Candle Wall Sconces for Bedrooms

Bringing the great look to the bedroom can be done through several possible ways, one of them is adding candle wall sconce. Candle wall sconces for bedrooms are one of the best ways to add mood lighting to a bedroom, and the options are virtually endless. Candle wall sconces are an excellent way to add a feeling of glamour and romance to your bedroom. It can be difficult getting the lighting right in a bedroom as you need to do so many different things. You have to get dressed in the morning, read books in bed at night and do other stuff in between. We need stronger light to put makeup on and to choose the clothes we are wearing for the office. You should use halogen light bulbs as they most closely resemble natural light. Candle wall sconces for bedrooms are available to match every decorating style and budget, and they provide a very easy and affordable way to add beauty and style to a bedroom. It is easy to install sconces in any place that needs more lighting because they require no wiring or electricity.

elegant candle wall sconces for bedroomsElegant Candle Wall Sconces For Bedrooms

Romantic Feminine Candle Wall Sconces for Bedrooms

There are several style of candle wall sconces for bedroom. The first style is wall lantern. Wall lanterns can fit any style room depending on what materials they are made of. Wood, brass, and pewter are excellent for a country or traditional style home. Brushed nickel and chrome update lanterns and fit perfectly in a contemporary bedroom. If you are looking for Zen like accents, then try square wooden bases in dark tones, such as mahogany or ebony. Metal scones in cream, black, or brown look great in many rooms. If you place the lanterns near your bed, they will pick of different tones in your fabric, enhancing them. Wall lanterns also provide the perfect lighting for metal wall art and paintings.

adorable candle wall sconces for bedroomsAdorable Candle Wall Sconces For Bedrooms

If you want to enhance the atmosphere even more, try placing wall mirrors strategically around the room to catch the candlelight and reflect it. You can also purchase sconces with mirrors already attached as part of the design. You can find the perfect one for your style. There are contemporary mirrors with clean, simple lines; elegant Venetian glass perfect for a Tuscan or French country style; primitive, whimsical styles for a country room.

lovely candle wall sconces for bedroomsLovely Candle Wall Sconces For Bedrooms

And another style is a glass chimney. Glass chimneys add class to any room and come in a huge selection. You can get them in colored glass, mosaic glass, and engraved glass. Glass chimneys give an added layer of elegance to any room, and you can find a chimney to match any style you are looking for, including missionary style, minimalist modernism, or traditional elegance. Then, if you want to complete the mood, try scented candles. With new scents being created all the time, you will find the perfect one. If you want your room to feel clean and fresh try citrus or fresh linen. If you are missing summer, try lilac, honeysuckle or other floral fragrances. If you are looking for more exotic scents, then choose cinnamon, or other fragrances from India and China like sandalwood and jasmine. Scented candles will provide the finishing touch for the senses when combined with visually stunning candle sconce arrangements. If you have a large bedroom you may want to add a chandelier to the lighting scheme. You can buy ones that match your wall lights both in style and finish. Look at the rest of the decor when deciding on the types of candle wall sconces for bedrooms you want to install. If you have decorated your bedroom in a modern theme you may get away with chrome or stainless steel fittings. In a period bedroom, brass candle sconces may be more appropriate.

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