Space Themed Bedroom Ideas

Space theme bedroom is the perfect choice for boys who love planets, rockets, galaxies and all things related to outer space. A space themed bedroom will inspire your child’s imagination every time he walks into his bedroom. As this is a very popular theme for young boys, there is a very unique selection of comforters and quilts full of planets and astronauts available online. Make a quick trip to your local craft and retail store to ensure you have all you need to complete a space themed bedroom his friends will envy. For the decorating ideas, here are just a couple of great ideas that can help create the perfect space themed bedroom that will have your kids imagination going wild.

 cute space themed bedroom Cute Space Themed Bedroom

Create a Space Themed Bedroom with Below Ideas

When creating an outer space themed bedroom, paint several items in the room with white or glow-in-the-dark paint so it will glow when the lights are turned off. If you use white paint, you will have to use black lights to make the items glow. To make the items glow without black lights, purchase glow-in-the-dark paint at your local hardware store. Paint all door frames, wood trim, dressers, nightstands and parts of the headboard so they will glow. Paint a border with glow-in-the-dark paint around the middle or top of the room, and put planet stickers on top of the paint. Then, make paper mache planets to hang from the ceiling in the outer space room. You will need balloons, flour, water, old newspapers, acrylic paint and wintergreen oil (optional). Mix 3 parts water with 1 part flour until the mixture is creamy. Add a couple of drops of wintergreen oil, which is available at health food stores, to the mixture to make it last longer. Cut strips of newspaper, and layer the newspaper on top of the balloons using the mixture until they are the size you prefer. Allow the paper mache to dry, and paint the planets with acrylic paint. Hang the planets from the ceiling in the room. If you want them to glow, add some of the glow-in-the-dark paint to them.

great outer space themed bedroomGreat Outer Space Themed Bedroom

For the bedding that perfect for space themed bedroom, choose the bedding that has stars, space-stuff on it. Several retail and online stores offer bedding that has stars, planets and rockets on it. Get plush star-shaped throw pillows for the bed. Rocket ship bunk beds are also available at many furniture stores. If you cannot find the bedding you want, make your own bedding using space-themed iron-on transfers and a basic bedding set. Then, don’t forget about the wall decals for the bedroom. Kids love to imagine themselves as people doing amazing things, and with space wall decals, you can bring the worlds of their imagination right to them. Outer space wall mural kits include all the pieces you need to create a space shuttle launch for young astronauts, or an alien encounter, for your junior paranormal specialist. One fun way to use space wall decals is to make your child’s room into an observatory or the inside of a spaceship! Use fantastically detailed spaceship window wall murals to create beautiful space vistas; you can combine them with other space cutouts to make your own scenes, or work with your child so they feel included in the process. Involving your little boy makes a huge difference; when they have a hand in the process, kids feel a sense of pride in their rooms and have a chance to learn about home improvement first-hand. They will be truly excited to help build the space themed room they’ve been dreaming of.

awesome space themed bedroomAwesome Space Themed Bedroom

outer space themed bedroomOuter Space Themed Bedroom

With the wall decor set up, you can move on to the details that make your room sing. For that extra special touch, take some time to install a spotlight illuminating your sun wall decal. A fleet of flying saucers or a space walk would make a great mobile, easily assembled with clear mono-filament hanging wire and action figures. Simply attach a strand of filament to each item so it hangs at the desired angle and tack them to the ceiling. A lighted globe makes a great accent lamp. Choose brushed metal accessories with an industrial look to create an exciting futuristic bedroom. Don’t forget a map of the moon or a planetary atlas to browse, and a bulletin board with launch notes (or notes from Mom). You don’t want to set off for Mars without plenty of astronaut ice cream!

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    I actually did this about 5 years ago.My daughter is my priority and inspiration. I wanted her to absorb her absorb so she has the bedroom. I was trying to this a experience for her and she came with me to IKEA to out dishes and basic needs (I was starting out again with nothing for furnishings).I location myself up in the living room with a bed (originally I had planned for a sofebed/futon but decided to proceed with a double bed), a chest of drawers that currently doubles as a TV stand and a sofa in the “dining” home of the suite.Since then there bear been some changes. The sofa is gone and will soon be replaced by a couple of chairs since it is really more of a living/office/studio space.I bear a lot of plans for the space. Specifically, adding more efficient storage in the closets, getting rid of the kitchen island in favour of a diminutive dining table for the two of us, and doing some gardening on the balcony. Maybe someday it will be worthy.All the best with your plans.

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