Cosy Warm Bedroom Colors

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the colors that you choose for your bedroom truly says it all. The colors we use in our bedrooms affect our mood and feeling, and sometimes even our sleep. While cool colors are often found in bedrooms, those colors sometimes leave the room feeling cold and lifeless. For a feeling of warmth, without being too overpowering, use soft, warm bedroom colors. Warm bedroom colors are associated with heat, energy and passion. Brighter, saturated versions of warm colors, such as lemon yellow, tomato red and marigold orange, are usually avoided in bedrooms because these colors are too overwhelming in rooms where you are expected to sleep and relax. It is also recommended that you choose warm bedroom colors which will last for years and are easily adaptable even if you change decors or bedding.

perfect warm bedroom colors Perfect Warm Bedroom Colors

Option of Warm Bedroom Colors to Choose

Looking for some warm bedroom colors suggestions to go? Then here are some for you. The first option is peach color. Creamy peach is an ideal warm bedroom colour; it has the warmth and light of yellow and orange, without being too vibrant and disrupting sleep. According to the Better Sleep Council, pastel colours and lighter hues are best for soothing you into sleep, making creamy peach a good bedroom wall-colour choice. On the other hand, warm brown never go wrong. This color works especially well in bedrooms that have been decorated with hardwood furniture and accessories made from natural materials. Warm browns can have overtones of red, yellow or orange. In order to prevent this color from becoming too dark and oppressive, use cream or even white as an accent color.

red and oranges warm bedroom colorsRed And Oranges Warm Bedroom Colors

Although pastel or hot pink is often the traditional choice for a little girl’s room, using more “adult” pink shades that are tinged with peach, purple or rose give warmth to a bedroom. A fuchsia accent wall will be accented well with a mirror framed in dark wood, or a chocolate brown frame that houses an enlarged photo of pink roses or tulips. Peachy pink walls are best accented with throw pillows and a comforter in a muted gold shade, or silver blinds. Curtains with gray and pink stripes are ideal for this room as well. Another warm bedroom colors; soft gold. Soft gold is a cheerful colour that works well for children’s bedrooms and nurseries as well as adult bedrooms. Soft gold can be paired well with sage green, light blue or even powder pink, depending on the tastes of the occupant. Be wary of using gold paint in a room that sees an excess of day light, as yellow can be a little overwhelming when lit up in the sun.

awesome warm bedroom colorsAwesome Warm Bedroom Colors

nice warm bedroom colorsNice Warm Bedroom Colors

Wanted more? then you can’t leave these two colors. Red and oranges. Shades of red represent passion, making the color popular for bedrooms. However, red can slightly raise the blood pressure and is an energizing shade, so it may be best to use red for bedroom accents, like vases or nightstands, instead of painting the whole room in red. Or, paint the accent wall in red instead of the entire room so the color won’t be too overpowering. Orange is a color that gives a sense of warmth to the bedroom, and promotes positive energy. Paint the accent wall orange and add throw pillows on the bed that complement the wall shade, or adorn the windows with orange curtains or blinds to make the area especially inviting. Yup, these were some warm bedroom colors that you can consider to choose for your bedroom. These above options are great choice when you’re decorating or redecorating your bedroom into cosy, warmer-feel room. Finally, choose the most color you like and will be for years to come.

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