Classic Light Filled Cottage Style Living Rooms

If simple, comfortable, cozy, light-filled and vintage is what you want your living room decor to look like, then a cottage style decoration for your living room is ideal. Decorating your room into cottage style living rooms is the best way to create a cool atmosphere.  It blends the old with the new and takes inspiration from the outdoors for a natural, easy living ambience. There are different types of cottage style living rooms. Beach cottages often use shades of blue from the sea and sky, beach-themed art and sea shell accents, while garden cottages may use shades of green with floral accents. Below are some ideas to achieve cottage style living rooms that you can consider to try.

pink cottage style living roomsPink Cottage Style Living Rooms

Make Your Room Look Extremely Beautiful in Cottage Style Living Rooms

For cottage style living rooms, select colours that make you feel comfortable when you enter your living room. Colours in cottages are muted to reflect the warm and relaxed nature of the style. Gold, green, yellow and blue are colours you will find in cottages. These colours come in many shades, ranging from buttery yellow to dusty rose. Use colours that are soothing as well as colours that match other aspects of your decor. Then for the sofa, choose a sofa with a relaxed attitude, such as an overstuffed style with a homey fabric like a floral, an awning or pillow tick stripe, or a nubby cotton. Look for big rolled arms and a cushioned back; wicker porch-style settees work well, too. Look for easy chairs that are in the same general style but don’t match – cottage style is eclectic. Keep the budget low with an Adirondack chair – just add cushions.

fresh cottage style living roomsFresh Cottage Style Living Rooms

Go for casual lamp tables: Outdoor furniture can be painted white, stenciled or trimmed with painted-on flowers. Or look for wicker tables or spool and turned-spindle styles. The next step is set out traditional, low-key lamps with fabric shades in gingham or floral prints. Add a lamp with a wicker, terra-cotta or vintage-looking ceramic base, or consider candlestick lamps. For the window, hang window treatments that coordinate with the fabrics you’re using in your living room. Use them as pieces that will unify the room. Match drapes and accent pillows to create harmony. Striped curtains also work well with floral patterns with the same colours. To amplify the soothing nature of the look, go with fabric textures that are light and have some fluid motion to them. Also, hang old-style pictures in old-style frames. Look for quilts and collectible plates to hang on walls, too.

beautiful cottage style living roomsBeautiful Cottage Style Living Rooms

adorable cottage style living roomsAdorable Cottage Style Living Rooms

beach cottage style living roomsBeach Cottage Style Living Rooms

Top tables with folk art sculpture and casual flower arrangements. Use dried flowers and potted plants in the room, and try to keep the containers humble.  With the aforementioned ideas of cottage style living rooms, you can also use hanging plants. Fresh flowers and wooden wall hangings are the best pieces to deck up the decoration of cottage style living rooms . So this way you can welcome guests to a calm and gratifying place.

adorable cottage style living rooms , Classic Light Filled Cottage Style Living Rooms In  Category
beach cottage style living rooms , Classic Light Filled Cottage Style Living Rooms In  Category
beautiful cottage style living rooms , Classic Light Filled Cottage Style Living Rooms In  Category
fresh cottage style living rooms , Classic Light Filled Cottage Style Living Rooms In  Category
pink cottage style living rooms , Classic Light Filled Cottage Style Living Rooms In  Category

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  1. Pablo@1972

    These are horrible! How could one possibly sit quietly in one of these rooms and read a book? How could one around these rooms without having a dizzy spell and falling down? and white tile in kitchen and bath – fine, extremely attractive. This stuff – yoicks.

  2. Addison_Laylah_Kiana

    @JessieMN Something I did was smaller tarps that fit cushions we have. I ran 1/2 elastic through the grommets, pulled them tight so in case the wind blew these tarps would on. I tie the ends of the elastic in a bow and when the sun comes out again.

  3. Taylor-Lance

    @Clean Living Gal may i ask how you sold the trunk for? I absorb one that I bought in an antique store when I was in college (1968) so I guess it is REALLY antique now…. it is wood…. if i could bag a decent for it I might sell..other wise i am trying to figure out which room it would work in…. not getting any affection in the garage

  4. MalayaZeldaChana

    I a completely ridiculous stash. I could not for the next 10 years and acquire enough to work on constantly. Let me not even mention the fiber and spinning accoutrements. Or the stitch materials. Or the recently acquired quilt kit. Sigh. I wish I had a better arrangement to organize these things. Mainly so that they could be and displayed instead of a messy pile or shoved into bags.

  5. Russell D.

    conception SherryBinNH about painting the underside of the glass instead of the top — I that would made it more too — you the fashion of painting is not to me, but I the and I believe it was a expedient execution. I would done something with and white banding for the legs and a colourful painting under the glass — you both given me ideas!

  6. Brian ZZZ

    @Khat I rub a of the soap I to bath with on my washcloth before I pull the in the tub to drain the bath water. I it on the edge of the tub, out, dry off, hang my towel up and then hasten the soapy washcloth all around the tub and rinse it. It occured to me one night that if my soap cleaned the dirt and oils off of me then surely it should the porcelain tub….and it does! I then wipe down the sink with the soapy washcloth and the toilet, swish the interior of the toilet with the brush, flush and there it is! A bathroom. I deposit the washcloth in the laundry room as I head to the front of the house. I only my Dawn and vinegar about once a week. I never to time deep cleaning the bathroom because it never gets a chance to catch dirty this way.

  7. Arya_Winter_Montserrat

    There been made,for many years,cheaply construted furniture with the of MCM. Unless someone is an expert,I would it would be difficult to assume from one photograph if you were looking at a quality or not. Even appraisers on Antiques Roadshow would not effect that.

  8. Cadence Harlee Q.

    Rented house (1) unsealed grout (2)Two different types of sort of white tile (3)(due, no doubt, because the tub was replaced with a plastic shower pan)Improperly installed shower pan has cracked, allowing moisture in the wall and mold (4)Fun times. Rental. Sigh.

  9. Frankie 999

    I affection seeing what the hot color of the year is. As a designer it influences my choices in releasing colors for my jewelry and gives me a about what current colors may not sell as well this year.

  10. Eric Chris Brendon P.

    One could a lot of really things with this stencial stuff—off white on white to on white—giving your room a subtle look. absorb only looked a bit at all the options they offer. concept for putting a above the kitchen cabinets or adding architectural elements to a room in a flat graphic manner such as a long hallway or entrance way. I would tend to soft looks myself. How about adding details to a garden room or porch plants—endless!

  11. Zoie.1961

    for non greasy above the cabinet storage, a diy is to mount a of wood to the ceiling joists, and hang matching cabinet doors so they swing up. relatively inexpensive [cheaper than upper cabinets anyway] and a to turn it into useable space.other re-claimable kitchen – removable [Velcro or magnet] toe kicks from kitchen cabinets. for cookie sheets, trays, baking racks, etc. or you could employ it for hiding things sensitive files/jewelry.we replaced a dining room bench seat with a blanket chest that holds all our spare linens.above our bed is a tapestry I bought in Thailand. behind it, I hang the extra blankets. it has the added of providing insulation, as our walls are plaster on masonry.

  12. London

    Special thanks to you for these links and ideas..I am definitely more into the Nantucket vs lush tropical or Mediterranean Although I admire some of the Mediterranean and even Moroccan inspired wallpapers and accessories I seen lately I you need a bit more than I here to pull off that particular look.Sigh..maybe some day:>).

  13. Collin-Josef-Kennedy

    It reminds me of Rietvelds house in Utrech, Netherland, with the floor plan, horizontal lines and movable panels. Only on a larger scale being it is in Austin. extremely well done.The only thing that bothered me is the track lighting on the first characterize – for some reason it looks cheap.

  14. Emerson Galilea

    Thanks jg. Also you are absolutely about primer. Prep work is absolutely whatever color your using, but tinted primer will be particularly useful w/ darker colors. I wash the walls w/TSP, all holes and nicks w/ spackle, sand, and then any stains w/ tinted shellac, then prime. The finished job is great.

  15. PaisleeSaoirse

    @Aileen Osias implementing and as you go, was my breakthrough, years ago. Also having cleaning stuff where you need it, so you not to to the other of the house to catch it. And twice a year the deep cleaning. That will preserve the house nice, and presentable without too grand effort.

  16. Isaias

    I remember a few years ago, maybe 6 or 7 stores and marketing in decor were REALLY pushing the ideas of carpet tiles. I could never behind it mostly because I always figured I would the size carpet I actually need. These are really fun though!

  17. BrooklynAbbyMiya

    @SAHM 1 –as previously stated, one mustard is not enough (but three might be a decent compromise). there would be more room by nixing the is amazing, though, how many people they need refrigerators, only to items lost in them. a decent counter-depth refrigerator might mean a bit more frequent shopping, but also less than in stick-out behemoths with machines in them that break.

  18. Emilia.Haven.Maxine

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  19. Derick 777

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  20. MekhiBennettMaverick

    My deck is a similar size and will be rebuilt in the spring. I picked up a 3 bistro plot and a fire bowl at Friday sales this year for next to nothing ($120 for all) that will on the deck, along with lots of native potted plants in the spring.

  21. Ariah Y.

    LOVE. especially that cozy living room sofa place up. that made me a fan of sectionals. and if that tension light pole ever goes missing, you will know I drove 10 hours from Massachusetts to sneak in and it!

  22. Joel-Joe

    There are some clean ideas here.I to say though, that years ago, when newly married, I was using coffee cans to utensils, as well as for storing flour and sugar. Smaller ones were for pencil and art brush holders. Though a reminder, those ideas are nothing new.

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