Anniston

    I the white and wish it had been kept on the casings. I the accents, but I would bear gone birch or clear or something that. I also accept all the white, as I seen church re-dos before with lots of color and they fair cluttered after having all the begin to work with. So, love, the white. comments about the firewood. It looks great, extremely dramatic, and I the fireplace. The whole area looks a lot of fun to live in, but I hold trying to the dining table in front of the sliding doors. Not practical, I know, but I to out the window while I dine. Thanks for letting us in!

  23. Jimmy Brendon S.

    oh, white shutters!… but I am terribly biased towards white…major addiction. As you a lot of white with vibrant colour accents, the crisp white shutters would definately a light, bright, yet cosy environment and would complement the floors. Cheers, A-M. ps. LOOOOVE THIS BLOG!

  24. Nico Nash Darin H.

    I also want to know where I can that pillow…The image credit is for Nicole Crowder, whose website says she also does upholstery through Third and Grace, which has some pillows for sale; but alas not that one.

  25. Aria 33

    I agree with LadyLara, grocery store and public transport need to be within walking distance. 15 minutes and my bike later and the world (well, the city) is my oyster, so not grand else is actually needed. Though I some of the stuff that I within proximity, includingparkmetro (and not a bus stop)various types of stores that I freguent (used books, books, paint, etc)beachhospital (came in handy once!)friends

  26. Bobby_Efrain_Cale

    We went custom to hold all of our audio/video equipment and cds tucked away in one storage unit keeping the rest of the (very) narrow room for a sofa and wall mounted TV.

  27. Misael

    Looks a bench, not an “entryway table” as stated. I also agree that they looked better before-just needed a sanding. The color was no nice. Now they they could be from anywhere but definitely not vintage pieces from your grandmother.

  28. ValerieClementine

    Colour, Fabric and Task lighting will all a difference and soften up the space.Bring in something personal and fun. What are studying towards? What motivates you? Pin up a or two that will remind you of those things. Plants would bring a bit of life in, though finding one to survive a closet is a challenge….you could always rotate it in and out of another area…Take an hour to totally organize whats on the shelves. I random cardboard boxes. If you them – them with paper. or even white paper, so they blend. Stand up the books that are falling over…I metro shelving in my bedroom and I fair recently rigged some fabric to hang off the front of the top shelf to some junk, you might the same to the exposed stuff you dont need access too frequently, theres something zen to not seeing random boxes and junk and thinking “must XYZ”…Container store is your friend, and a lot of their desk stuff comes in fun colours, so that could bring some more life in. A bulletin board could be both useful and colourful.Definitely up the wires, pin them to the underside of desks and the bookcase frames.Since you dont want to consume considerable money, around the rest of your house – you a serving tray you could consume as an inbox? A vase that can pens and pencils? Are there attractive tins somewhere that arent holding anything important?

  29. Jadon_Maximillian

    In my apartment my bedroom was an porch that was converted into an extra bedroom (it had a total of 12 windows covering 3 walls). It was during the day to so natural light from all angles.Unfortunately it was a double edged sword as at night light came in from all angles, street light, exterior building light (which lit a stairwell so it was on ALL night for safety), and lights from the parking lot.Lets say if I wanted to read at night all I had to was the shades and I was (hey, i surely saved on my electric bill!)The windows only had those standard cheap thin white blinds a lot of apartments have, and did not attain for blocking out the light.I went to depot looking for a window treatment acknowledge and found these:

  30. Hadley Elora

    SeanG- your place.Both and white are more of a reason to not wear shoes in the house, dark shows more scratches and white shows more scuff marks. Even with regular hardwood floors there are the same issues and need to be kept clean.You a lot of white floors in commercial high traffic spaces in Japan that are spotless, that is because they are constantly cleaning. The average American wants a flooring material that hides dirt.

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