Classic Light Filled Cottage Style Living Rooms

If simple, comfortable, cozy, light-filled and vintage is what you want your living room decor to look like, then a cottage style decoration for your living room is ideal. Decorating your room into cottage style living rooms is the best way to create a cool atmosphere.  It blends the old with the new and takes inspiration from the outdoors for a natural, easy living ambience. There are different types of cottage style living rooms. Beach cottages often use shades of blue from the sea and sky, beach-themed art and sea shell accents, while garden cottages may use shades of green with floral accents. Below are some ideas to achieve cottage style living rooms that you can consider to try.

pink cottage style living roomsPink Cottage Style Living Rooms

Make Your Room Look Extremely Beautiful in Cottage Style Living Rooms

For cottage style living rooms, select colours that make you feel comfortable when you enter your living room. Colours in cottages are muted to reflect the warm and relaxed nature of the style. Gold, green, yellow and blue are colours you will find in cottages. These colours come in many shades, ranging from buttery yellow to dusty rose. Use colours that are soothing as well as colours that match other aspects of your decor. Then for the sofa, choose a sofa with a relaxed attitude, such as an overstuffed style with a homey fabric like a floral, an awning or pillow tick stripe, or a nubby cotton. Look for big rolled arms and a cushioned back; wicker porch-style settees work well, too. Look for easy chairs that are in the same general style but don’t match – cottage style is eclectic. Keep the budget low with an Adirondack chair – just add cushions.

fresh cottage style living roomsFresh Cottage Style Living Rooms

Go for casual lamp tables: Outdoor furniture can be painted white, stenciled or trimmed with painted-on flowers. Or look for wicker tables or spool and turned-spindle styles. The next step is set out traditional, low-key lamps with fabric shades in gingham or floral prints. Add a lamp with a wicker, terra-cotta or vintage-looking ceramic base, or consider candlestick lamps. For the window, hang window treatments that coordinate with the fabrics you’re using in your living room. Use them as pieces that will unify the room. Match drapes and accent pillows to create harmony. Striped curtains also work well with floral patterns with the same colours. To amplify the soothing nature of the look, go with fabric textures that are light and have some fluid motion to them. Also, hang old-style pictures in old-style frames. Look for quilts and collectible plates to hang on walls, too.

beautiful cottage style living roomsBeautiful Cottage Style Living Rooms

adorable cottage style living roomsAdorable Cottage Style Living Rooms

beach cottage style living roomsBeach Cottage Style Living Rooms

Top tables with folk art sculpture and casual flower arrangements. Use dried flowers and potted plants in the room, and try to keep the containers humble.  With the aforementioned ideas of cottage style living rooms, you can also use hanging plants. Fresh flowers and wooden wall hangings are the best pieces to deck up the decoration of cottage style living rooms . So this way you can welcome guests to a calm and gratifying place.

Adorable Cottage Style Living Rooms
Beach Cottage Style Living Rooms
Beautiful Cottage Style Living Rooms
Fresh Cottage Style Living Rooms
Pink Cottage Style Living Rooms

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