Victorian House Interior

Amid the trend home minimalist style, classic-shaped house is also still in demand. It looks elegant and classic elegance make the house look luxurious and exclusive. In contrast to the minimalist, classic home interior design is usually filled with ornaments in the corner office. Ornaments are deliberately made to be more prominent so that it looks strong dominance. One of the classic home designs that can be applied is a classic Victorian style house that European colonialism. His trademark was the size of a door that has a window tends to be high and double leaf doors. Victorian interior design is becoming popular in the reign of Queen Victoria 1837-1901. Decorating the house during this period was marked by large-scale furniture carved ornaments seen in rolls, grape leaves and flowers. A wall is always covered with wallpaper featuring a large floral patterns, birds or feathers. As well as their floors covered with oriental rugs or large patterns. Colors range from rich jewel tones somber dark colors, including red, blue, brown, green and black.

Victorian Home StyleVictorian Home style

There are many kinds of Victorian House interior, including classic Victorian house interior and Contemporary Victorian House interior. The beautiful Victorian home could be a combination of traditional and contemporary design. What do you think about it?

The house is unique and different from the others make your dwelling has its own prestige value. Design and architect are referring to the development of today’s lifestyle with the freedom of expression that displays a unique geometric shape or the color game. Modern lifestyles can be contained in that dwelling house architects contemporary style. As seen in the choice of colors and dynamic shapes that Leigh Over land’s design house. “In addition to that dynamic and bold use of color, the architect of contemporary homes is also more asymmetric. This contemporary Victorian inspiration you can make. Contemporary Victorian style of the architect is the designation for the most recent Victorian house and is subject to change. Victorian style is derived from the architectural style of the house that ornate, or jewelery, especially that retell nature-themed decorations, such as leaves, twigs, and flowers.

Contemporary Victorian House InteriorContemporary Victorian House Interior

Contemporary Victorian House Interior with Minimalist PlanContemporary Victorian House Interior with Minimalist Plan

Victorian style houses have many elements that timber lines highlighted so that it can be seen from the vertical frame element lines that show the wood construction.

Then, Victorian House interior could still identical with classic and traditional design, but still it would not make you feel old fashioned. Fortunately, you would feel the sense of classical home interior design. For the selection of decorations, you can apply the concept of Victorian Italianate at the roof. Another characteristic is the Victorian Italianate cupola. Cupola is a building section that pops up on the roof of the building. The shape resembles a tower. Cupola is usually used as a point of view as well as a source of solar lighting source. For decoration on walls, fences, and windows is having curved shape, while the wood elements can use Duke finishing off white color. In order for a classic Victorian house is more elegant, you can add natural stone floors. The second is the selection of colors. Colors are suitable to be applied in the Victorian style is classic white color. You can also combine the color that contrasts with the classic white. Could light or dark colors. Avoid neutral colors because it will impress die so that it looks less appealing when seen.

Classic Victorian House Interior Dining RoomClassic Victorian House Interior Dining Room

Classic Victorian House Interior BedroomClassic Victorian House Interior Bedroom

Luxury Classic Victorian House Interior Living RoomLuxury Classic Victorian House Interior Living Room

Victorian interior design style was very famous in the time of Queen Victoria, the whole interior decoration is very lavish, luxurious and ornate – think colors, fabrics, patterns, lots of furniture, photos and kick-knacks. The whole feel is warm, comfortable, cozy, and – in spite of what you are probably thinking about the Victorians as people – very relaxed, and easy to live with! All the rooms at this house were designed using classic furniture and nice arrangement. Actually, Whether it is classic, modern or contemporary Victorian home interior design, all of those kind of style always include the sense of Victorian era at that time.

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